Multi-Boot Facility; Network Boot - Mitsubishi Electric PENTIUM PCL5100 User Manual

Pentium and pentium mmx processor ready
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P C L 5 1 0 0 B I O S S e t u p & P O S T
Reserving ISA legacy resources

Multi-boot facility

Press <F2> to enter setup or <ESC> to enter Boot Menu
To reserve interrupts and upper memory block (UMB) regions for
ISA expansion cards, go to the Advanced menu, select PCI
Configuration, then select PCI/PNP ISA IRQ Resource Exclusion
or PCI/PNP ISA UMB Region Exclusion as required.
Immediately after the first screen, a second screen displays various
POST messages such as the memory test. While this screen is on
display, a message at the bottom says:
Even if this message is not displayed, you can press the <ESC> key
and this menu will appear:
Boot Menu
1. Diskette Drive
2. Removable Devices
3. Hard Disk Drive

5. Network Boot

< Enter Setup>
This menu can be used to temporarily use another drive or device to
boot your system, for example a bootable CD-ROM, without
having to enter the BIOS setup. Simply use the up and down arrows
to make a selection. This change will not be permanent and the
system boot will revert to the normal BIOS setting the next time
you switch on your system.



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