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Save This Manual
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back of the Miter Saw base.
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place for future
Sears Roebuck
Pad No. SP6005
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and Co, Hoffman
8-1/4 INCH
• assembly
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• repair parts
Form No. SP6005-1
IL 60179 US.A.
in Taiwan
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Summary of Contents

  • Page 1

    Save This Manual For Future Reference S£ARS owner's manual MODEL NO 113.234940 Serial Number Model serial numbers CRRFTSMRN found plate attached to your saw, at the back of the Miter Saw base. You should record both model 8-1/4 INCH serial number in a safe place for future...

  • Page 2: Warranty

    FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN BENCHTOP TOOLS If this Miter Saw fails due to a defect in material or workmanship, within one year from the date of purchase, RETURN IT TO THE NEAREST SEARS SERVICE CENTER IN THE UNITED STATES, and Sears will repair it, free of charge.

  • Page 3

    To avoid injury from unexpected saw movement: To avoid injury or death from electrical shock: • Place the miter saw on a firm level surface where there • Make sure your fingers do not touch the plug's metal is plenty of room for handling and properly supporting prongs when plugging or unplugging the miter saw.

  • Page 4

    Safety Instructions for Miter Saws (continued) sudden slip could cause fingers or hand to move into Dress for safety. the blade. Any power miter saw can throw foreign objects into the • Don't Overreach. Keep good footing and balance. eyes. This can result in permanent eye damage.

  • Page 5

    Don't Force Tool. It will do the job better and safer at its • Keep holding the power head down. designed rate. Feed the saw into the workpiece only fast • Release the switch, keeping the power head down and enough to let the blade cut without bogging down or binding.

  • Page 6: General Electrical Connections

    Motor Specifications and Electrical Requirements (continued) General Electrical Connections DANGER: To avoid electrocution: minals of plug when installing or removing 1. Use only identical replacement parts when ser- I WARNING Do not permit fingers to touch the ter- [ plug to or from the outlet. vicing.

  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Section Page Section Page Warranty ................ Compound Cut ............Safety Instructions For Slide Compound Miter Saw ..2 Cutting Bowed Material ..........When Installing Or Moving The Miter Saw ....2 Hold Down Clamp Installation ........Glossary of Terms for Woodworking ......

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Unpacking and Checking Contents Tools Needed Combination Square Must be True Straight Edge of Draw Light Board 3/4" Thick 1t4" Hex "L" Wrench Line on Board This Edge Must be (Supplied) Along this Edge ¢,_, Perfectly Straight Combination Square Adjustable Wrench Should be no Gap or Overlap when Square is Flipped Over in Dotted Position tighten the carriage lock knob to guard against sudden...

  • Page 9: Getting To Know Your Miter Saw

    Getting to Know Your Miter Saw Cover Plate Warning Labels Screw Lock-off 9 Saw Switch 3 Depth Adjustment Bolt Handle Cover Button with Stop Knob and 14 Upper Jam Nuts Blade Trigger Switch 7 carriage Lock Knob 6 Bevel Adjustment Stops 8 Lower Blade Table...

  • Page 10: Assembly, Removing Or Installing The Blade

    Assembly WARNING: For your own safety, never connect Cover plug to power source outlet until all assembly Blade G.ua_late steps are complete, and you have read and under- stood the safety and operational instructions. Removing or Installing the Blade Guard WARNING: To avoid injury from a thrown work-...

  • Page 11: Assembling Dust Elbow, Alignment (adjustments)

    Assembling Dust Elbow Dust Elbow 1. Locate the dust elbow 2. Unplug power cord. 3. With the miter arm locked in the down position, start the dust elbow onto the dust nozzle at an angle to retaining lip. 4. Firmly press the dust elbow the rest of the way onto the second retaining lip.

  • Page 12

    Alignment (Adjustments) (continued) Step Two: Blade Square to Fence (Miter Align- ment) WARNING: To avoid injury from unexpected start- ing or electrical shock, do not plug the saw in. The power cord must remain unplugged whenever you are working on the saw. 1.

  • Page 13

    Step Five: Depth Stop The depth stop limits the downward travel of the blade allows the blade to go below the work table enough maintain full cutting capacities, thereby cutting com- pletely through workpiece at the fence Properly adjusted the depth stop positions the blade...

  • Page 14: Mounting The Miter Saw

    Mounting The Miter Saw WARNING: To avoid injury from unexpected saw movement: a. Before moving the saw, lock the miter lock knob and lock the power head in the lower position using the lock pin. Unplug electric cord. b. To avoid back injury, get help when you need to lift the saw more than 10 inches.

  • Page 15

    Mounting The Miter Saw (continued) Portable Applications Leg Set Applications Plywood mount helps protect saw from damage during To mount saws to below mentioned leg set, use three the rough handling associated with portable miter saw holes marked A, B, and C. Attach with hardware shown, usage.

  • Page 16

    Safety Instructions for Basic Saw Operations Before Each Use Inspect your saw. caring DON'T put lubricants on the blade while its spin- ning, Disconnect Miter Saw. To avoid injury from acci- dental starting, unplug the saw, before changing Remove Adjusting Keys Wrenches from...

  • Page 17

    • Rolllongsleeves above theelbow. and its supports. • Noise levels vary widely. To avoid possible hearing - Make sure no gaps between the workpiece, fence damage, wear ear plugs or muffs when using miter and table will let the workpiece shift after it is cut in saw for hours at a time.

  • Page 18: Basic Saw Operations

    Safety Instructions for Basic Saw Operations (continued)----- Before Leaving The Saw: Never Leave Tool Running Unattended. Turn power Make Workshop Child-proof, Lock the shop. Discon- nect master switches. Store tool away from children and off. Wait for all moving parts to stop. others not qualified to use the tool.

  • Page 19: Slide Cutting, Body And Hand Position

    Slide Cutting Plan your work to avoid the spinning blade and keep the workpiece from binding on the blade and flying Push Down out of your hands. DANGER: Never pull the saw toward you during a cut. The blade can suddenly climb up on top of the workpiece and force itself toward you.

  • Page 20: Miter Cut, Bevel Cut

    Basic Saw Operations (continued) Miter Cut When a miter cut is required, move the saw to the desired angle. Move with the handle to the miter angle to make the cut. There are settings on the miter scale for angles (degrees), crown molding and rafter slope(s).

  • Page 21: Cutting Bowed Material

    Compound When a compound cut is required, select the desired bevel and miter positions. Move with the handle to the miter angle to make the cut. Crown molding settings specially marked on miter and bevel scales. Cutting Bowed Material Before cutting a workpiece, check to make...

  • Page 22: Hold Down Clamp Usage, Workpiece Support

    Basic Saw Operations (continued) Hold Down Clamp Usage WARNING: Avoid thrown workpieces. Avoid bind- ing the work against the blade: -Always hold or clamp your work down to the saw. hold or clamp workpiece on both sides of the blade. The blade can throw a cut off Workpiece be cut off...

  • Page 23

    Rough Cutting A Dado Cut These Grooves With Saw By using the depth adjustment knob it is possible rough cut a dado as shown. After the two outside cuts have been completed the inside material (represented by slanted lines) is removed with a chisel. 1.

  • Page 24

    Basic Saw Operations (continued) Cutting Crown Moldings Plan Ahead so that you are not tempted to reach across Inside _aw blade to steady newly severed workpiece. Corner Crown Moldings can be cut using two methods, work- piece standing up (as it would be mounted on wall) and workpiece lying flat on table (see chart and illustration).

  • Page 25: Maintenance, Replacing Carbon Brushes, Lower Blade Guard

    Maintenance and Lubrication Sawdust Maintenance Periodically, sawdust will accumulate under the work DANGER: Never put lubricants on the blade while table and base. This could cause difficulty in the move- it is spinning. ment of the work table when setting up a miter cut. Fre- quently blow out or vacuum up the sawdust.

  • Page 26: Prohibited Accessories

    Sears Recommends the Following Accessories Recommended Accessories Prohibited Accessories WARNING: To avoid injury from unsafe accesso- WARNING: The use of any cutting tool except 8-1!4" ries, use only accessories shown on the recom- saw blades which meet the requirement under rec- mended accessories list in this manual.

  • Page 27: General

    Troubleshooting Guide Motor problem Probable Cause Suggested Corrective Action 1. Brushes not seated or Brake does not stop - Inspect/clean/replace brushes. See "Maintenance" blade within 6 seconds lightly sticking section 2. Motor brake winding - Use only recommended blades/accessories overheated from use of - Let motor cool down prohibited blade/acces- sory or rapid on/off...

  • Page 28

    Wiring Diagram WARNING: For your safety, this saw is double insulated. To avoid electrical shock, fire or injury, use only parts identical to those identified in the parts list. Reassemble exactly as original assem- bly to avoid electrical shock. _41_ (Red) Field Lead (White) Field Lead.

  • Page 29: Notes


  • Page 30: Repair Parts

    Repair Parts Parts List For Craftsman 8-1/4" Slide Compound Miter Saw Model No. 113.234940 Figure 1 Figure 2) 4 (See Figure 3)

  • Page 31

    Repair Parts Parts List For Craftsman 8-1/4" Slide Compound Miter Saw Model No. 113.234940 Figure 1 Always order by part number- not by key number Part No. Description Part No. Description 819179 820649 Washer, Spring Spring, Detent 805561-4 _lLWasher, .505 x 13/16 x 1/32...

  • Page 32

    Repair Parts Parts List For Craftsman 8-1/4" Slide Compound Miter Saw Model No. 113.234940 Figure 2 - Arm Assembly 2o j...

  • Page 33

    Repair Parts Parts List For Craftsman 8-1/4" Slide Compound Miter Saw Model No. 113,234940 Figure 2 Always order by Part Number - Not by Key Number Key I Part No. Description Part No. Description No. [ 824213 Plug Brass 820652...

  • Page 34

    "11 21 22 23 24 30 31 €...

  • Page 35

    Repair Parts Parts List For Craftsman 8-1/4" Slide Compound Miter Saw Model No. 113.234940 Figure Always order by part number - Not by key number I<'v..e_ Part No. Description Description Elbow, Dust 820729 Link (Includes Key No. 37) 821875-2 818471-3 _l'k Screw, Set M6x 1.0-16...

  • Page 36

    SEARS 8-1/4 INCH SLIDE COMPOUND MITER SAW owner's manual For the repair or replacement parts you need Call 7 am 7 pm, 7 days a week 1-800-366-PART (1-800-366-7278) MODEL NO. 113.234940 For in-home major brand repair service OWl24 hours a day, 7 days a week 1-800-4-REPAIR (1-800-473-7247) The model number of your 8-1/4...

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