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Installation Steps; Step 1 - Cold Water Supply Fitting - Whirlpool WHED20 Installation And Operation Manual

Undersink drinking water system
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Step 1 - Cold Water Supply Fitting

Check and comply with local plumbing codes as you plan, then install a cold feed (supply) water fitting.
The fitting must provide a leak-tight connection to the water filter 3/8" tubing. A typical connection using
the included water supply fitting is shown in Figure 2A. An optional connection using standard plumbing
fittings (not included) is shown in Figure 2B.
Cold Water Supply Fitting
1. Close the water shut off valve that is immediately before supply fitting and open faucets to drain water
from the sink cold water pipe.
2. Remove nut that connects the cold water faucet to cold water plumbing.
3. Thread water supply fitting onto pipe and reconnect nut to bottom of fitting.
Optional Pipe Fittings (compression type shown)
NOTE: Be sure to turn off the water supply and open a faucet to drain the pipe.
Complying with plumbing codes, install a fitting on the cold water pipe to adapt 3/8" OD tubing. A typical
connection is shown in Figure 2B. If threaded fittings are used, be sure to use pipe joint compound or
thread sealing tape on outside threads.
A. Water supply connection
(using supplied water supply fitting)
cold water
faucet stud
thread sealing
tape on threads
cold water
Fig. 2
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Installation Steps

water supply fitting
3/8" tubing to
Water Filter inlet
cold water
B. Water supply typical connection
(using compression fitting)
- parts not provided -
cold water
3/8" compression
cold water
3/8" tubing to
Water Filter inlet

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