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Install Oven; Install Warming Drawer Deflector Kit (Only For Ovens Installed Above Warming Drawers) - KitchenAid KOCE500E Installation Instructions Manual

Electric built-in microwave/oven combination
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1. Connect the 2 black wires (C) together using a UL listed wire
2. Connect the 2 white wires (D) and the green (or bare) ground
wire (of the oven cable) using a UL listed wire connector.
3. Connect the 2 red wires (G) together using a UL listed wire
4. Install junction box cover.

Install Oven

1. Using 2 or more people, lift oven partially into cabinet cutout.
Use the oven opening as an area to grip.
NOTE: Push against seal area of oven front frame when
pushing oven into cabinet. Do not push against outside edges
2. Push against the seal area of the front frame to push the oven
into the cabinet until the back surface of the front frame
touches the front wall of the cabinet.
3. Push oven completely into cabinet and center oven into
cabinet cutout.
4. Remove the tape from black front trims.
Securely fasten the oven to the cabinet using the #8-14 x
¾" screws provided.
Insert the screws through hole in black trim aligning with
hole in oven frame. Do not overtighten screws.
A. Oven frame
B. Oven frame hole
C. Black trim piece
5. The bottom vent is shipped in the foam packing at the top of
the oven. Install the bottom vent (C) as follows:
Align vent tab (B) with oven frame (A) as shown.
Using one #8-18 x ³⁄₈" screw (D) on each side of the vent
tab (B), fasten the vent securely to the oven.
A. Oven frame
B. Vent tab
6. Replace oven racks.
7. Replace the oven door. See the "Replace Oven Door(s)"
8. Check that door is free to open and close. If it is not, repeat
the removal and installation procedures. See "Prepare Built-In
Microwave/Oven Combination" section.
9. Reconnect power.
10. The display panel will light briefly, and "PF" should appear in
the display.
11. If the display panel does not light, please reference the
"Warranty" section of the Use and Care Guide.
Install Warming Drawer Deflector Kit (Only
for Ovens Installed Above Warming
On combo microwave/oven models installed above a warming
drawer, a warming drawer deflector kit must be installed. See the
"Tools and Parts" section for ordering information.
Parts Supplied
A. Phillips head screws (4)
only 2 screws for 27" (68.6 cm) size
B. Warming drawer deflector (1)
C. Bottom vent
D. #8-18 x
" screws

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