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Mitsubishi Electric PENTIUM PCL5100 User Manual page 14

Pentium and pentium mmx processor ready
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Replacing the configuration battery
P C L 5 1 0 0 f e a t u r e s a n d u p g r a d e s
18. Reconnect the fan-sink's power cable to the motherboard. It
goes on the connector labelled FAN 2 or PL200 as shown on
the motherboard diagram.
If the fan-sink power cable is not reconnected properly the processor may
overheat and be permanently damaged.
19. Adjust the processor voltage and bus speed selection jumpers
in block PL19 as described at the start of this chapter.
When you have finished, replace any expansion cards you needed to
remove, then refit the system covers.
The computer keeps a record of its current hardware configuration
in a CMOS memory chip which is sustained by a small battery.
This battery has a life of up to 5 years. If you find that you have to
reconfigure the computer every time you turn it on, the battery is
probably failing and needs to be replaced.
The battery is a 3 volt lithium type (CR2032 or equivalent)
typically used in calculators and other small, battery-powered
electronic items.



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