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Working With Windows Apps - Asus K20DA User Manual

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Table of Contents
Working with Windows
Use your Desktop PC's keyboard or mouse to launch and customize your apps.
Launching apps
Position your mouse pointer on an app then left-click once to launch it.
Press <Tab> twice then use the arrow keys to browse through the apps. Press <Enter> to
launch your selected app.
Customizing apps
You can move, resize, or unpin apps from the Start screen using the following steps.
To move an app, drag and drop the app to a new location.
Resizing apps
Right-click the app to activate its settings bar, then tap
Unpinning apps
To unpin an app from the Start screen, right-click on the app to activate its settings bar then click
Unpin from Start.
Closing apps
Move your mouse pointer on the top side of the launched app then wait for the pointer to
change to a hand icon.
Drag then drop the app to the bottom of the screen to close it.
From the running app's screen, press <Alt> + <F4>.
ASUS Desktop PC
and select an app tile size.


Table of Contents

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