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  • Page 1 Acer E100/E101 User Guide...
  • Page 2 Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide First issue: 08/2009 Acer E100/E101 Smartphone Model number: __________________________________ Serial number: ___________________________________ Date of purchase: ________________________________ Place of purchase: ________________________________ Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Getting to know your smartphone Features and functions ......5 Other sources of help ......6 Product registration .
  • Page 4 Taking care of your smartphone ....81 Safety regulations ......83 Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 5: Getting To Know Your Smartphone Features And Functions

    • MicroSD memory card slot • High-density, rechargeable 1140 mAh Lithium Polymer battery (changeable) • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Edition • Easy-to-use Acer features: Phonebook, Agenda, AcerSync, Phone Dialer with Favorites and Call History,Social Networking, Notification Manager, and Preferences.
  • Page 6: Other Sources Of Help

    1. Tap Start > Utilities > Help to access the Help menus. 2. Tap Contents to view all help topics or Search to find help on specific topics. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide Refer to: This User Guide. Included on the smart-...
  • Page 7: Product Registration

    • The latest news from Acer Hurry and register, as other advantages await you! How to register To register your Acer product, visit our website at Choose your country and follow the sim- ple instructions. You can also click Start > Registration to register using your smartphone.
  • Page 8 Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 9: Chapter 1: Setting Up

    Your new smartphone comes packed in a protective box. Carefully unpack the box and remove the contents. If any of the following items is missing or damaged, contact your dealer immediately: • Acer E100/E101 Smartphone • Stylus • Battery • Quick Guide •...
  • Page 10: Getting To Know Your Smartphone

    Stylus Power button Touchscreen Phone speaker LED indicator Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide Description Use to enter information or select items on the touch screen. Press to turn the screen on/off or enter sleep mode; press and hold to turn the smartphone off.
  • Page 11 No. Item Home button Call button Touch wheel/4-way button Center button End button Back button Microphone Volume up/down button Silent button Mini USB connector Memory card slot Camera button Reset button Handsfree speaker Camera Note: You may change the function of the Home, Back and Camera buttons, but we recommend that you use the default settings.
  • Page 12: Installing A Sim Card

    3. If necessary, remove the battery as described in “Installing or remove the battery“ on page Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide Description Battery is charging. Battery charge is critically low. Battery level is too low to start the phone.
  • Page 13: Installing Or Remove The Battery

    4. Insert the SIM card as shown. 5. Replace the battery and battery cover. SIM card lock Your smartphone may come with a SIM card lock, i.e., you will only be able to use the SIM card provided by your network operator.
  • Page 14: Turning On For The First Time

    Turning on for the first time To turn on your smartphone for the first time, press and hold the power button until the system bootup screen appears. Follow the setup screens to set up your phone. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 15: Activating A New Sim Card

    When you install a SIM card for the first time, you may need to enter a PIN code using the onscreen number pad. Important: Depending on your PIN settings, you may be asked to enter the PIN each time you switch on the phone function. If the PIN code you enter is incorrect, a warning message appears.
  • Page 16: Shortcut Icons

    Opens Internet Explorer so you can surf the Inter- net. Opens Windows Media Player so that you can enjoy audio or video files. Opens the Facebook application so that you can interact with other people on this popular Social Networking site. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 17 These icons allow you to lock the screen, access the Windows Home screen, and change or remove the shortcut icons. They may not be removed. Icon Description Locks the screen: Swipe the Lock icon to the left or right to unlock the screen. Opens the Windows Home screen.
  • Page 18: Synchronizing Data

    PC using the supplied USB sync cable and the Windows Sync Center or ActiveSync. Refer to “Connecting to a PC and synchronizing data“ on page 50 for more details on connecting and synchronizing. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 19: Chapter 2: Making Calls

    This chapter shows you how to make phone calls, and the vari- ous options available to you during your call. Before making a call Check that the phone function is on before you make a call; you can activate the phone from the Comm.
  • Page 20: The Onscreen Number Pad

    Call button or tap Talk ( Missed calls will be displayed in the telephone icon on the Today screen as well as at the top of the screen using the icon. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 21: The Onscreen Number Pad

    Dialing from other applications You can dial numbers quickly and easily even when using other applications. 1. Press Start > Phone. 2. Make your call. 3. When you have finished your call, tap X in the top right cor- ner of the screen, to return to the application you were using before you made the call.
  • Page 22: The Voice Call Screen

    Onscreen call options Answering a call Press to answer a call. Rejecting a call Press the End button or Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide Icon Description Record the call. Mute the call. Put the current call on hold. Add a note.
  • Page 23: Putting A Call On Hold

    To end a call press Putting a call on hold To put a call on hold, tap Hold ( ) on the voice call screen. Tap again to resume the call. Swapping between calls When you receive a second call while already on a call, a notifi- cation message will appear.
  • Page 24: Muting A Call

    1. Tap Phone to display the missed call details. 2. Select the call from the list and press Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide ) on the voice call screen to switch ) to switch the micro- icon appears at the...
  • Page 25 View recent calls by accessing Call History: open the onscreen number pad by the Call button; then tapping Call History ( Call History Menu options There are various options available in the Call History Menu. • Tap ( ) to organize the call history view. For example, tap ( Dialed, and Received calls.
  • Page 26 Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 27: Chapter 3: Input Devices

    Devices This section will take you through the various input methods available to you on your smartphone. The stylus The stylus is used to select items and enter information. Care- fully remove the stylus from its holder to use. Tap: Touch the screen once with the stylus to open items and select options.
  • Page 28: The Onscreen Keyboard

    (*) is active, to view writing demonstrations and access the Help menus. Tap Options from the keyboard menu to adjust options and settings for each input mode. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide Description tuation marks to be converted to text. Displays a standard keyboard. Tap to enter letters, numbers and use function keys.
  • Page 29 Your smartphone makes writing emails, messages and docu- ments more efficient with the help of the word completion feature. This feature suggests words as you type. 1. Tap Start > Settings > Personal > Input > Word Completion tab. 2. Select the options you want to activate. 3.
  • Page 30 Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 31: Chapter 4: Messaging

    This chapter shows you how to set up and use the SMS, MMS and email functions of your smartphone. The messaging screen All SMS, MMS, and email messages are accessed via the mes- saging screen. To access the messaging screen, tap Text ( drop-down menu in the top left corner of the messaging screen to view the folder list.
  • Page 32: Text (Sms) Messages

    1. Tap Text ( ) to view your inbox. 2. Tap a message to open it. 3. Tap Reply to reply to the message and the message compo- sition window appears. 4. Enter your text and tap Send. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 33: Mms Messages

    You can sort your text messages by message type, sender, received messages and message subject. Tap the Sort by drop-down menu in the top-right of the mes- saging screen, and select an option from the list. MMS messages MMS messages are similar to text messages but also allow you to attach multimedia files such as pictures, audio or video clips.
  • Page 34 All attachments and text will now be displayed in the mes- sage window. 8. Tap Send. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide ) , then tap the drop-down menu in the top ) , Then tap the drop-down menu in the top...
  • Page 35 When a new MMS message arrives, a message icon appears at the top of the Today screen and a notification message is displayed. 1. Tap Text ( left corner of the messaging screen. 2. Tap the Messages folder and the Inbox appears. 3.
  • Page 36: Email

    ISPs and will recom- mend settings if your email address is recognized. Otherwise your smart- phone will try to connect to the Inter- net to find the settings. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 37: Chapter 5: Using The Camera

    Camera Your smartphone features a 2-megapixel digital camera mounted on the rear. This section will take you through all the steps in taking photos and videos with your smartphone. To activate the camera, press the camera button or go to Start >...
  • Page 38 Open the album to view thumbnails of stored pictures and videos. Displays the storage being used and approximately how many photos you can still take. Displays the battery charge status. Displays the current magnification. Use the volume up/ down buttons to adjust magnification. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 39: Taking A Photo

    1. Frame your subject and steady your smartphone. 2. Adjust any settings you require, such as brightness and scene mode. To zoom in or out, press the (+/-) volume keys. 3. Press the camera button down fully to take the photo. Shooting a video 1.
  • Page 40: Photo And Video Options

    You can crop or rotate your saved photos. 1. Tap Start > Multimedia > Pictures & Videos. 2. All your photos and videos are displayed as thumbnails. Select a photo to edit. 3. Tap Menu to view the list of editing options. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 41: Chapter 6: Advanced Operation

    Operation Silent mode The slider on the left of your smartphone allows you to activate silent mode . This mode silences all ringtones and alerts, and may be used if you are in an area where a ringing phone would disturb others (for example;...
  • Page 42: Comm. Manager

    This section will show you how to adjust detailed settings for your phone, data and Bluetooth connections. Phone connections Once you have inserted a SIM card, your smartphone will auto- matically detect your network provider. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide , or...
  • Page 43: Selecting A Network

    For all phone settings, tap Start > Settings > Personal > Phone. Here you can adjust ringtone, security, services, network and CB (Cell Broadcast) settings. Adjusting phone connection settings You can use the Connection Wizard to configure country and network settings for your phone connection, as well as create customized phone connections.
  • Page 44: Adjusting Bluetooth Settings

    1. Tap Start > Settings > Bluetooth. You will be asked to turn on Bluetooth, then tap Settings > Add a device. 2. Alternatively, tap Start > Settings > Bluetooth > My Devices > Add. 3. Your smartphone will search for devices in range. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 45: Phone Settings

    4. Select the device you want to connect to. 5. Tap Select and follow all onscreen instructions to set up the connection. Adjusting Bluetooth settings 1. Tap Start > Settings > Bluetooth > Settings. 2. Select whether to Enable or Disable the Bluetooth function and whether the device should be Discoverable or not.
  • Page 46 4. Tap OK to confirm and save. Note: Refer to the Help menus for more detailed information on adjusting phone settings. Choosing a ringtone A profile contains settings for alert notification, device vol- ume, ring type and tone. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 47: Managing Your Phonebook

    1. Tap Start > Preferences > Sounds. 2. Select your preferred ringtone. 3. Tap OK to confirm and save. Managing your phonebook Your smartphone features an address book that allows you to save contacts to either the internal memory or onto your SIM card. Adding and editing contacts To add a new contact: 1.
  • Page 48: Internal Memory

    1. Tap Phonebook from the Today screen or Start > Phone- book. 2. Select the contact you want to copy by using the up and down navigation buttons. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 49: Sim Manager

    3. Tap Menu > Delete. 4. Tap Yes to permanently delete the contact. Assigning a ring tone and picture to specific contacts You can assign a specific ringtone and picture to a particular contact so they are easily identifiable when they call. 1.
  • Page 50: Connecting To A Pc And Synchronizing Data

    Mobile Device Center (on Windows Vista or Windows 7) to synchronize the information on your computer with the information on your smartphone, comparing and updating data on both locations. This serves as backup data in case something happens to your smartphone. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 51: Other Functions

    The packaged mini USB sync cable enables you to synchronize the information on your smart- phone with the data on your computer using Windows Mobile Device Center, Windows Sync Center or ActiveSync (depends on your operating system and installation). Plug the mini USB sync cable into the mini USB connector on your smartphone.
  • Page 52: Creating Tasks

    In order to browse the Internet with your smartphone, you must be connected to a 3G network or to a computer with an Internet connection via ActiveSync. Tap Start > Internet Explorer to open the browser. To adjust your browser settings, tap Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide > >Tools.
  • Page 53: Multimedia Playback

    1. Tap Start > Windows Live. 2. Sign in with your email address and password and your con- tacts list appears. Multimedia playback Your smartphone comes supplied with a variety of programs that you can use to enjoy multimedia content. Media Player Tap the Media player icon on the Today screen, or Start >...
  • Page 54: Satellite Data Update

    You may need to log into your provider’s server to download instant satellite data and enable the GPS function. Note: All the following connections allow your smartphone to download the latest GPS data. If there is more than one connection Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 55: Personalizing Your Smartphone

    available, the system will automatically select the best connection, in the following order: Sync connection to PC; GPRS (not supported when roaming). The system will update GPS data automatically based on a schedule. Check the automatic update checkbox. Set the date and time. You will see the expiration date of the GPS data.
  • Page 56: Adjusting The Volume

    ) to bring up the edit screen. 2. Select the programs that you want to appear in the Today screen from the list. 3. Tap Save ( ) to confirm and save. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide at the top of the Home screen.
  • Page 57 Configuring sounds and notifications You can specify sounds to play for certain events or when cer- tain actions are performed. 1. Tap Start > Settings > Sounds & Notifications > Sounds tab. 2. Select to enable sounds for events or programs. You can also specify to enable sounds when tapping the screen or pressing buttons.
  • Page 58 This avoids confusion when using your smartphone. Managing system certificates System certificates are used to positively identify your smart- phone to other systems. Tap Start > Settings > System > Certificates to view all certificates. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 59: Setting Alarms

    To set the date and time, tap Start > Set- tings > Clock & Alarms > Time tab. Select your time zone from the drop-down menu. Set the time by tapping the up and down arrows. Select the date from the drop-down calendar.
  • Page 60: Removing Programs

    2. Select screen orientation and tap Align Screen if you need to re-align the screen. 3. Tap the ClearType tab. Select to enable ClearType. 4. Tap the Text Size tab. Move the slider to adjust text size. 5. Tap OK to confirm and save. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 61: Updating Your Smartphone

    You may use the Notification Manager to check for updates to your smartphone’s software. 1. Tap Start > Notification Manager. 2. Tap Check now to see if an update is available. Important: You may be charged additional fees when connecting over GPRS.
  • Page 62: Resetting Your Smartphone

    Warning! You should only perform a clean boot when all other reset options have failed to restore your smartphone to an opera- tional state. A clean boot will restore your smartphone to the state it was when you got it from the factory. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 63 Warning! This will erase all your personal information, any contacts stored on your phone and any programs you installed. If your screen responds to stylus input: Go to Start > Utilities > Default Settings. Read the warning information and enter the security code in the empty textbox.
  • Page 64 Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 65: Chapter 7: Accessories And Tips

    and Tips This chapter shows you how to use accessories with your smart- phone, as well as provide useful tips for when you are using your smartphone. Using the headset Your smartphone comes packaged with a headset with built-in microphone for handsfree use when making calls. To use the headset, plug it into the mini USB port on the unit.
  • Page 66: Using Your Smartphone As A Modem

    6. Select Connect to a dial-up modem and click Next. 7. Enter the name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and click Next. 8. Enter your ISP’s phone number. The number must begin with ‘*99#’. Click Next. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 67: Using A Usb Connection

    9. Select one option from the Connection Availability screen and click Next. 10.Enter your username and password and click Next. 11.Click Finish to complete the setup. You can now establish a Bluetooth connection between your PC and your smartphone. When you attempt to access the Internet on your PC, the smartphone will dial the ISP number specified to establish a connection.
  • Page 68: Inserting A Microsd Card

    Open the microSD reader cover and insert the microSD card into the slot. Make sure the gold connectors are facing upwards. Push the card in until it clicks into place. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 69: Appendix

    FAQ, troubleshooting and error messages This section lists frequently asked questions that may arise dur- ing the use of your smartphone, and gives easy answers and solutions to these questions. Aspect Question Audio Why is there no sound coming from the device? Multimedia Why can’t I view files...
  • Page 70: Error Messages

    Service unavailable - please try again later Connection unavailable - please check your network settings Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide Answer Tap Menu > Settings > About phone to check the OS version (Kernel/build number) and other hardware and software informa- tion.
  • Page 71: Specifications

    Performance • E100: Qualcomm MSM 7225, 528 MHz • E101: Qualcomm ESM 7225, 528 MHz • System memory: • 256 MB of SDRAM • 512 MB of Flash ROM • Operating system: Microsoft Mobile® 6.5 Professional Display • 3.2” TFT-LCD touchscreen •...
  • Page 72 Camera • 2-megapixel • Fixed-focus Expansion • MicroSD memory card • Supports SDHC (currently up to 16 GB) • Built-in GPS • Supports AGPS Battery • High density, rechargeable 1140 mAh Lithium Polymer battery (replaceable) Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 73 Note: Length of battery operation will depend on power consump- tion which is based on system resource use. For example, constantly using the backlight or using power-demanding applications will shorten battery life between charges. Dimensions Height Width Thickness Weight 113 mm 56 mm 12.85 mm 118 g (with battery)
  • Page 74: Warnings And Precautions

    CAUTION when listening to music To protect your hearing, follow these instructions. • Increase the volume gradually until you can hear clearly and comfortably. • Do not increase the volume level after your ears have adjusted. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 75 When the talk and standby times are noticeably shorter than normal, buy a new battery. Use only Acer approved batteries, and recharge your battery only with Acer approved chargers designated for this device. Unplug the charger from the electrical plug and the device when not in use.
  • Page 76: Replacing The Battery Pack

    Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion. Warning! Batteries may explode if not handled properly. Do not disassemble or dispose of them in fire. Keep them away from chil- dren. Follow local regulations when disposing of used batteries. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 77: Additional Safety Information

    Additional safety information Your device and its enhancements may contain small parts. Keep them out of the reach of small children. Operating environment Warning! For safety reasons, turn off all wireless or radio transmit- ting devices when using your smartphone device under the follow- ing conditions.
  • Page 78 (antilock) braking systems, electronic speed control systems, and air bag systems. For more information, check with the manufacturer, or its rep- resentative, of your vehicle or any equipment that has been Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 79: Potentially Explosive Environments

    added. Only qualified personnel should service the device, or install the device in a vehicle. Faulty installation or service may be dangerous and may invalidate any warranty that may apply to the device. Check regularly that all wireless equipment in your vehicle is mounted and operating properly.
  • Page 80: Emergency Calls

    When making an emergency call, give all the necessary infor- mation as accurately as possible. Your wireless device may be the only means of communication at the scene of an accident. Do not end the call until given permission to do so. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 81: Disposal And Recycling Information

    To minimize pollution and ensure utmost protection of the global environment, please recycle. For more information on the Waste from Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) regulations, visit sustainability01.htm Mercury advisory For projectors or electronic products containing an LCD/CRT monitor or display: Lamp(s) inside this product contain mercury and must be recy- cled or disposed of according to local, state or federal laws.
  • Page 82 6. DO use a soft, damp cloth to clean your smartphone. If the surface of the screen becomes soiled, clean it with a soft cloth moistened with diluted window-cleaning solution. 7. DO NOT press down on the screen with force, otherwise you may crack the screen. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 83: Safety Regulations

    Compliant with Russian regulatory certification LCD pixel statement The LCD unit is produced with high-precision manufacturing techniques. Nevertheless, some pixels may occasionally misfire or appear as black or red dots. This has no effect on the recorded image and does not constitute a malfunction. Radio device regulatory notice Note: Regulatory information below is for models with wireless LAN and/or Bluetooth only.
  • Page 84 Head (W/kg 10g) Body (W/kg 10g) 0.732 1.37 (2.5 cm) E101 Head (W/kg 10g) Body (W/kg 10g) 0.747 1.5 (2.5 cm) Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide Head (W/kg 10g) Body (W/kg 10g) 0.732 Head (W/kg 10g) Body (W/kg 10g) 0.747...
  • Page 85 NCC warning Safety regulations...
  • Page 86 Mettre au rebut les batteries usagées conformément aux instructions du fabricant. ADVARSEL! Eksplosjonsfare ved feilaktig skifte av batteri. Benytt samme batteritype eller en tilsvarende type anbefalt av apparatfabrikanten. Brukte batterier kasseres i henhold til fabrikantens instruksjoner. Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide...
  • Page 87 Declaration of Conformity We, Acer Incorporated, of 8F., No. 88, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd. Hsichih Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan Declare under sole responsibility that the product: To which this declaration relates, is in conformity with the following standards and/or other normative documents: EN 301 511 V9.0.2...
  • Page 88 Acer Incorporated 8F., No. 88, Sec. 1, Hsin Tai Wu Rd. Hsichih Taipei Hsien 221, Taiwan Authorized Person: Name: Harriot Lee Acer E100/E101 Smartphone User Guide Declaration of Conformity Model: E101 Description: Smart HandHeld R&TTE Article 3.1 (a) Health and Safety R&TTE Article 3.1 (b) EMC...
  • Page 89 ActiveSync synchronizing ... 51 application buttons ... 11 backlight settings ... 57 battery charging ... 12 information ... 72 Bluetooth connections ... 44 headset ... 65 sending contacts ... 48 settings ... 43 calendar ... 51 call barring ... 46 call forwarding ...
  • Page 90 ... 61 sounds and notifications ... 57 speakerphone ... 23 specifications ... 70 stylus ... 27 system certificates ... 58 Acer E100/E101 Smartphone tasks ... 52 today screen ... 56 troubleshooting ... 69 turning on ... 14 unpacking ... 9 updates ...

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