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Proper Air Circulation; Installation - Kenmore 255.99279 Use & Care Manual


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Unpacking Your Wine Chiller
Removeall packaging material This inctudes the foam and the adhesive tape
from all outside and inside surfaces, as weft as accessories and racks,Slide
out and remove the plastic or foam guard usedto protect the compressor from
shipping damage caused by vibration and shock.
inspect and remove any remaining packaging, tape or printed materials
before powering on the wine chiller
Check to be sureyou have all accessoriesand parts listed inthe Partsand
Proper Air Circulation
To ensure that your wine chiller works at the maximum efficiency it was
designed for, you should install it ina location where there is proper air
circulation, plumbingand electrical connections.
The following are recommended clearances around the wine chiller:
Sides.................. 3/'4 inches (19mm)
Top...................... 2 inches (50 mm)
Back.................... 2 inches (50 mm}
Electrical Requirements
Make sure there is a suitable power outlet (1t5 volts, t5 amps) with
proper grounding to power the wine chiller.
WARNING: NEVERcut off the third grounding prong from the power cord
plug to accommodate a two prong outlet, Removal of the prong provides no
effective grounding for the appliance, which can result in seriousinjury or death
from electrical shock.
'Four wine chHer is designed for freestanding installation only. It should not be
recessea or built-in. Place the wine chiller on a floor strong enoughto support it fully
loaded. When movingme J._me sn,le_ never tilt it by more thana 45 degrees angle. This
could damage the compressor and the sealed system.
Fthe wne ch ller has been tilted more than 45 degrees, Jetit stand inan upright
position for at least 1 hour prior to plugging it into the power source. This
will allow the refrigerant to settle and reduce the possibility of a maffunction in
the cooling system.
Piugthe wine cnmer into an exclusive, properly installed grounded wall outlet.
Do not unaer any circumstances cut or remove the third (grounding) prong from
the power cord. Seethe WARNING in Electrica_ Reau_rements o n me previous
page. Any questionsconcerning power and/or grounding should be directed
toward a certified electrician or a Searsor other qualified servicedealer.
After 0Juggingthe appliance into a wafl outlet, allow the unit to run for 2 -3
hours so mat rne interior is sufficiently cool before opening the door to p_ace
into the corn 9arrmem.
Installation Limitations
Do not install your wine cooler in any location
not properly
insulated or heated,
such as m a garage. Your wine chiller is not designed to operate
in fern peralure
settings below 55 ° Fahrenheit
Select a suitable location for the wine chiller on a hard even surface away from
direct sunlight or heat sources such as radiators, baseboard
heaters or cooking
1. Set the attacnmem
shafts of the handle over me aTTacnmem posts protruding
the door, To avoid turning unit over, attach handles with set screws facing uo if un_ s
_urnea over to faciDate
handle so that screws wi
nOTbe seer, ,¢nu must Wa_T
" hour before p_ugging unit into eower source.
2. Use a 3 mm hex ke'y ro secure_ y' hgmen me set screws in the r_anaie attachment
to the attacnmem
posts of the aoor.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents