Motorola SCOUT1-B User Manual

Motorola SCOUT1-B User Manual

Video pet monitor camera


Model: SCOUT1-B
Video Pet Monitor Camera
The features described in this user's guide are subject to
modifications without prior notice.
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  • Page 1 USER’S GUIDE Model: SCOUT1-B Wi-Fi ® Video Pet Monitor Camera The features described in this user’s guide are subject to modifications without prior notice. 30082_Scout1_UG_US_EN_V5_2013_08_19.indd 1 1 /0 /2013 3:41 P...
  • Page 2: Product View

    ® Please keep your original dated sales receipt for your records. For warranty service of your Motorola product, you will need to provide a copy of your dated sales receipt to confirm warranty status. Registration is not required for warranty coverage.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1. Safety Instructions WARNING: 1. Safety Instructions ................5 2. System Requirements ..............7 STRANGULATION HAZARD - In case this unit is 3. Getting started - Connecting Devices ........... 8 being used to monitor infants or children, keep the unit and adapter cord more than 3 feet from the crib 3.1 Setup ..................
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    2. System Requirements • Adult assembly is required. Keep small parts away from pets and children when assembling. Web Portal • This product is not a toy. Do not allow pets or children to play • Windows ® system XP SP3 or above with it.
  • Page 5: Getting Started - Connecting Devices

    3. Getting started - Connecting Devices 3.2 User Account and Camera Setup: Working with devices for Android ™ How does it work? • Download and install the application “Monitor Everywhere” from the Google Play ™ Store. Note: If you can’t find the application, use your device browser to go to for advice on how to install.
  • Page 6 • Tap NEXT STEP. • Follow the on screen checklist to ensure that your camera is power connected and tap NEXT. • Select the camera from the list. If you cannot find the camera ID on the list, please reset the camera with the following procedure: 1.
  • Page 7: User Account And Camera Setup: Working With Iphone ® /Ipad

    3.3 User Account and Camera Setup: • Once your camera is installed, you can rename it. Working with iPhone /iPad ® ® • Tap DONE. • Install the application “Monitor Everywhere” from the • Tap START MONITOR to show the camera view. App Store .
  • Page 8 Tap Continue (picture S3). • • Tap ‘Setup Monitor’ (picture S5) • Enter a user name, a password and an e-mail address (picture S4). • Switch on the camera (see 5. Procedure for resetting the Camera) and follow the on-screen instructions. •...
  • Page 9 • Tap Configure Camera to Wi-Fi (pictures S9,10). • Enter ‘Wi-Fi’ password for camera (picture S11), then press Next. • On your iPhone ® or iPad ® , under Settings select Wi-Fi, then select the camera from the network list and wait until it is connected (pictures S7, 8).
  • Page 10: Camera

    4. Camera 4.1 Connecting the Camera to Power • Insert the small end of the Power Adapter into the Power Adapter Connector then plug the Power Adapter into a suitable power socket. • Slide the ON/OFF switch to ON, the green Power LED will light up.
  • Page 11: Viewing Another Camera: Working With Pc/Notebook

    • • • Temperature: • Play Song: • The current room temperature will always be displayed. Tap the icon to show the Play Song menu. • Tap LOGOUT to leave the account. Select one of the five songs to play the song. •...
  • Page 12: Camera Functions: Working With Devices For Android

    4.4 Camera Functions: Camera Settings: Working with devices for Android ™ Change Name, Adjust Camera Volume, Adjust Camera • Run the “Monitor Everywhere” application. • Brightness, Adjust Sound Sensitivity (Level 1(Low): a loud • • • Enter the User Name and Password and then tap Login, •...
  • Page 13: Adding Another Camera: Working With Devices For Android

    4.5 Adding another Camera: Photo/Video: Working with devices for Android ™ Take a photo or record a video. Tap the icon to start the camera function. • To add another camera, please follow the screen number sequence: Tap the photo icon to activate the camera function. Tap the video icon to activate the video function.
  • Page 14 • If requested, enter your network password (picture A5). • Please be patient, it may take a few minutes until your camera is added to your account (picture A6). • Once the camera has been added, the camera view will be automatically displayed.
  • Page 15: Camera Functions: Working With Iphone /Ipad

    • • • • • • • • • • 4.6 Camera Functions: • • Pet Song: • Working with iPhone /iPad ® ® • Tap the icon to show the Pet Song menu. Turn music ON and • Run the “Monitor Everywhere” application. select one of the five songs.
  • Page 16: Adding Another Camera: Working With Iphone /Ipad

    4.7 Adding another Camera: Tap Cameras to return to the Camera list. Working with iPhone /iPad ® ® Tap on to add another camera to the list. Follow the same steps as under 3.3 User Account and • Tap on Edit: Camera Setup, Working with iPhone ®...
  • Page 17: Help

    6. Help Account I receive an error Please ensure that you have message saying: registered with us. Tap Create Noise interference “Email ID or Email Account to create an account To avoid background noise or echoes, ensure that there is address”.
  • Page 18 ® Viewing When I am in “remote When you are accessing your General What are the On PC or Mac , we recommend using Google Chrome. However Camera mode”, the video camera via a network different supported browsers the following browsers are also stops after 5 minutes.
  • Page 19 Connectivity I am not able to Please check if the camera is I am not able to find This is a known issue for some Issues access my camera. within Wi-Fi range. If the LED the iOS application in users using iOS version 6.0.1. on your camera is slow blinking, the App Store Please use the following link on...
  • Page 20 Features What does the When your network speed is low, General I am not able to You need to be on Internet ® message the PAN and TILT is disabled. access my cameras Explorer version 8.0 or above. ® “PAN TILT disabled You can see the message on on Internet Explorer Please upgrade your browser.
  • Page 21 General How do I download Android: Features How many users can 1. If you are accessing in Local the APP for Android - Open Google Play APP on access the camera at mode (your Smartphone/ and iOS devices? your Android device. one time? PC is connected to the same - Select Search...
  • Page 22: General Information

  • Page 23 Accessories for commercial purposes or subjecting the Product or Accessory to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other Products covered Length of Coverage acts which are not the fault of MOTOROLA or BINATONE, are Consumer Products One (1) year from the date of excluded from coverage.
  • Page 24 FCC and IC regulations How to Obtain Warranty Service or Other Information? To obtain service or information, please call: FCC Part l5 US and Canada 1-888-331-3383 This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products or limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the Accessories at your expense and risk, to a BINATONE Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules.
  • Page 25: Technical Specifications

    To ensure safety of users, the FCC has established criteria Le présent appareil est conforme aux CNR d’Industrie Canada for the amount of radio frequency energy that can be safely applicables aux appareils radio exempts de licence. absorbed by a user or bystander according to the intended L’exploitation est autorisée aux deux conditions suivantes : (1) usage of the product.
  • Page 26 Manufactured, distributed or sold by Binatone Electronics International LTD., official licensee for this product. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. and are used under license. Mac, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad and Safari are the trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the...

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