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Cleaning And Maintenance - Kenmore 255.99279 Use & Care Manual


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To reach the set coldness level when operating the wine chiller for the first time, run it without wine
load until you hear the compressor stop. This usually takes 2 to 3 hours Once the set temperature is
reached, ioad wine into the wine chiller.
If the winechilter has been placed in a horizontal or more than 45 °
tilted position for any period of time,wait 1 hour before plugging it in.
Temperature Control
Temperature Adiustment
A : Pressths pad once and the temperature will increase 1° F/C.
: Pressthispad once and the temperature wi]i decrease 1 ° F/C
The wine chiller can be operated by adjusting the temperature control buttons (up arrow
and down arrow) to various settings.
The new desired temperature will flash on the display for a few seconds and then switch
back to the actual temperature which will graduatb' change untii setpoint is reached
The temperature range MIN and MAX is 41°` 65°F (5° - 18°C} which is ideal for wine storage.
41° is best for white wine, and 64 ° is idea/for reds.
!ight pad; press to turn light on or off.
POWEROn/Off: Pressthispad to power the unit on or off.
and POWER_ogether for 2 seconds to convert between Fahrenheit
temperature and CeJ siustemperatu re.
Failure Codes
If "E" and "F"disptay, contact Sears or another quatified service center for unit repair.
If the temperature inthe chiller is too tow, it wil! disptay 'LtL ,_djust the temperature
controf to a warmer setting
If the temperature in the chilier is too high, the control will flash "H", and an alarm will sound
for 30 seconds. One minute tate_ the alarm win continue to sound for another 30 seconds
After three times,the alarm witl not sound any more You can press any key to cancel the sound
Storing too many cans or bottles in the chiNer may cause the temperature inthe chilIer to
rise temporarily.
Normal Operating Sounds You May Hear
At times you may hear boiling water, gurgling sounds, etc. that are the result of the
refrigerant circulating through the cooling coils
Cleaning and Maintenance
To avoid electric shock, always unplug your wine chiiler before
cleaning ignoring this warning may resultin death or injury
CAUTION:Before using cleaning products, always read and understand the cleaning processes
explained in this manual Foliow cleaning product manufacturers%instructionsand warnings to avoid
personal injury or product damage:
General Cleaning
Prepare a cleaning solution of _to 2 tablespoons of baking soda mixed with "warmwater_ Usea
sponge or soft cloth, dampened with the cleaning solution,to wipe down your wine chilter.
Rinsewith dean warm water and dry with a soft cloth.
Do not use harsh chemicals, abrasives, ammonia, chlorine bleach, concentrated detergents,
solventsor metal scouring pads. Some of these chemicals may dissolve, damage and/or discotor your
wine chiller.
Door Gaskets
Clean door gaskets every three monthsaccording to the instructions described above in General
Apply a light coating of petroleum jelly to the hinge side of the door gaskets to
keep the gaskets pliable and ensurea good seal.
Power Interruptions
Occasionally there may be power interruptions due to thunderstormsor other causes:Removethe
power cord plug from the AC outlet when a power outage occurs. Keep the wine chiller door
dosed to preserve compartmen_ coolness for as tong as possible_After a prolonged power outage,
you should clean the inside of the chiller compartment before reuse.
Vacation and Moving Care
Forlong vacationsor absences,unplug the unit, remove wine bottles from wine chiller, turn
the temperature dial to the OFF positionand clean the door gasketsaccording to the General
Cleaning section.Propdoor open,so air can circulate inside.Jfmoving the wine chiiier, always
keep it in a vertical position. Donot moveunitwhen ina horizontalposition,aspossibledamageta
the sealedsystemcould occur_


Table of Contents

Table of Contents