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Chapter 3 : Operating Your Wine Cellar - Frigidaire FWC18B Instruction Manual

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The Wine Cellar should be placed in where the ambient temperature is between 5-35
ambient temperature is above or below this range, the performance of the unit may be affected. For
example, placing your unit in extreme cold or hot conditions may cause interior temperatures to
fluctuate. The range of 5-18
Control System Instruction
"RUN" Button
Indicator light illuminates to signify the cooling mode is currently in operation.
To control the inner light turn on/off.
"POWER" Button
To control this appliance turn on/off ( press and hold this buttons for approximately
3 seconds).
" Button
Used to raise(warm) the temperature in 1 .
" Button
Used to lower(cool) the temperature in 1 .
To prevent damaging the door gasket, make sure to have the door all the way opened when
pulling shelves out of the rail compartment.
If the unit is unplugged, power lost, or turned off, you must wait 3 to 5 minutes before restarting
the unit. If you attempt to restart before this time delay, the Wine cellar will not start and cause
inappropriate impact.
When you use the Wine cellar for the first time or restart the Wine cellar which is without use for a
long time, there could be a few degrees variance between the temperature you select and the one
indicated on the LED readout. This is normal and it takes time to recover. The Wine cellar will go
back to normal after several hours running.
(40-65ºF) may not be reached.
. If the

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