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Cleaning And Care - Black & Decker ALLURE D3030 Use And Care Manual


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This product contains no user serviceable parts. Refer to service qualified
service personnel.
M ake sure the iron is unplugged and has completely cooled.
2. W ipe the soleplate and outer surface with soft, damp cloth. Water
and small amounts of gentle household soaps, such as dishwashing
liquid, can be used. Never use heavy-duty cleaners, vinegar or
abrasive scouring pads that may scratch or discolor the iron.
3. A fter the iron has been thoroughly dried, turn the iron back on and
lightly steam over an old cloth. This will help remove any reside left in
the vents.
4. W hen finished cleaning, turn iron off and allow time to cool before
For optimal results over time, it is recommended that you clean your iron
about once a month to keep the steam vents free of build up.
F ill the water tank well below the MAX fill line. Plug in the iron.
2. S elect the Cotton Fabric setting (Number 4) on the Temp dial and
stand the iron on its heel while it preheats.
3. O nce the iron has reached the desired temperature; turn it off and
then unplug it from the outlet.
4. H old iron over a sink with the soleplate facing down.
5. M ove the variable steam dial over to the AutoClean™ setting
and hold it in that position. Be careful, as hot water and steam will
come out of the vents.
6. C ontinue to hold the dial in the position until all of the water has
emptied. If necessary, move the iron side-to-side and front-to-back to
aid the process.
7. W hen finished, release the dial from the AutoClean™ position and
place the iron on its heel rest.
8. P lug the iron back in and allow it to heat for about 2 minutes to dry
out any remaining water.
O nce the iron is turned off and unplugged from the outlet, allow it
to cool.
2. Check that the variable steam dial is set to dry.
3. Wrap the cord loosely around the iron.
4. Store vertically on its heel to prevent water leaking from the soleplate.

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