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McIntosh MC501 Owner's Manual

Mcintosh owner's manual power amplifier mc501.
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Power Amplifier

Owner's Manual
McIntosh Laboratory, Inc.
2 Chambers Street
Binghamton, New York 13903-2699
Phone: 607-723-3512
FAX: 607-724-0549


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  • Page 1: Power Amplifier

    Power Amplifier MC501 Owner’s Manual McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. 2 Chambers Street Binghamton, New York 13903-2699 Phone: 607-723-3512 FAX: 607-724-0549...
  • Page 2: Safety Instructions

    The lightning flash with arrowhead, within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. WARNING - TO REDUCE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRICAL SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS EQUIPMENT TO...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    The Power Guard LED will stay ON and the audio will be muted. When the MC501 has returned to a safe operating temperature, normal operation will resume. 6. The MC501 incorporates Fully Double Balanced Circuitry. As...
  • Page 4: Connector Information

    The McIntosh Sound is “The Sound of the Music Itself.” Performance Features Power Output The MC501 is a Power Amplifier with a capability of 500 watts into 2, 4 or 8 ohm speakers with less than 0.005% distortion. Full Balanced Quad-Differential Circuitry The MC501 is fully balanced from inputs to outputs.
  • Page 5: Front View

    Connector Information, Introduction, Performance Features and Dimensions The following dimensions can assist in determining the best location for your MC501. There is additional informa- tion on the next page pertaining to installing the MC501 into cabinets. Front View of the MC501...
  • Page 6: Installation

    Caution: The MC501 Amplifier weight is 91.5 pounds (41.5 kilograms). It requires two or more persons to safely handle when moving the amplifier. The MC501 can be placed upright on a table or shelf, standing on its four feet. The four feet may be removed...
  • Page 7: Top Panel Connections And Switch

    OUTPUT Connections for 4 ohm loudspeaker Negative Connections are above chassis ground. Do not combine any connections together, ground them or connect with another MC501. Top Panel Connections and Switch UNBALANCED INPUT for an audio cable from a preamplifier or control...
  • Page 8: How To Connect

    Head) to the Rear Panel of the MC501 Amplifier. Refer to figure 9. Note: There are two openings on the cover allowing for the Loudspeaker’s Cable to exit the MC501. 6. Connect the MC501 power cord to an active AC outlet. Terminal Cable Openings Connections...
  • Page 9 McIntosh MX134 A/V Control Center To AC Outlet 4 ohm Loudspeaker Caution: The Loudspeaker ground. Do not combine any connections together, ground them or connect with another MC501. MC501 Top Rear View Negative Connections are above chassis How to Connect...
  • Page 10: Front Panel Displays And Controls

    METER indicates the Power Output of the amplifier METER Switch selects the display modes of the Power Output Meter Front Panel Displays and Controls POWER GUARD LED lights when the amplifier POWER GUARD circuit activates Remote On Indicator lights when the am- plifier is in the Remote Turn- On Mode...
  • Page 11: How To Operate

    How to Operate Power On To have the MC501 automatically turn On or Off when a control center turns on or off, rotate the power switch to the remote position. For manual operation, rotate the power switch to the On or Off position as desired.
  • Page 12: Technical Description

    McIntosh has ever manufactured. The distortion limits for the MC501 are no more than 0.005% at rated power output for all frequencies from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Typical performance at mid frequencies is less than 0.002%.
  • Page 13 The high efficiency circuit design of the MC501 con- tributes to low operating temperatures. More than 1,045 square inches of heat sink area keep the MC501 operating safely with convection cooling. No fans are needed. Autoformers All solid state power amplifier output circuits work best into what is called an optimum load.
  • Page 14 McIntosh engineers know how to do it right. Power Output Meter The McIntosh MC501 has a Output Watt Meter that re- sponds 95% full scale to a single cycle tone burst at 2kHz. Refer to figure 16. Voltage and current output are electroni- cally measured, multiplied and fed to a special circuit that accelerates the pointer movement in the upward direction.
  • Page 15 MC501 has the output current reserve to drive them. It can deliver over 500 Watts Output on tone bursts. The MC501 has huge main filter ca- pacitors that guarantee an excellent signal to noise ratio...
  • Page 17: Notes

  • Page 18: Specifications

    220 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.3 amps 230 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.3 amps 240 Volts, 50/60Hz at 3.3 amps Note: Refer to the rear panel of the MC501 for the correct voltage. Overall Dimensions Front Panel: 17-1/2 inches (44.45cm) wide, 8-13/16 inches (22.38cm) high.
  • Page 19: Packing Instruction

    If a shipping carton or any of the interior part(s) are needed, please call or write Customer Service Department of McIntosh Labo- ratory. Please see the Part List for the correct part numbers.
  • Page 20 McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. 2 Chambers Street Binghamton, NY 13903 The continuous improvement of its products is the policy of McIntosh Laboratory Incorporated who reserve the right to improve design without notice. Printed in the U.S.A. McIntosh Part No. 040856...

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