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Mount Thermostat And Outdoor Sensor - Honeywell TL9160AR Installation Manual

Econnect wireless thermostat
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System Installation Guide

6 Mount thermostat and outdoor sensor

Follow the guidelines below when mounting the thermostat:
• Do NOT install the thermostat in an area where it can be exposed to water or rain.
• Avoid locations where there are air drafts (top of staircase, air outlet), dead air spots
(behind a door), direct sunlight or concealed chimney or stove pipes.
• For a new installation, choose a location about 1.5 m (5 ft.) above the floor.
• Install the thermostat on an inside wall facing the heater.
• Keep the thermostat's top and bottom air vents (openings) clean and unobstructed at
all times.
Two mounting plates are provided for mounting the thermostat on the wall or on a junction
box. Use Method A for a slimmer thermostat look. Choose Method B if you prefer not to
make an opening in the wall. Method C must be used for installation on a junction box.
Recessed mounting on a wall (Method A)
Mark the four corners and join
them to create a rectangular
Mounting on a
wall (Method B)
Secure the mounting
plate to the wall using
provided wall anchors
and screws.
Cut along the outline to create
an opening in the wall.
Mounting on a junction
box (Method C)
Use mounting plate with no opening.
Secure the mounting plate to a junction
box using provided mechanical screws.
Secure the mounting plate to
the wall using provided wall
anchors and screws.
Complete the thermostat
installation by pressing
the faceplate against the
mounting plate.

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