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Oven Controls; Oven Indicator Light; Display; Clock - Maytag CWE5100ACB Use And Care Manual

Maytag built-in electric oven use and care guide
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This manual covers several different models. The oven(s) you have purchased may have some or all of the items listed. The locations
and appearances of the features shown here may not match those of your model.
The Oven Temperature Knob is marked "Upper Oven" for double
ovens and "Oven & Broiler" for single wall ovens. This knob is
used to select and maintain the oven temperature.
Always turn this knob just to the desired temperature, not to a
higher temperature and then back. This allows for more precise
oven temperatures and is especially important if the oven is being
set for a critical baking operation. Turn this knob to OFF
whenever the oven is not in use.
The Selector knob determines the type of oven operation. Turn
this knob to the desired setting. Each setting is identified by an
indent (stop) and a "click" sound.
NOTE: The lower oven for double wall oven models does not
have a Selector knob.

Oven Indicator Light

The OVEN indicator light, located on the control panel below the
knob, turns on whenever the oven is turned on. When the oven
reaches the preset temperature, the indicator light will turn off
and then cycle on and off as the oven elements cycle on and off.


When power is first supplied to the oven, a flashing time will
appear on the display. See "Clock" section to set time of day.
If a flashing time appears at any other time, a power failure has
occurred. Press CLOCK and reset the clock if needed.
When the timer is not in use, the display shows the time of day.
The clock displays time in a 12-hour format.
To Set:
1. Press CLOCK. A beep will sound.
2. Press the "up" or "down" arrow pads until the correct time of
day appears in the display.
The time can be changed in either 1-minute or 10-minute
increments by pressing a pad briefly or by pressing and
holding a pad.
3. Press CLOCK again.
To recall the time of day when the Timer function is displayed,
press CLOCK.




A. Clock
B. Timer
C. Display
D. Clock/Timer "up" arrow pad
E. Clock/Timer "down" arrow pad

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