Adding More Video Memory - Mitsubishi Electric PENTIUM PCL5100 User Manual

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Adding more video memory

To add video memory
P C L 5 1 0 0 f e a t u r e s a n d u p g r a d e s
Video memory is memory reserved for use by the on-board video
controller. More video memory can provide more colours or higher
resolutions to an extent determined by the capabilities of your
If your computer has 1 Mbyte of video memory, you can upgrade it
to the maximum of 2 Mbytes.
Turn off the computer and unplug all power cords.
Take suitable anti-static precautions and remove the system
covers. Take suitable antistatic precautions at all times while
the motherboard is exposed.
Remove any expansion cards that impede access to the video
memory upgrade sockets (see the motherboard diagram at the
start of this chapter).
Unpack the upgrade kit and lay the memory chips out on an
antistatic surface. Hold each chip by its edges and be careful
not to touch the metal pins.
One by one, insert the chips in the sockets.
It is important that the chips are fitted the right way
round. Some chips have a single bevelled edge at one end.
Others have a small semicircular notch at one end and a
bevel at one corner. In either case, the bevelled or notched
end must be aligned with the bevelled corner on the socket
Replace any expansion cards you removed earlier and refit the
system covers.
If the computer does not automatically detect the new memory the
first time you turn it on, start the BIOS Setup utility, go to the
Advanced menu and change the Reset Configuration Data item to
"Yes", then restart the computer.



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