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GE JTP85 Series Installation Instructions Manual

30” built in wall oven w/microwave.
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• Before you begin-Read these instructions carefully and completely
• IMPORTANT-Save these instructions for local inspector's use.
• Note to Installer- Be sure to leave these instructions with the consumer.
• OWNER- Keep these instructions for future reference.
• NOTE- This appliance must be properly grounded.
• If you have any questins concerning the installation of
this product, call the GE Answer Center Consumer
Information Service at 800-626-2000, 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.


Safety Instruction...........................1
Electrical Requirements.................1
Tools You Will Need......................1
Installation Check Sheet ................2-3
Preparing the Oven ........................4
Electrical Connections...................5
Circuit Connection ........................5
Replacing the Oven Door ..............7
Appendix for Cutout Opening .......8
1/8" Drill Bit
Electric or Hand Drill
Phillips Screwdriver
Strain Relief Clamp
Junction Box
Wire Nuts
36" of String
Pub. No. 31-10433
Parts Supplied
4 screws (single)
8 screws (double)
Plastic Bottom Trim
• Be sure your oven is installed properly by a qualified
installer or service technician.
• Be sure the oven is securely installed in a cabinet that is
firmly attached to the house structure. Weight on the oven
door could cause the oven to tip and result in injury. Never
allow anyone to climb, sit, stand or hang on the oven door.
• Make sure the cabinets and wall coverings around the
oven can withstand the temperatures (up to 200°F.)
generated by the oven.
CAUTION: The electrical power to the oven
supply line must be shut off while line
connections are being made. Failure to do so
could result in serious injury or death.
This appliance must be supplied with the proper voltage and
frequency, and connected to an individual, properly grounded
branch circuit, protected by a circuit breaker or fuse, having
amperage as noted on rating plate. (Rating Plate is located on
the wall inside the microwave oven.)
We recommend you have the electrical wiring and hookup of
your oven connected by a qualified electrician. After
installation, have the electrician show you where your main
range disconnect is located.
Check with your local utilities for electrical codes which apply
in your area. Failure to wire your oven according to governing
codes could result in a hazardous condition. If there are not
local codes, your range must be wired and fused to meet the
requirements of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA No.
70-Latest Edition. You can get a copy by writing:
National Fire Protection Association
Battery March Park
Quincy, MA 02269
Effective January 1, 1996, the National Electrical Code
requires that new, but not existing, construction utilize a 4
conductor connection to an electric range. When installing an
electric range in new construction, follow the instructions in
You must use a three-wire, single-phase A.C. 208Y/120 Volt or
240/120 Volt, 60 hertz electrical system. If you connect to
aluminum wiring, properly installed connectors approved for
use with aluminum wiring must be used.


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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    • OWNER- Keep these instructions for future reference. • NOTE- This appliance must be properly grounded. • If you have any questins concerning the installation of this product, call the GE Answer Center Consumer SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Information Service at 800-626-2000, 24 hours a day, •...

  • Page 2

    INSTALLATION COMPLETION CHECKLIST Prep the Oven ( Refer to page 4 for full instructions) Read instructions Remove oven door Lift up and off Cover hinge Place oven on platform Remove literature prepack, broiler pan and grid, and racks from oven. Remove bottom trim from top of unit.

  • Page 3

    INSTALLATION COMPLETION CHECKLIST CONT. Secure the Oven Slide Oven into Cutout while pulling the conduit up and out of the way. Use screws provided to secure the oven Install Bottom Trim Key hole slot and wide flange at top Lower trim mounting Push trim down at both ends rivet on bottom of side until it snaps into place...

  • Page 4

    PREPARING YOUR OVEN CAUTION: When the door is removed and the hinge arms are at the stop postion, DO NOT bump Remove packaging or try to move the hinge arms. materials. Check The hinges could snap back causing an inside microwave, injury to the hands.

  • Page 5: Electrical Connections

    c. Connect the oven neutral (white) lead to the branch ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS circuit neutral (white or gray) in accordance with local codes. d. Connect the oven red lead to the branch circuit red Turn off the circuit breaker or remove fuses to the lead and the oven black lead to the branch circuit oven branch circuit.

  • Page 6: Securing The Oven In Opening

    Drill four-1/8” pilot holes through the mounting SECURING THE OVEN holes (top and bottom) of the side trim, for the four IN OPENING #8 screws provided. With the Conduit connected, the oven is ready to be slid into the cutout opening. a.

  • Page 7: Installing The Bottom Trim

    INSTALLING THE BOTTOM TRIM REPLACING THE OVEN DOOR Make sure the flat Make sure the hinge is in the door stop position. side is up on the Key hole slot and wide bottom trim. Remove the toweling or flange at top paper towel holder from the hinge.

  • Page 8

    APPENDIX FOR CUTOUTS OVEN W/MICROWAVE Cabinet Width 30” Recommended Cutout Location From Floor 21 5/8” Cutout Depth 23 1/2” Min. Cutout Width 28 1/2” Min. 28 5/8” Max. Cutout Height 42 3/16” Min. 42 1/4” Max. THE OPENING BETWEEN INSIDE WALLS MUST BE AT LEAST 28 1/2”...

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