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Sony MEX-DV1600U Operating Instructions Manual

Multi disc player
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4-157-174-12 (1)
Multi Disc Player
Operating Instructions
©2009 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for Sony MEX-DV1600U

  • Page 1 4-157-174-12 (1) Multi Disc Player Operating Instructions MEX-DV1600U MEX-DV1606U ©2009 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2 Warning Warning if your car’s ignition has no ACC position To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not Be sure to set the Auto Off function expose the unit to rain or moisture. (page 45). To avoid electrical shock, do not open the The unit will shut off completely and cabinet.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Advanced Operations — Discs Copyrights ......6 Playable discs and symbols used in this Playing JPEG files.
  • Page 5 Auxiliary equipment ....48 connections manual. Support site If you have any questions or for the latest support information on this product, please visit the web site below: Provides information on models and manufacturers of compatible digital audio players.
  • Page 6: Copyrights

    DivX , DivX Certified associated logos are registered trademarks of DivX, Inc. ZAPPIN is a trademark of Sony Corporation. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.
  • Page 7: Playable Discs And Symbols Used In This Manual

    Playable discs and symbols used in this manual This unit can play various video/audio discs. The following chart helps you to check if a disc is supported by this unit, as well as what functions are available for a given disc type. Disc symbol in manual Disc format DVD VIDEO...
  • Page 8: Location And Function Of Controls

    Location and function of controls Main unit SOURCE SEEK SEEK SHUF ALBM SCRL MODE DSPL 9 q; qa qs qd qf qg D Control dial/SOUND/ENTER button • Refer to the pages listed for details. • Instructions in this manual generally describe page 12, 20, 21, 23, 33 the controls on the card remote commander.
  • Page 9: Number Buttons

    M RESET button (located behind the front panel) page 12 N MODE button page 14, 20, 22, 34, 35, Press to select the radio band (FM/AM)/ select an auxiliary device connected to the AUX input jack (front) or AUX IN terminal (rear)/select the play mode of iPod.
  • Page 10: Card Remote Commander Rm-X168

    Card remote commander RM-X168 • Refer to the pages listed for details. (BACK)/O button page 24, 25, 29, • Remove the insulation film before use 30, 32, 36, 38, 40 (page 12). To return to the previous display/move to the upper level/exit the system setup menu or A OFF button page 15, 17, 19, 21 sound menu/return to the menu on a VCD*...
  • Page 11 I ATT (Attenuate) button *1 When playing with PBC function. *2 Operation differs depending on the disc (page 16, To attenuate the sound (to cancel, press 18). again). *3 When a CD/MP3/WMA/AAC/JPEG/DivX/MPEG-4 is played. J u (Play/Pause) button page 15, 16, Note 17, 18, 23 If the unit is turned off and the display disappears, it...
  • Page 12: Getting Started

    Press the control dial in the initial Getting Started setup display. Resetting the unit Before operating the unit for the first time, or after replacing the car battery or changing the Rotate the control dial to set the audio connections, you must reset the unit. output, then press it.
  • Page 13: Detaching The Front Panel

    Detaching the front panel Attaching the front panel Engage part A of the front panel with part B of You can detach the front panel of this unit to the unit, as illustrated, and push the left side into prevent theft. position until it clicks.
  • Page 14: Basic Operations

    Basic Operations Listening to the radio .m/M> SOURCE / OFF MODE SEEK MODE Press (SOURCE/OFF) repeatedly until “TUNER” appears. Press (MODE) repeatedly until the desired band (FM1, FM2, FM3, AM1 or AM2) appears. Perform tuning. To tune automatically Press (SEEK) + /–...
  • Page 15: Playing Video Discs

    Playing video discs Depending on the disc, some operations may be different or restricted. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your disc. SOURCE / OFF </M/m/, ENTER Number buttons b/B/V/v Turn on your monitor, then select the input source on your monitor corresponding to this unit.
  • Page 16 Other playback operations ALBM .m/M> SUBTITLE ANGLE AUDIO TOP MENU MENU </M/m/, ENTER Number buttons .m/M> b/B/V/v Press pause/resume play after pause skip a chapter/track/scene/file .m/M> and hold .m/M> momentarily; and then reverse/fast-forward disc repeatedly to switch the speed (× 2 t × 12 t × 120 t ×...
  • Page 17: Playing Audio Discs

    Playing audio discs Depending on the disc, some operations may be different or restricted. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your disc. SOURCE / OFF Insert the disc (label side up). Playback starts automatically. If playback does not start automatically, press u. To stop playback Press (SOURCE/OFF) for 1 second.
  • Page 18: Playing A Usb Device

    Playing a USB device For details on the compatibility of your USB device, visit the support site. Support site • MSC (Mass Storage Class) and MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) type USB devices compliant with the USB standard can be used.
  • Page 19: To Stop Playback

    SOURCE / OFF Connect the USB device to the USB connector. Playback starts automatically. If a USB device is already connected, to start playback, press (SOURCE/OFF) repeatedly until “USB” appears. With the card remote commander Use (SRC) instead of (SOURCE/OFF). To stop playback Press (SOURCE/OFF) for 1 second.
  • Page 20: Playing An Ipod

    For details on the compatibility of your iPod, see “About iPod” on page 51 or visit the support site. Support site In this manual, “iPod” is used as a general reference for the iPod functions on the iPod and iPhone, unless otherwise specified by the text or illustrations.
  • Page 21 To stop playback Press (SOURCE/OFF) for 1 second. With the card remote commander, press (OFF). To play videos of iPod with video 1 Press during playback. 2 Rotate the control dial to select “VIDEO,” then press it. 3 Rotate the control dial to select the desired play mode, then press it. 4 Rotate the control dial to select the desired video, then press it.
  • Page 22: Advanced Operations - Radio

    Advanced Operations — Radio Storing and receiving stations Overview Caution FM stations with Radio Data System (RDS) service send inaudible digital information along When tuning in stations while driving, use Best with the regular radio program signal. Tuning Memory (BTM) to prevent an accident. Display items Storing automatically —...
  • Page 23: Selecting Pty

    Selecting PTY Advanced Operations — Discs Press (PTY) on the main unit during This chapter consists of the following sections. FM reception. • Video-specific operations* t page 23 to 30 • Video*/audio common operations t page 30 to 33 The current program type name appears if the station is transmitting PTY data.
  • Page 24: Using Pbc Functions - Playback Control

    Using play mode menu Using PBC functions — Playback control MPEG-4 You can use the play mode menu on this unit to control playback or configure playback settings. The PBC menu assists your operation To show the play mode menu, press interactively while a PBC compatible VCD is (VISUAL SETUP) during playback.
  • Page 25: Viewing Time/Text Information Of The Disc

    List of play mode menu items SHUFFLE 31 Press </M/m/,/number buttons to select an To play chapters/tracks/images/video files in item, then press (ENTER). random order. To return to the previous display, press Refer to the pages listed for details. MPEG-4 PICTURE EQ 28 TITLE, TRACK 31 To adjust picture quality.
  • Page 26: Configuring Audio Settings

    VCD playback Configuring audio settings (Only when playing version 1.0/1.1, or version 2.0 without PBC function.) Note • T **:** Discs in DTS format are not supported. The sound is Elapsed playback time of the current track not output if the DTS format is selected. •...
  • Page 27: Checking The Program Format

    During playback, press (AUDIO) The program format name and channel numbers repeatedly until the desired audio appear as follow. channel appears. Example: Dolby Digital 5.1 ch E.g., when playing an MP3 Rear component × 2 Audio channel DOLBY DIGITAL 3 / 2 . 1 TRACK NAME ALBUM NAME 0003/1000...
  • Page 28: Magnifying Pictures

    Press M/m to select (PICTURE Magnifying pictures EQ), then press (ENTER). The current option appears. MPEG-4 12 ( 67 ) PLAY You can magnify pictures. 018 ( 034 ) DVD VIDEO T 1:35:55 During playback, press (VISUAL SETUP). DAYTIME SUNSET The play mode menu appears.
  • Page 29: Customizing The Picture Quality

    Press M/m to select “PARENTAL Customizing the picture quality CONTROL,” then press (ENTER). The options appear. The option “CUSTOM” allows you to make your own picture quality setting by adjusting picture tones. You can store adjustments for both CUSTOM SETUP PARENTAL CONTROL : “LIGHT ON”...
  • Page 30: Changing The Area And Its Movie Rating

    Press M/m to select the desired rating, Changing the area and its movie then press (ENTER). rating level The setting is complete. To return to the previous display, press The restriction levels can be set depending on the To hide the visual setup menu, press area and its movie ratings.
  • Page 31: Direct Search Play

    The shuffle options and switching order of each Direct search play disc/format are indicated below. Disc/format Options MPEG-4 TITLE: Plays chapters in You can directly locate a desired point by current title in random order. specifying the title number, chapter number, etc. During playback, press the number DISC: Plays tracks in current buttons to enter an item (track, title,...
  • Page 32: Listing Up Tracks/Images/Video Files - Quick-Browzer

    During playback, press Listing up tracks/images/video (VISUAL SETUP). The play mode menu appears. files — Quick-BrowZer Press M/m to select the desired item, then press (ENTER). Selecting a track/image/video file - - ( 67 ) PLAY 018 ( 034 ) DVD VIDEO T 1:35:55 MPEG-4...
  • Page 33: Viewing Audio Disc Information

    Press M/m to select the file type to list Searching a track by listening up, then press (ENTER). To list up MP3, WMA and AAC files, select to track passages — ZAPPIN™ “LIST UP AUDIO FILES.” To list up DivX/MPEG-4 files, select “LIST UP VIDEO FILES.”...
  • Page 34: Advanced Operations - Usb Devices

    Advanced Operations — USB Devices Advanced Operations — iPod Display items during playback Display items during playback A Source A Source (iPod) indication B Track name, Artist name, Album number*, B Track name, Artist name, Album name, Track Album name, Track number/Elapsed playing number/Elapsed playing time, Clock time, Clock To change display items B, press (DSPL).
  • Page 35: Repeat And Shuffle Play

    Repeat and shuffle play Operating an iPod directly — Passenger control During playback, press (1) (REP) or (2) (SHUF) on the main unit repeatedly until the desired option You can operate an iPod connected to the dock appears. connector directly. For audio playback During playback, press and hold (MODE).
  • Page 36: Sound Adjustment

    Sound Adjustment Enjoying sophisticated sound functions Adjusting the sound characteristics — SOUND Creating a virtual center speaker — CSO You can adjust the sound characteristics To fully enjoy surround sound, it is adequate to according to your preference. have 5 speakers (front left/right, rear left/right, During reception/playback, press center) and 1 subwoofer.
  • Page 37: Optimizing Sound For The Listening Position - Intelligent Time Alignment

    Press M/m to select the desired option, Optimizing sound for the listening then press (ENTER). position — Intelligent Time The setting is complete. Alignment The unit can change the localization of sound by The setting in sound menu will switch the setting in the visual setup menu automatically, and vice versa.
  • Page 38: Precisely Calibrating The Listening Position - Intelligent Time Alignment Tune

    By the visual setup menu Precisely calibrating the listening From the visual setup menu, select position — Intelligent Time (AUDIO SETUP) c “POSITION” c Alignment Tune “CUSTOM,” then press (ENTER). You can precisely calibrate your listening For details on this procedure, see “Optimizing position from each speaker so that the sound sound for the listening position —...
  • Page 39: Customizing The Equalizer Curve

    Adjusting the speaker volume Customizing the equalizer curve — EQ7 Tune You can adjust the volume of each connected “CUSTOM” of EQ7 allows you to make your speaker. own equalizer settings. You can adjust the level of 7 different bands: 62 Hz, 157 Hz, 396 Hz, Press (SYSTEM SETUP) while the unit is 1.0 kHz, 2.5 kHz, 6.3 kHz, and 16 kHz.
  • Page 40: Settings

    Basic operation of visual setup Settings You can set items in the menu by the following Various settings are configurable from the procedure. following two setup menus. E.g., when setting the aspect ratio to “4:3 PAN SCAN.” • Visual setup menu (page 40) Allows configuration of visual-related items Press (VISUAL SETUP) while the unit is (by the monitor).
  • Page 41: Language Setup For Display Or Soundtrack

    Language setup for display or soundtrack Select (LANGUAGE SETUP), then select the desired item and option below, using M/m and (ENTER). For details on this procedure, see “Basic operation of visual setup” on page 40. Item Purpose MENU To change the disc’s menu language. AUDIO To change the soundtrack language.
  • Page 42: Custom Setup

    Item Option Purpose PICTURE EQ (page 28) AUTO (z) To switch the night time/day time use options automatically depending on whether the light is MPEG-4 on/off. (Available only when the Selects the setting option to show illumination control lead is in the play mode menu.
  • Page 43: Audio Setup

    Item Option Purpose DivX VOD Done To close the display. Displays the registration code for this unit. For more information, see page 51. DivX DEACTIVATION* Done To close the display. Deactivates this unit’s registration for DivX VOD playback. *1 Excluding DVD-R/DVD-R DL/DVD-RW in VR mode. *2 DVD VIDEO only.
  • Page 44: Resetting All Settings

    System setup Resetting all settings The system setup menu includes the following All settings (excluding parental control setting) categories. in visual setup can be reset. Select (RESET), then “RESET ALL • SET: General settings (page 45) SETTINGS,” “YES” using M/m and (ENTER). •...
  • Page 45 Follow the page reference for details. “z” indicates the default setting. SET (Setup) Item Option Purpose Unit status CLOCK-ADJ (Clock Adjust) – – (page 48) CT (Clock Time) (page 22, 23) To activate the CT function. OFF (z) To deactivate the CT function.
  • Page 46 DSPL (Display) Item Option Purpose Unit status BLACKOUT To turn off the illumination. Turns off the illumination To bring the light back on, automatically for any source press any button on the (e.g, during playback/radio main unit. (When activated, Any status. reception, etc.) if no operation remote operation is is performed for 5 seconds.
  • Page 47 R/M (Receive mode) Item Option Purpose Unit status LOCAL (Local Seek Mode) To only tune into stations During radio with stronger signals. reception. OFF (z) To tune normal reception. MONO (Monaural Mode) To hear stereo broadcast in Selects monaural reception monaural.
  • Page 48: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock Using Optional Equipment The clock uses a 12-hour indication. Auxiliary equipment Press (SYSTEM SETUP). The system setup item appears on the main You can connect auxiliary devices to the unit, unit. and listen on your car speakers. Press M/m to select “CLOCK-ADJ,”...
  • Page 49: Additional Information

    Selecting an auxiliary device Additional Information 1 Press (SRC) repeatedly until “AUX” appears on the main unit. Precautions 2 Press (MODE) to select “FRONT-IN” or “REAR-IN.” • Cool off the unit beforehand if your car has been Operate by the auxiliary device itself. parked in direct sunlight.
  • Page 50: Playback Order Of Mp3/Wma/Aac/Jpeg/ Divx ® /Mpeg-4 Files

    Notes on DATA CDs and DATA DVDs * For details on how to select the file type, see page 32. • Some DATA CDs/DATA DVDs (depending on the equipment used for its recording, or the disc condition) may not play on this unit. Playback order of MP3/WMA/AAC/ •...
  • Page 51: About Aac Files

    If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit that are not covered in this manual, consult About MPEG-4 files your nearest Sony dealer. MPEG-4 files meeting the following requirements can be played. Playback is not be guaranteed for all Maintenance MPEG-4 files meeting the requirements.
  • Page 52: Removing The Unit

    In such a case, Fuse (10 A) Remove the unit. consult your nearest Sony dealer. 1 Insert both release keys simultaneously until they click. Cleaning the connectors The unit may not function properly if the connectors between the unit and the front panel are not clean.
  • Page 53: Specifications

    Supplied accessories: Specifications Card remote commander: RM-X168 Parts for installation and connections (1 set) Optional accessories/equipment: System Mobile monitor: XVM-B62 Laser: Semiconductor laser USB connection cable for iPod: RC-200IPV Signal format system: PAL/NTSC switchable Your dealer may not handle some of the above listed Tuner section accessories.
  • Page 54: Troubleshooting

    • The connection is not correct. Support site t Connect a power antenna (aerial) control lead (blue) or accessory power supply lead (red) to the power supply lead of a car’s antenna (aerial) booster (only when your car has built-in FM/AM antenna (aerial) in the rear/side glass).
  • Page 55 Picture Disc operation There is no picture/picture noise occurs. The disc cannot be loaded. • A connection has not been made correctly. • Another disc is already loaded. • Check the connection to the connected equipment, • The disc has been forcibly inserted upside down or in and set the input selector of the equipment to the the wrong way.
  • Page 56: Error Displays/Messages

    • Press Z to remove the disc. If these solutions do not help improve the situation, FAILURE consult your nearest Sony dealer. The connection of speakers/amplifiers is incorrect. If you take the unit to be repaired because of disc t See the supplied installation/connections manual to playback trouble, bring the disc that was used at the check the connection.
  • Page 57: Language Code/Area Code List

    Language code/area code list Language code list The language spellings conform to the ISO 639: 1988 (E/F) standard. Code Language Code Language Code Language Code Language 1027 Afar 1183 Irish 1347 Maori 1507 Samoan 1028 Abkhazian 1186 Scots Gaelic 1349 Macedonian 1508 Shona...
  • Page 58: Index

    Index AAC 7, 51 Demonstration (DEMO) 46 Language code 57 Album (ALBUM) 31 Dimmer (DIMMER) 46 Language setup Angle (ANGLE) 16 Direct search play 31 (LANGUAGE SETUP) 41 Area code 57 Discs 7 Level adjust Audio (AUDIO) Display setup (LEVEL-ADJ) 39, 47 Channel 26 (DISPLAY SETUP) 41 List up 32...
  • Page 59 Radio Data System (RDS) 22 Rear Bass Enhancer (RBE) 36 Rear speaker (REAR) 45 Repeat play (REP) 30 Reset (RESET) 12, 44 Resume play 16, 18 Rotary Commander (RM) 45 Setup menu System setup 44 Visual setup 40 Shuffle play (SHUF) 30 Slide show interval (SLIDE SHOW TIME) 42 Soundtrack language...
  • Page 60 Sony Corporation Printed in Thailand...

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