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Programming Your E-Z Touch Water Softener - Whirlpool WHES48 Installation & Operation Manual

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Programming Your E-Z Touch Water Softener

During normal operation, the softener's display shows
a screen like the one in Figure 20, below. The dis-
play automatically returns to this screen from other
screens after 4 minutes of inactivity.
water flow
through the
Indicates salt
level in the salt
storage tank
During normal operation, there are four active buttons
on the softener's status screen. They access sub-
sidiary screens used to control softener operations, as
shown below:
¤ Salt Level
Button (See Page 13)
¤ Recharge
Button (See Page 15)
=Recharge Now (See Page 15)
=Set Recharge Time (See Page 15)
=Schedule Recharge (See Page 16)
¤ Info (Information)
=Water Flow (See Page 18)
=Average Daily Use (See Page 18)
=Water Used Today (See Page 18)
=Capacity Remaining (See Page 18)
=Days In Use (See Page 18)
=Total Recharges (See Page 18)
¤ Setup
Button (See Page 16)
=Set Time (See Page 16)
=Set Hardness (See Page 17)
=Set Recharge Time (See Page 15)
=Set Iron Level (See Page 17)
=Advanced Setup
=Additional Features
=Set Clean Feature (See Page 19)
=Set Clean Time (See Page 19)
=Set Salt Efficiency (See Page 20)
=Set Salt Type (See Page 20)
=Set Units (See Page 21)
=Volume Units (See Page 21)
=Time Format (See Page 21)
=Hardness Units (See Page 21)
=Set Contrast (See Page 14)
=Restore Factory Settings (See Page 22)
=Set Language (See Page 14)
FIG. 20
Button (See Page 18)
For the "Low salt" indicator to work, whenever you
add salt to the softener, you must reset the salt level
indicator on the display to match the new level of salt
in the tank. A decal on the brinewell shows numbers
up to 8, corresponding to the numbers on the display.
Each press of the SALT LEVEL button (See Figure
20) makes the level indicated on the display go up by
one. A "Low salt" message will flash on the display
(See Figure 21) whenever the level is 2 or below.
Low salt
level is
Touching the screen anywhere will turn on the light in
the softener's brine tank. The light will turn off again
automatically after 4 minutes.
The softener's display is backlit to make it easy to
read. The contrast may be adjusted, as described on
Page 14. The backlight will flash on and off when
one or more of the following conditions occurs:
Salt needs to be added
Time has been lost, perhaps after a long power
loss (The Set Time screen will be displayed
instead of the status screen)
Error condition (Service is required)
The flashing will stop after any key is pressed.
However, it will start again at Midnight if the underly-
ing condition (e.g. low salt level) has not been
Normally, the current time is the only thing displayed
along the top right portion of the screen. A flashing
message, like the one shown in Figure 21, will be dis-
played instead if one of the following conditions
Low salt indicates that salt needs to be added
(See Page 23) and the salt level indicator reset
(See "Salt Level Button", above). This message
appears whenever the salt level is 2 or below.
Error (Service is required)
FIG. 21

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