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Troubleshooting - Whirlpool WHES48 Installation & Operation Manual

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This water softener has a self-diagnostic function for
the electrical system (except input power and/or water
meter). The water softener monitors electronic com-
ponents and circuits for correct operation. If a mal-
function occurs, an error code appears in the display.
A service person should be contacted to perform the
diagnostics, see below, to further isolate the problem.
Procedure for removing error code from dis-
1. Unplug transformer from electrical outlet.
2. Correct problem.
3. Plug in transformer.
4. Wait 6 minutes. The error code will return if
the problem was not corrected.
Use the following procedure to check the turbine that
measures water flow through the softener.
1. Press the INFO button on the softener's status
screen to display the Water flow screen (See
Figure 83).
2. Open a nearby soft water faucet. There should be
a non-zero reading in the display with the faucet
3. When water is flowing, the Water used today
screen (See Fig. 84) can be used to check the tur-
bine reading against volume of water exiting the
softener. Beginning when this screen is displayed,
a beep sounds with each gallon (or liter, as set).


FIG. 82
FIG. 83
FIG. 84
NOTE: Be sure water is in contact with the salt, and
not separated by a salt bridge (See "Breaking
A Salt Bridge" section).
Other information which may be beneficial in diagnos-
ing problems may be found in the Total recharges
and Days in use information screens. This informa-
tion is retained by the computer from the first time
electrical power is applied to the electronic controller.
On the softener's status screen, press the INFO but-
ton, then the LEFT ( ) button to display these
screens (See Page 12).
1. Unplug the softener's transformer and plug it back
in, watching the touch screen display.
2. After the "E-Z Touch" screen displays briefly, a
screen that looks like Figure 86 will be shown for a
few seconds. Take note of the number next to the
word "Model:".
E-Z Touch
3. The correct code for Model WHES48 is "EZ 48."
This code identifies the softener model. If an incor-
rect model code is displayed, the softener will oper-
ate on incorrect configuration data.
FIG. 85
FIG. 86

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