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Toshiba ST-A10 SERIES Owner's Manual

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Owner's Manual



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  • Page 1 TOSHIBA POS Terminal ST-A10 SERIES Owner's Manual...
  • Page 2 -- Note; This is applicable to California, U.S.A only Copyright © 2007 < For EU Only > by TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION TOSHIBA TEC Europe Retail Information Systems S.A. All Rights Reserved Rue de la Célidée 33 BE-1080 Brussels 570 Ohito, Izunokuni-shi, Shizuoka-ken, JAPAN...
  • Page 3 Do not attempt to effect repairs or modifications to this equipment. If a fault occurs that cannot be rectified using the procedures described in this manual, turn off the power, unplug the machine, then contact your authorized TOSHIBA TEC representative for assistance. Meanings of Each Symbol This symbol indicates warning items (including cautions).
  • Page 4 Request Regarding Maintenance Utilize our maintenance services. After purchasing the machine, contact your authorized TOSHIBA TEC representative for assistance once a year to have the inside of the machine cleaned. Otherwise, dust will build up inside the machines and may cause a fire or a malfunction. Cleaning is particularly effective before humid rainy seasons.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    CAUTION! 1. This manual may not be copied in while or in part without prior written permission of TOSHIBA TEC. 2. The contents of this manual may be changed without notification. 3. Please refer to your local Authorized Service representative with regard...
  • Page 6: Introduction

    1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Applicable Model 1. INTRODUCTION Thank you for choosing the TOSHIBA POS Terminal. This POS terminal contains all the high performance register functions necessary for a specialty store POS terminal and enables the user oriented system configuration. The operation panel can be chosen from 12-inch TFT display and 15-inch TFT display.
  • Page 7: Appearance

    2. APPEARANCE SPAA- XXX -R1 2. 1 Standard Model 2. APPEARANCE 2.1 Standard Model 12-inch display POS terminal 12-inch display POS terminal 15-inch display POS terminal...
  • Page 8 2. APPEARANCE SPAA- XXX -R1 2. 1 Standard Model LED and CONTROL BUTTON DESCRIPTION This is the LED to indicate the power ON/OFF status of the POS terminal. The green LED is Power LED (Blue) illuminated when the power is ON. The yellow LED is illuminated during the HDD LED (Yellow) access to the hard disk drive.
  • Page 9: Availabe Options

    2. APPEARANCE SPAA- XXX -R1 2.2 Available Options 2.2 Available Options Wireless Adaptor Case Fixed Type LIU Magnetic Card Reader Tilt Type LIU (MCR) i-BUTTON Remote Type LIU...
  • Page 10: Examples Of Pos Terminal With Some Options

    2. APPEARANCE SPAA- XXX -R1 2.3 Examples of POS Terminal with Some Options 2.3 Examples of POS Terminal with Some Options...
  • Page 11: Connectors

    2. APPEARANCE SPAA- XXX -R1 2.4 Connectors 2.4 Connectors CAUTION! The drawer interface connector is exclusively for connecting the drawer. Do not connect a phone line or any other cables than the drawer cable to this connector. Doing so may cause a failure of the phone line and this terminal.
  • Page 12 2. APPEARANCE SPAA- XXX -R1 2.4 Connectors Connector Description AC inlet A connector for the AC inlet PS/2 (Mouse, Keyboard) Mini-DIN 6- Connector for the PS/2 type mouse, Connector for the pin female type connector PS/2 type keyboard Connector for the USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface USB V2.0/1.1 and UHCI (Conforming to Universal Hub Controller Interface V2.0/1.1) NOTE: USB functions may not be supported...
  • Page 13: Installation Procedure

    3. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE SPAA- XXX -R1 3.1 Environment for Installation 3. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE WARNING! Care must be taken not to get your fingers caught between the LCD Frame and the POS terminal when bending the display downward. CAUTION! When removing the protective film from the display surface, please be sure to do it slowly. If it is done quickly, static electricity may generate, and the TFT may be damaged.
  • Page 14: Connecting The Ac Plug

    3. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE SPAA- XXX -R1 3.2 Connecting the AC Plug 3.2 Connecting the AC Plug 1. Push on both sides of the molded TWR Tail Cover to remove it from the system in order to gain access of the AC inlet. 2.
  • Page 15: Adjustment

    4. ADJUSTMENT SPAA- XXX -R1 4.1 Tilt Angle Adjustment 4. ADJUSTMENT Tilt angle and brightness of the operator’s display can be adjusted. Adjustment method is common to both of 12-inch display model and 15-inch display model. CAUTION! 1. Do not adjust the display angle by holding the LCD panel. Doing so may damage the unit. Be sure to hold the LCD frame.
  • Page 16: Brightness Adjustment

    4. ADJUSTMENT SPAA- XXX -R1 4.2 Brightness Adjustment 4.2 Brightness Adjustment The brightness control is provided on the lower right of the operator’s display. Turning it to the left makes the display darker, and turning it to the right makes the display brighter.
  • Page 17: Magnetic Card Reader (Option)

    5. MAGNETIC CARD READER (OPTION) SPAA- XXX -R1 5.1 How to Read Magnetic Card 5. MAGNETIC CARD READER (OPTION) The optional magnetic card reader can be installed. 5.1 How to Read Magnetic Card Insert the magnetic card into the upper portion of the magnetic card reader slot and slowly move the card downward.
  • Page 18: Ibutton (Option)

    6. iBUTTON® (OPTION) SPAA-XXX-R1 6.1 How to Read iButton 6. iBUTTON (OPTION) ® The optional iButton unit can be installed on the bottom of the LCD. 6.1 How to Read iButton CAUTION! 1. Keep storage media, like a floppy disk, away from the touch probe. The magnet of the touch probe may destroy the stored data.
  • Page 19: General Maintenance

    7. GENERAL MAINTENANCE SPAA-XXX-R1 7. General Maintenance 7. GENERAL MAINTENANCE WARNING! 1. Be sure to disconnect the power cord prior to performing any maintenance. 2. Do not pour water directly on or wipe the operator’s display with a soaked cloth, as this may cause fire, electric shock, or machine failure.
  • Page 20: Troubleshooting

    8. TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING! If you cannot solve a problem with the following solutions, do not attempt to repair it by yourself. Turn the power off, unplug the POS Terminal, then contact the nearest TOSHIBA TEC service representative for assistance Symptom...
  • Page 21: Specifications

    9. SPECIFICATIONS SPAA-XXX-R1 9.1 Basic Specifications 9. SPECIFICATIONS 9.1 Basic Specifications Item Description VIA C7 1.5GHz 512 MB, 2 slots (2 GB max) Memory 3.5" HDD SATA (40 GB) ISO-3-track one sided type (option) Option iButton Reader RS-232C 4 (2x normal. 1x powered, 1x VFD I/F for option LIU) Powered USB PS/2 PS/2 Keyboard &...
  • Page 22 9. SPECIFICATIONS SPAA-206-R1 9.2 Options 9.2 Options Option Model Description 24V-drive standard drawer (With screw holes on the left and the rear for installing the POLST- DRWST-51A-4MVK-QM-R DRWST-51A-8MVK-QM-R Dimensions and Weight: 460(W) x 400(D) x 115(H) mm / 18.1(W) x 15.7 (D) x 4.5(H) inch 10 Kg / 22 lb Drawer unit Money Case Type: MC4, 8...
  • Page 23 English Waste Recycling information for users: Following information is only for EU-member states: The crossed out wheeled bin symbol is used to indicate that the product must not be treated as general household waste. By ensuring that this product is disposed of correctly you will be helping to prevent potentially negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by incorrect waste handling of this product.