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Ariens 932037 - 724, 932036 - 524, 932504 - 524, 932505 - 724 Owner & Operator Manual

Ariens snow blower owner/operator manual.

Owner/Operator Manual
932036 - 524
932037 - 724
932504 - 524
932505 - 724
Coller l'autocollant du
model &
modèle et du numéro de
serial number
série dans cet encadré.
label from
Transferir aquí la etiqueta
del modelo y número de
serie del registro del
U.S. Patents Pending
03249300B 6/03
Supersedes 03249300, A
Printed in USA

Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    Sno-Thro Owner/Operator Manual Models 932036 - 524 932037 - 724 932504 - 524 932505 - 724 Transfer Coller l’autocollant du model & modèle et du numéro de serial number série dans cet encadré. label from Transferir aquí la etiqueta product del modelo y número de registration serie del registro del...

  • Page 2

    Facsimile (920) 756-2407 We the undersigned, ARIENS COMPANY, certify that: – Nous, soussignés ARIENS COMPANY, certifions que : – Der Unterzeichnete, ARIENS COMPANY, bescheinigt, dass: – La sottoscritta società, ARIENS COMPANY, certifica che: – Nosotros, los abajo firmantes, ARIENS COMPANY, certificamos que: – Undertegnede, ARIENS COMPANY, bekrefter at: –...

  • Page 3

    Philip J. Smucker: Manager of Product Conformance (Keeper of Technical File) – Responsable de la conformité des produits (en possession du document technique) – Leiter der Produktübereinstimmung (Verantwortlicher für die technische Dokumentation) – Addetto alla conformità del prodotto (in possesso del documento tecnico) –...

  • Page 4: Controls And Features

    CONTROLS AND FEATURES ENGLISH 1. Traction Drive Clutch Bail 2. Speed Selector 3. Chute Crank 4. Muffler Guard (932504, 505) 5. Discharge Chute Deflector 6. Discharge Chute 7. Impeller 8. Auger 9. Auger Gearcase 10. Scraper Blade 11. Oil Fill and Dipstick 12.

  • Page 5

    Figure 1 OS2420 OS0503...

  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    INTRODUCTION • Record Engine Model and Serial number here. PRODUCT REGISTRATION The Ariens dealer must register the product at the time of purchase. Registering the product will help the company process warranty claims or contact you with the latest service information.

  • Page 7: Safety

    4. Review recommended lubrication, maintenance and adjustments. 5. Review Limited Warranty Policy. 6. Fill out a Product Registration Card and return the card to the Ariens Company or go to SAFETY WARNING: POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS SITUATION! If not avoided, COULD RESULT in death or serious injury.

  • Page 8

    REQUIRED OPERATOR TRAINING Original purchaser of this unit was instructed by the seller on safe and proper operation. If unit is to be used by someone other than original purchaser; loaned, rented or sold, ALWAYS provide this manual and any needed safety training before operation.

  • Page 9

    2. DANGER! ROTATING PARTS! Stop engine and remove key before clearing. High speed impeller rotates below discharge opening. Wait for all moving parts to stop before removing clogs or OS2070 servicing. 3. DANGER! ROTATING PARTS. Keep clear of auger while engine is running.

  • Page 10

    Never direct discharge towards persons or property that may be injured or damaged by thrown objects. Use extreme caution on gravel surfaces. Stay alert for hidden hazards or traffic. Adjust Runners so Scraper Blade does not contact gravel. DO NOT throw snow any higher than necessary.

  • Page 11

    This product is equipped with an internal combustion type engine. DO NOT use unit on or near any unimproved, forest-covered or brush covered land unless exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrester meeting applicable local, state or federal laws. A spark arrester, if it is used, must be maintained in effective working order by operator.

  • Page 12: Assembly

    WARNING: AVOID INJURY. Read and understand the entire Safety section before proceeding. WARNING: Dropping or tipping over boxed unit could result in personal injury or damage to unit. Tools Required: • Pliers • Open-End Wrenches: 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16 in. and/or Adjustable Wrench •...

  • Page 13

    932037, 505 932036, 504 1. Discharge Chute 5. Chute Support 2. Spring Clip 6. Chute Crank 3. Chute Crank 4. Hardware 7. Chute Seat 8. Retainer Clip Figure 6 Check Tire Pressure Check tire pressure and adjust to the pressure listed on tire sidewall.

  • Page 14: Operation

    WARNING: AVOID INJURY. Read and understand the entire Safety section before proceeding. WARNING: To avoid injury to hands and feet, always disengage clutches, shut off engine, and wait for all movement to stop before unclogging or working on snow thrower. Keep hands and feet away from auger and impeller.

  • Page 15

    Throttle The throttle controls the engine speed. To increase or decrease the engine speed, adjust to: 1. Fast (normal or warm starts) 2. Part-Throttle 3. Slow (cold weather starts) 4. Stop (engine is off) STOP OL2720 Electric Starter The electric starter will start a properly choked and cranked engine when the starter button is pushed.

  • Page 16

    FILLING FUEL TANK WARNING: AVOID INJURY. Read and understand the entire Safety section before proceeding. Fuel Shut-Off Valve IMPORTANT: The fuel shut-off valve MUST be in the closed position prior to transporting the unit. The fuel shut-off valve has two positions: •...

  • Page 17

    7. Grasp starter handle and pull rope out slowly until it pulls harder. Let rope rewind slowly. 8. Pull rope with a rapid continuous full arm stroke. Let rope rewind slowly. IMPORTANT: DO NOT let Starter Handle snap against Starter. 9.

  • Page 18: Maintenance

    Ariens Dealers will provide any service or adjustments which may be required to keep your unit operating at peak efficiency. Should engine service be required, contact an Ariens dealer or an authorized engine manufacturer's service center. WARNING: AVOID INJURY. Read and understand the entire Safety section before proceeding.

  • Page 19

    2. Add lubricant if required. Allow oil to drain to level of plug and replace plug. IMPORTANT: Use only Ariens special gear lubricant L-2 (Part Number 00008000). 1. Auger Gearcase 2. Filler Plug Figure 9 GENERAL LUBRICATION IMPORTANT: Wipe each fitting clean before and after lubrication.

  • Page 20: Service And Adjustments

    (housing closest to ground). 3. Reposition scraper blade flush with runners and tighten lock nuts. SHEAR BOLTS IMPORTANT: Use only Ariens shear bolts for replacement. Use of any other type of shear OS0115 bolt may result in severe damage to unit.

  • Page 21

    2. Drive shear bolt through hole (if shear bolt was broken this will drive remaining part from shaft). 3. Secure shear bolt with nut. 1. Auger 2. Shear Bolt(s) 3. Roll Pin Figure 14 SPEED SELECTOR ADJUSTMENT To adjust (Figure 15): 1.

  • Page 22

    ATTACHMENT DRIVE BELT REPLACEMENT Remove Attachment Drive Belt (Figures 16 and 17) 1. Shut off engine, remove key, disconnect spark plug wire and allow unit to cool completely. 2. Remove two screws securing belt cover to unit and remove belt cover. 3.

  • Page 23

    TRACTION DRIVE BELT REPLACEMENT NOTE: Housing and frame must be tipped apart and attachment drive belt removed from engine sheave in order to change traction drive belt (Figures 16 and 17). CAUTION: Always support Sno- Thro frame and blower housing when loosening the cap screws holding them together.

  • Page 24

    1. Remove belt cover. 2. Check belt alignment (Figure 17). Engine sheave and attachment pulley must align vertically. Also, belt must be centered in the idler pulley. To align, move engine sheave: a.Loosen set screws. b. Slide sheave and key to desired position.

  • Page 25

    2-1/8 ± 3/8 in. 3-1/2 ± 1/8 in. (5.4 cm ± 9 mm) (8.9 cm ± 3 mm) Traction Drive Clutch Bail Figure 20 TRACTION DRIVE CLUTCH ADJUSTMENT If drive slips, adjust traction clutch to compensate for friction disc wear. To test traction clutch (Figure 20): 1.

  • Page 26

    FRICTION DISC REPLACEMENT 1 2 3 1. Hex Shaft 7. Bearing Cap 2. Friction Disc 8. Bearing Cap/ 3. Hex Bolts & Nuts 4. Shift Carrier 9. Clutch Fork 5. Roll Pins 10.Large Gear 6. Washers 11.Pinion Gear Figure 22 Remove Friction Disc (Figure 22): 1.

  • Page 27: Storage, Service Parts, Accessories

    03248300 Friction Disc To obtain a complete parts manual, find your model and serial number. Then go to or call 1-800-678-5443. ACCESSORIES See your authorized Ariens dealer to add the additional accessories available to your Sno-Thro. Part No. Description...

  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    PROBLEM PROBABLE CAUSE Engine will not 1. Fuel tank is empty. crank/start. 2. Fuel shut-off valve closed. 3. Build up of dirt and residue around governor/ carburetor. 4. Key Switch not in run position. 5. Electric starter not functioning. Engine stops. 1.

  • Page 29

    Model Number Description Engine - Tecumseh Power Max - HP (Kw/min Fast Idle Speed-RPM (min Displacement - in. (cc) Electric Start Fuel Tank Capacity - qt. (L) Snow Clearing Width - in. (cm) Chute Rotation Angle Rotation Control at Handlebar Impeller Diameter - in.

  • Page 30: Warranty

    Ariens Company warrants to the original purchaser that consumer products manufactured by Ariens Company will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years after the date of purchase, and will repair any defect in material or workmanship, and repair or replace any defective part, subject to the conditions, limitations and exclusions set forth herein.

  • Page 31

    Ariens Company 655 West Ryan Street P.O. Box 157 Brillion, WI 54110-0157 920-756-2141 Fax 920-756-2407

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