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Mitsubishi Electric PENTIUM PCL5100 User Manual page 21

Pentium and pentium mmx processor ready
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P C L 5 1 0 0 B I O S S e t u p & P O S T
Incorrect drive A type - run SETUP
The diskette drive is not correctly specified in BIOS Setup.
Invalid NVRAM media type
Problem with NVRAM (non-volatile random-access memory).
Keyboard error [nn] or Keyboard controller error
There is a problem with the keyboard or (less likely) the
standard I/O controller on the motherboard. If POST
discovers a stuck key it displays its scan code.
Operating system not found
An operating system cannot be located either on a system
diskette or on a hard disk. Start BIOS Setup and check that
the diskette and/or hard disk drives are specified correctly.
Parity check 1 xxxx or Parity check 2 xxxx
Parity error found on the system (1) or I/O (2) bus. The BIOS
attempts to locate and display the address xxxx. If it cannot
locate the address, it displays "????".
Previous boot incomplete - default configuration used
The previous POST did not complete successfully. POST
loads default values and offers to start BIOS Setup. If the
failure was caused by incorrect values and they are not
corrected, the next boot will likely fail too.
Real-time clock error
Enter BIOS setup and check the System Time and System
Date settings on the Main menu.
System battery is dead - replace and run Setup
Replace the configuration battery as instructed in the
Motherboard Features & Upgrades chapter, then use BIOS
Setup to reconfigure the system.
System cache error - cache disabled
The RAM cache failed POST and BIOS disabled it.
System CMOS checksum bad - run Setup
System CMOS has been corrupted or modified incorrectly,
perhaps by an application program that changes data stored in
CMOS. Run BIOS Setup and reconfigure the system either by
getting the default values or by making your own selections.



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