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Genie H8000-07 Operation And Maintenance Manual Page 7

Genie garage door opener operation and maintenance manual.
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Adjustment 1:
Little effort is required to turn the Force
Adjusting Knobs .
If the door stops moving while opening or closing,
adjust the Open Force or Close Force Controls
slightly clockwise (to slightly increase the force)
and retry the step .
A moving garage door can cause serious injury
The Open Force and Close Force Controls are to be
or death .
set to the minimum force necessary to ensure the
Keep the path clear.
door smoothly opens fully and closes completely .
Position the ladder to the side of the Power Head
The garage door will move slowly the first time it
so it is clear of all moving parts of the Opener
runs, until the Opener "learns" the type of door .
and the door .
Set the door Opener to use the minimum force
Ensure the Magnetic Carriage Assembly is engaged
needed to open the door .
and is between the two Limit Switches before
operating the Opener .
Pre-set Force Controls to midpoint between Hi and LO
(Figure A-1) .
Adjust Open Force to minimum needed:
Adjust the Close Limit Switch: (Figure A-2) .
Place door in closed position using Wall Console .
Press Wall Console to close garage door .
Gently adjust Open Force fully counterclockwise
If door does not close completely, measure distance
(minimum force) .
Run Opener using Wall Console .
from bottom of door to floor . Move Limit Switch
Observe that door runs to Open Limit Switch .
same amount toward door and try again .
If not, adjust Open Force Control slightly clockwise,
If door reverses after contacting floor, move Limit
close garage door, and open it again .
Switch toward Power Head and try again .
Repeat steps above until garage door runs smoothly
If door reverses before contacting floor, increase
from Close Limit Switch to Open Limit Switch .
Close force and try again .
Adjust Close Force to minimum needed:
If door fails to move, check Safe-T-Beam® System . See
Place door in open position using Wall Console .
Safe-T-Beam® Troubleshooting Guide on pg . 13, and
Gently adjust Close Force fully counterclockwise
Opener System Self-diagnostic Troubleshooting
(minimum force) .
on pg . 11 .
Run Opener using Wall Console .
Tighten Limit Switch Set Screw . Do not over-tighten
Observe that door runs to Close Limit Switch .
(strip) Limit Switch Set Screw .
If not, adjust Close Force Control slightly clockwise,
Adjust Open Limit Switch: (Figure A-2) .
open garage door, and close it again .
Repeat steps above until garage door runs smoothly
Press Wall Console to open garage door .
from Open Limit Switch to Close Limit Switch .
If door does not open completely, move Limit Switch
toward Power Head .
If door opens completely, but motor continues to
Force Controls
run, move Limit Switch toward door .
Tighten Limit Switch Set Screw . Do not over-tighten
(strip) Limit Switch Set Screw.
To protect your new investment, your opener is
equipped with a Timer and Cycle Counter which
work together to prevent any chance of heat
Figure A-1 Making Force Adjustments
damage to electrical circuits caused by too many
cycles in too short a time . If your Opener suddenly
stops responding to the Wall Console
Limit Switch (door fully closed)
Do Not Unplug the Unit - simply wait
10 minutes for the Timer/Cycle Counter to
reset itself and try again .
a . Every 10 minutes you wait restores 5 cycles
Carriage Magnet
up to the maximum of 25.
Unplugging the unit will prevent the Timer/
Cycle Counter from resetting.
Test Door Opener:
Run door up and down a few times using Wall Console and
observe door travel .
Open Limit Switch (door fully open)
Repeat steps above as needed to set Limit Switch positions .
Figure A-2 Setting Limit Switches
For Help, call 1-800-35-GENIE or visit

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