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Mitsubishi Electric E1032 Installation Manual

Operator terminal.
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Installation manual
MA00816 2006-04


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   Summary of Contents for Mitsubishi Electric E1032

  • Page 1

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC E1032 Installation manual English MA00816 2006-04...

  • Page 2

    Installation manual for the E1000 series operator terminals Foreword The E1000 operator terminal is developed to satisfy the demands of human- machine communication. Built-in functions such as displaying and controlling text, dynamic indication, time channels, alarm and recipe handling are included. The operator terminal work, for the most part, in an object-oriented way, making it easy to understand and use.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    4.2 Keyboard and Display... 13 4.2.1 Display Surface... 13 4.2.2 Autotex F157... 14 5 Operator Terminal Drawings ... 17 5.1 Communication Ports... 17 5.2 E1032 Outline ... 18 5.3 E1032 Text Strip ... 19 Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816 Table of Contents...

  • Page 4

    Table of Contents Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816...

  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions Both the installer and the owner and/or operator of the operator terminal must read and understand this installation manual. 1.1 UL Installation Power, input and output (I/O) wiring must be in accordance with Class 1, Division 2 wiring methods (Article 501-4 (b) of the National Electric Code, NFPA 70) and in accordance with the authority having jurisdiction.

  • Page 6: Service And Maintenance

    Safety Precautions 1.4 Service and Maintenance – Only qualified personnel should carry out repairs. – The agreed warranty applies. – Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance operations, disconnect the equipment from the electrical supply. – Clean the display and surrounding front cover with a soft cloth and mild detergent.

  • Page 7: Installation

    Installation 2.1 Space Requirements – Installation plate thickness: 1.5 - 7.5 mm (0.06 - 0.3 inch) – Space requirements when installing the operator terminal: 100 mm (4.0 inch) 187 mm (7.36 inch) 50 mm (2.0 inch) 100 mm (4.0 inch) 202 mm (7.95 inch) Caution...

  • Page 8

    Installation 3. Secure the operator terminal in position, using all the fastening holes and the provided brackets and screws: 4. Connect the cables in the specified order. Caution Ensure that the operator terminal and the controller system have the same electrical grounding (reference voltage level), otherwise errors in communication may occur.

  • Page 9: Mode Switches

    Installation 2.2.1 Mode Switches All mode switches must be in OFF position during operator terminal use. The mode switches should not be touched unless by qualified personell. 2.2.2 Connections to the Controller For information about the cables to be used when connecting the operator terminal to the controller, please refer to the help file for the driver in question.

  • Page 10

    Installation Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816...

  • Page 11: Technical Data

    UL 1604 Class I, Div 2 / UL 508 / UL 50 4x indoor use only (when product or packing is marked) Ceritfication in progress NEMA 4x indoor use only * See section Chemical Resistance Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816 E1032 for more information. Technical Data...

  • Page 12

    Technical Data Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816...

  • Page 13: Chemical Resistance

    Chemical Resistance 4.1 Metal Casing The frame and casing material is powder-coated aluminum. This powder paint withstands exposure of up to 24 hours duration to the following chemicals without visible change: Ammonia 25% De-ionized water Butanol Citric acid 10% Diesel Ethanol 99.5% denaturated FAM-Normal petrol Alcohol 95%...

  • Page 14: Autotex F157

    Chemical Resistance 4.2.2 Autotex F157 Autotex F157 covers the membrane keyboard. Solvent Resistance Autotex F157 withstands exposure of more than 24 hours duration under DIN 42 115 Part 2 to the following chemicals without visible change: Potassium ferrocyanide/ ferricyanide Cyclohexanol Diacetone alcohol Glycol Isopropanol...

  • Page 15

    Chemical Resistance Very slight discoloration was noted under critical viewing conditions with the following materials: Tomato juice Tomato ketchup Lemon juice Mustard Outdoor Use In common with all polyester based films, Autotex F157 is not suitable for use in conditions of long term exposure to direct sunlight. Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816...

  • Page 16

    Chemical Resistance Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816...

  • Page 17: Operator Terminal Drawings

    Operator Terminal Drawings 5.1 Communication Ports RS-232 RS-422/485 Ethernet Drawing No. S-05005, Date 2004-10-27 Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816 Operator Terminal Drawings RS-422 RS-485...

  • Page 18: E1032 Outline

    Operator Terminal Drawings 5.2 E1032 Outline Drawing No. P-06629, Date 2005-10-05 Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816...

  • Page 19: E1032 Text Strip

    Operator Terminal Drawings 5.3 E1032 Text Strip Text max 17,0x8,0 Text max 18,5x8,0 Drawing No. S-06627, Date 2005-07-19 Mitsubishi Electric, MA00816...

  • Page 20

    MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. 500 Corporate Woods Parkway Vernon Hills, IL 60061, USA Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Gothaer Strasse 8 D-40880 Ratingen, Germany...

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