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Casio 5470 Operation Manual

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Basic Operations
This section provides an overview of the watch
and explains operations that are common to
all modes.
This watch is not a special-purpose
measuring instrument.
Measurement function readings are
intended for general reference only.
Whenever using the Digital
Compass of this watch for serious
trekking, mountain climbing, or other
activities, be sure to always take
along another compass to confirm
readings. If the readings produced
by the Digital Compass of this watch
are different from those of the other
compass, perform bidirectional
calibration of the Digital Compass to
ensure better accuracy.
Compass readings and
calibration will not be possible if
the watch is in the vicinity of a
permanent magnet (magnetic
accessory, etc.), metal objects,
high-voltage wires, aerial wires, or
electrical household appliances
(TV, computer, cellphone, etc.)
Digital Compass
The watch's Altimeter Mode
calculates and displays relative
altitude based on barometric
pressure readings produced by its
pressure sensor. Because of this,
altitude values displayed by the
watch may be different from your
actual elevation and/or sea level
elevation indicated for the area
where you are located. Regular
calibration in accordance with the
local altitude (elevation) indications
is recommended.
Altitude Measurement
In this manual, the expression "time
signal" refers to a time calibration
signal. Time signals include time
Note that the watch illustrations in
this manual are intended for
reference only. The actual watch
may appear somewhat different
than depicted in the illustrations.
Operation Guide 5470

General Guide

A Hour hand
B Second hand
C Minute hand
D Mode hand
F Crown
① ② ③ ④
A Appears when an alarm is turned on.
B Appears when the hourly time signal is on.
C Appears when the indicated time is
summer time.
D Appears when Barometric Pressure
Change Indications are on.
E Shows the barometric pressure
measurement unit.
① ②
Navigating Between Modes
Your watch has the modes shown below.
Altimeter Mode
Digital Compass Mode
Timekeeping Mode
Barometer Mode
Receive Mode
Thermometer Mode
World Time Mode
Data Recall Mode
Alarm Mode
Stopwatch Mode
Timer Mode
Use the buttons in the illustration above to
navigate between modes.
To return to the Timekeeping Mode
from any other mode, hold down the
(B) button for about two seconds.


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Casio 5470

  • Page 1: General Guide

    © 2015 CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. MA1509-EA Operation Guide 5470 Basic Operations General Guide Navigating Between Modes This section provides an overview of the watch Your watch has the modes shown below. ① ② ③ and explains operations that are common to all modes.
  • Page 2: Selecting A Timekeeping Mode Digital Display Format

    Operation Guide 5470 Selecting a Timekeeping Shifting the Hands Important! Mode Digital Display Format Hand shift moves the hands out of the way for To prevent loss of water resistance ● easy viewing of display info. In the Timekeeping Mode, you can use the...
  • Page 3: Switching Between 12-Hour And 24-Hour Timekeeping

    Operation Guide 5470 Checking the Charge Level Switching between 12-hour Solar Charging and 24-hour Timekeeping A display indicator shows the watch’s charge What is solar charging? level when you enter the Timekeeping Mode. Navigating Between Modes Pull out the crown.
  • Page 4: Auto Time Adjustment

    Operation Guide 5470 Auto Time Adjustment Power Saving Function Important! Leaving the watch in a dark location for about The watch’s time and day settings can be one hour between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 Should battery go low or go dead, ●...
  • Page 5: Time Signal Reception Ranges

    Operation Guide 5470 Time Signal Reception Ranges Setting a Home Time City Push the crown back in to complete the Use the procedure in this section to configure Time signal reception is supported in the setting operation. Home City (the city that is in the same time areas shown below.
  • Page 6: Auto Time Signal Receive

    Operation Guide 5470 Auto Time Signal Receive Enabling/Disabling Auto Receive Hold down the (A) button for about two An automatic time signal receive operation is Use the procedure below to enable or disable seconds until [RC!] appears on the dot performed and the time and day settings are Auto Receive.
  • Page 7: Checking The Receive Operation Result

    Operation Guide 5470 Receive Levels Signal Reception Setting a Home Time City The current time signal receive level is Precautions Use the procedure in this section to select a indicated on the display. Refer to the level city to use as your Home City. If you are in an...
  • Page 8: Setting The Time And Date

    Operation Guide 5470 Digital Compass Rotate the crown away from you to change Press (D). the summer time setting. You can see if a time is a.m. or p.m. by You can use the Digital Compass Mode to ● [AUTO] checking the second hand position.
  • Page 9: Calibrating Compass Readings

    Operation Guide 5470 Setting Up for True North Readings Calibrating Compass Note (Magnetic Declination Calibration) Readings If you want the watch to indicate true north Normally the Compass Mode ● instead of magnetic north, you need to specify indicates magnetic north. You can...
  • Page 10: Magnetic North And True North

    Operation Guide 5470 Altitude Measurement Magnetic North and True Note North The watch takes altitude readings and When you enter the Altitude Mode, ● displays results based on air pressure There are actually two types of north: the second hand will indicate either measurements taken by a built-in pressure magnetic north and true north.
  • Page 11: Calibrating Altitude Readings

    Operation Guide 5470 Calibrating Altitude Taking a Relative Altitude Hold down the (D) button for about two Readings Reading from Some seconds to set your current location’s Reference Point altitude as the reference altitude. To minimize the difference between locally...
  • Page 12: Recording Altitude Readings

    Operation Guide 5470 Recording Altitude Readings Note Note Use the procedure below to record altitude Auto recording ends when you exit The second hand will point to r ● ● measurements manually. Auto the Altimeter Mode. Re-entering the (over) if the current altitude...
  • Page 13: Altitude Reading Precautions

    Operation Guide 5470 Barometric Pressure Altitude Reading Checking the Current Precautions Measurement Barometric Pressure Effects of Temperature You can use the Barometer Mode to take a Entering the Barometer Mode displays the current barometric pressure and a barometric reading of the barometric pressure at your...
  • Page 14: Checking Changes In Barometric Pressure Over Time

    Operation Guide 5470 Checking Changes in Checking the Change in Barometric Pressure Change Barometric Pressure Over Barometric Pressure Indications Time between Two Readings Whenever the watch detects a significant change in air pressure readings (due to The watch displays a graph of 20 hours of...
  • Page 15: Temperature Measurement

    Operation Guide 5470 Temperature Specifying the Barometric Note Pressure Measurement Unit Measurement If Barometric Pressure Change ● You can specify either hectopascals (hPa) or The watch can be used to take current air Indications are on, barometric inches of mercury (inHg) as the display unit for temperature readings.
  • Page 16: Viewing Altitude Records

    Operation Guide 5470 Viewing Altitude Calibrating Temperature Specifying the Temperature Readings Measurement Unit Records The watch’s temperature sensor is adjusted at You can select either Celsius (°C) or You can use the Altitude Record Recall Mode the factory and normally does not require Fahrenheit (°F) as the temperature display...
  • Page 17: Deleting A Particular Record

    Operation Guide 5470 Stopwatch Cumulative ascent and cumulative Note descent The stopwatch can be used to perform 1/100 Example: Cumulative ascent If there is no data left in memory due ● second elapsed time measurement up to 23 to a data delete operation, error, or Date when hours, 59 minutes, 59.99 seconds.
  • Page 18: Timing The First And Second Place Finishers

    Operation Guide 5470 Measuring Elapsed Time Timing the First and Second Setting the Timer Start Time Place Finishers Pull out the crown. This will cause the timer minutes digits to flash. Use the operations below to measure elapsed time. Use the operations below to measure elapsed time.
  • Page 19: World Time

    Operation Guide 5470 Alarms World Time Rotate the crown to change the hour setting. The watch will beep when an alarm time is You can view the current time in 29 cities (29 reached. You can set up to five different...
  • Page 20: Display Illumination

    Operation Guide 5470 Display Illumination Swapping the World Time Note and Current Location Time The face of the watch can be illuminated for To look up the current time in a city ● reading in the dark. The watch also has an...
  • Page 21: Configuring The Auto Light Setting

    Operation Guide 5470 Auto Light Configuring the Auto Light Rotate the crown to select an illumination Setting duration. If Auto Light is enabled, display illumination [LIGHT1]: 1.5-second illumination will turn on automatically whenever the watch In the Timekeeping Mode, pull out the...
  • Page 22: Adjusting Hand Alignment

    Operation Guide 5470 Other Settings Adjusting Hand Alignment Configuring Power Saving Function Settings Getting ready Pull out the crown. Enter the Timekeeping Mode. Pull out the crown. Hold down the (A) button for about five Navigating Between Modes The second hand will move to the seconds until [HAND ADJ] flashes on the currently set city.
  • Page 23: International Travel

    Operation Guide 5470 International Travel Other Information Summer Time Table Use the procedure below to easily change day This list shows the summer time periods of and time settings of the watch to a destination Time Signal Cities. When the summer time City Code List location.
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    If [ERR] keeps appearing after multiple measurement Time signal reception is not possible attempts, contact a CASIO service center. when any one of the conditions exists. When watch is at Level 2 power saving ●...
  • Page 25 If [ERR] keeps appearing after multiple measurement There is a problem with the sensor or there attempts, contact a CASIO service center. may be a source strong magnetic force The second hand is jumping at two- nearby. Move away from any potential source second intervals.
  • Page 26: Usage Restrictions

    Operation Guide 5470 Crown Operations Nothing happens when I rotate the crown. Leaving the crown pulled out for more than two minutes without performing any operation will automatically disable crown operation. Push the crown back in to its normal position and then pull it out again.

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