Sony Muteki LBT-ZX66i Operating Instructions Manual

Sony mini hi-fi component system operating instructions.
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Mini HI-FI
Operating Instructions
©2009 Sony Corporation

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  • Page 1

    4-128-304-11(2) Mini HI-FI Component System Operating Instructions LBT-ZX99i LBT-ZX66i ©2009 Sony Corporation...

  • Page 2

    Owner’s Record The model and serial numbers are located on the rear of the unit. Record these numbers in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. Serial No.

  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    NOTE This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions,...

  • Page 4: About This Manual

    Note on DualDiscs A DualDisc is a two sided disc product which mates DVD recorded material on one side with digital audio material on the other side. However, since the audio material side does not conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard, playback on this product is not guaranteed.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents About this manual ...4 Guide to parts and controls ...6 Getting Started Hooking up the system...11 Positioning the speakers...15 Setting the clock...16 Basic Operations Playing a CD/MP3 disc...17 Listening to the radio ...19 Playing the iPod ...20 Using optional components...22 Adjusting the sound ...22 Creating a party atmosphere ...23...

  • Page 6: Guide To Parts And Controls

    Guide to parts and controls This manual mainly explains operations using the buttons on the unit, but the same operations can also be performed using the buttons on the remote having the same or similar names. Unit – Front view 1234567 89q;qa qs –...

  • Page 7

    Remote RM-AMU008 A "/1 (on/standby) (pages 13, 14, 16, 20, 34, 37) Press to turn the system on or off. B TIMER MENU (pages 16, 32) Press to set the clock and the timers. C DISPLAY (pages 16, 21, 27, 28) Press to change the information in the display.

  • Page 8

    T Operation buttons for iPod function: BX (play/pause) (pages 20, 21) Press to start or pause playback. m/M (rewind/fast foward) (page 21) Press to find a point in a track. ./> (go backward/go forward) (page 21) Press to select a track. U GAME MIXING (page 26) Press to select the level of the GAME input.

  • Page 9

    ra (LBT-ZX99i only) MODE (page 23) When X-ROUND is set to on, press to select X-ROUND mode. (LBT-ZX99i only) SPEAKERS (page 25) When X-ROUND is set to off, press to select speaker setting. rs (LBT-ZX99i only) X-ROUND ON/OFF (pages 23, Press to activate or deactivate X-ROUND mode.

  • Page 10

    – Display EFFECT SURR X-GROOVE qa 8 A Lights up when the MP3 file contains ID3 tag information. B “TRK” lights up when a file name is displayed. “ ” lights up when a folder name is displayed. C Indicates the type of disc or file that the system recognized.

  • Page 11: Hooking Up The System

    Getting Started Hooking up the system – Rear panel A Speakers The speaker connectors are color-coded with their respective speaker terminals on the unit. Front speakers (LBT-ZX99i only) Connect the speaker cords to the SPEAKER FRONT (SPEAKER A) terminals. White –...

  • Page 12

    Connect the speaker cords to the terminals on the front speakers. Black (#) Black (#) Surround speakers (LBT-ZX99i only) Connect the speaker cords to the SPEAKER SURROUND (SPEAKER B) terminals and to the terminals on the speakers as shown in the tip above. Notes •...

  • Page 13: Using The Remote, Using The Ipod

    F PC IN L/R jacks Use an audio cord (not supplied) to connect the audio output of the computer to these jacks. You can then output audio through this system. G GAME INPUT jacks GAME INPUT VIDEO jack Use a video cable (not supplied) to connect the video output of the optional video game player to this jack.

  • Page 14

    Attaching the speaker pads Attach the supplied speaker pads at each corner on the bottom of the speakers to stabilize the speakers and to prevent them from slipping. (LBT-ZX99i only) (LBT-ZX66i only) When carrying the unit Do the following procedure to protect the disc mechanism.

  • Page 15: Positioning The Speakers

    Positioning the speakers You can place your speakers as shown below. A Front speaker (left) B Front speaker (right) C Surround speaker (left) D Surround speaker (right) E Unit LBT-ZX99i only There are two ways to place the front speakers and the surround speakers. Example 1: Place the surround speakers on the top of the front speakers as shown below.

  • Page 16: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock Press "/1 to turn on the system. Press TIMER MENU. The hour indication flashes in the display. If “PLAY SET?” flashes in the display, press select “CLOCK SET?”, then press ENTER (or on the remote). Press repeatedly to set the hour.

  • Page 17: Playing A Cd/mp3 Disc

    Basic Operations Playing a CD/MP3 disc Press FUNCTION (or FUNCTION +/– on the remote) repeatedly to select “CD”. Press Z OPEN/CLOSE. Load a disc with the label side facing up on the disc tray. When you playback an 8 cm disc such as a CD single, place it on...

  • Page 18

    Playback repeatedly up to five times. You cannot select “REP” and “ALL DISCS SHUF” at the same time. A track or file is played back repeatedly until you stop playback. Only when there is a disc in disc tray. To change the play mode Press PLAY MODE repeatedly when playback is stopped.

  • Page 19: Listening To The Radio

    Tips • When switching to “CD” function from “TUNER” function by pressing NX, a longer time may be required to access the disc. In this case, set “CD POWER ON” by CD power manage function (page 20). • If you press NX while the system is turned off, the system turns on automatically and “CD”...

  • Page 20: Playing The Ipod

    To set CD power on Repeat the procedure above and “CD POWER ON” appears in the display. Notes • When “CD POWER OFF” is selected, disc access time is increased. • You cannot change the CD power manage setting in Power Saving Mode (page 27). To change the AM tuning interval The factory setting for AM tuning interval is 10 kHz.

  • Page 21

    • To use an iPod, refer to the operating instructions of your iPod. • Sony cannot accept responsibility in the event that data recorded to iPod is lost or damage when using an iPod with this unit. • Some iPod operations may not be performed using buttons on the unit or remote.

  • Page 22: Using Optional Components, Adjusting The Sound

    Using optional components Connect an optional components: Optional Connect to components Turntable PHONO IN L/R jacks Computer PC IN L/R jacks Video game GAME INPUT player VIDEO jack GAME INPUT AUDIO L/R jacks Turn VOLUME +/– counterclockwise (or press VOLUME – on the remote) to turn down the volume.

  • Page 23: Creating A Party Atmosphere, Lbt-zx99i Only

    Enhancing the MP3 file sound quality You can enhance the MP3 file sound quality during playback. Press AMP MENU repeatedly to select “MP3 BOOSTER”. The last selected MP3 booster setting appears in the display. Press repeatedly to select the setting you want. The display changes as follows: BOOSTER OFF y BOOSTER ON Press ENTER.

  • Page 24

    Select To output sound MANUAL BAL, Back and forth AUTO BAL between the left speakers and right speakers RANDOM POS In random position TWISTER In circular motion like “twister” To change the sound movement Turn the JOG to change the sound movement from one speaker to another speaker during MANUAL WAVE, MANUAL FADER and MANUAL BAL.

  • Page 25: Selecting The Speaker Setting, Enhancing The Video Game Sound, Game Sync

    Selecting the speaker setting (LBT-ZX99i only) You can select the speakers which you want the sound to be output. Press X-ROUND ON/OFF repeatedly to select “X-ROUND OFF”. The X-ROUND button lights off. Press SPEAKERS. Each time you press the button, the corresponding speaker indicators light up and the display changes cyclically as follow:...

  • Page 26: Mixing Video Game Sound With Other Sound Source, Changing The Display

    Mixing video game sound with other sound source — Game Mixing You can mix the sound from the component connected to the GAME INPUT jacks with another function such as CD, radio, computer, iPod or turntable connected to this system. Select the source sound you want.

  • Page 27

    Changing the spectrum analyzer display Press AMP MENU repeatedly to select “SPECTRUM”. The last selected spectrum appears in the display. Press repeatedly to select the setting you want. The display changes cyclically as follows: SPECTRUM 1 t SPECTRUM 2 t SPECTRUM 3 t SPECTRUM 4 t SPECTRUM OFF When X-ROUND mode is selected...

  • Page 28: Viewing Information In The Display

    Viewing information in the display You can check the playing time and remaining time of the current file or current disc. When a CD-TEXT disc or a disc with MP3 files is loaded, you can check the information stored on the disc, such as the titles.

  • Page 29: Creating Your Own Program, Program Play

    Other Operations Creating your own program — Program Play You can make a program of up to 25 steps in the order you want them to be played back. Press FUNCTION (or FUNCTION +/– on the remote) repeatedly until “CD” appears in the display.

  • Page 30: Presetting Radio Stations

    Other operations Do this Cancel Program When playback is Play stopped, press PLAY MODE repeatedly until “PGM” disappear from the display. Delete the last step Press CLEAR on the from the program remote when playback is list stopped. Tips • The program you made remains in the system’s memory even after it has been played back.

  • Page 31: Creating Your Own Sound Effect

    Repeat steps 1 to 4 to store other stations. You can preset up to 20 FM and 10 AM stations. To call up a preset radio station, press TUNING MODE repeatedly until “PRESET” lights up in the display. Then, press TUNING +/– (or +/–...

  • Page 32: Singing Along, Using The Timer

    Singing along You can sing along with any audio source that play back on this system. Turn MIC LEVEL to MIN to reduce the microphone volume. Connect an optional microphone to MIC 1 or MIC 2 jack. Connect another optional microphone if you want to sing in duet.

  • Page 33

    Set the time to start playback. Press repeatedly to set the hour, then press ENTER (or on the remote). The minute indication flashes in the display. Use the procedure above to set the minute. “OFF” appears and the hour indication flashes in the display. Set the time to stop playback using the same procedure as step 4.

  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    Find your problem in the troubleshooting checklist below and take the indicated corrective action. If the problem persists after doing all of the above, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Note that if service personnel changes some parts during repair, these parts may be retained.

  • Page 35

    Disc player The disc tray does not open and “LOCKED” appears in the display. • Consult your nearest Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility. The disc tray does not close. • Load the disc correctly.

  • Page 36

    Playback does not start from the first track. • The system is in Program Play or Shuffle Play mode. Press PLAY MODE repeatedly until “ALL DISCS”, “1 DISC” or “ ” lights up in the display. The MP3 file can not be played back. •...

  • Page 37: Messages

    A stereo FM program can not be received in stereo. • Press FM MODE repeatedly until “MONO” disappears from the display. Optional components There is no sound. • See general item “There is no sound.” (page 34) and check the condition of the system.

  • Page 38: Precautions

    Precautions Discs that this system CAN play • AUDIO CD • CD-R/CD-RW (audio data/MP3 files) Discs that this system CAN NOT play • CD-ROM • CD-R/CD-RW other than those recorded in music CD format or MP3 format conforming to ISO9660 Level 1/Level 2, Joliet •...

  • Page 39: Specifications

    Specifications AUDIO POWER SPECIFICATIONS POWER OUTPUT AND TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION: LBT-ZX99i USA model only With 6-ohm loads, both channels driven, from 120 Hz – 10 kHz; rates 200 watts per channel minimum RMS power, with no more than 0.7% total harmonic distortion from 250 miliwatts to rated output.

  • Page 40

    Tuner section FM stereo, FM/AM superheterodyne tuner FM tuner section Tuning range 87.5 – 108.0 MHz (100 kHz step) Antenna FM lead antenna Antenna terminals 75 ohms unbalanced Intermediate frequency 10.7 MHz AM tuner section Tuning range 530 – 1,710 kHz (with the interval set at 10 kHz) 531 –...

  • Page 41

    General Power requirements 120 V AC, 60 Hz Power consumption LBT-ZX99i (American model): 400 W LBT-ZX66i (American model): 230 W LBT-ZX66i (Canadian model): 240 VA Dimensions (w/h/d) (Approx.) HCD-ZX99i/HCD-ZX66i 361.4 × 435.5 × 454.6 mm × 17 × 18 inches) Mass (Approx.) HCD-ZX99i: 19.0 kg (41 lb 15 oz) HCD-ZX66i: 14.6 kg (32 lb 4 oz)

  • Page 42: Compatible Ipod Models With This System

    • This unit is designed for iPod only. You can not connect any other portable audio players. • Sony can not accept responsibility in the event that data recorded to iPod is lost or damaged when using an iPod connected to this unit.

  • Page 43: Index

    Index Batteries 13 CD power manage function 19 COLD RESET 37 Compatible iPod models with this system 42 Demonstration 13, 27 Display 10 Display mode 27 FM MODE 20 Game Mixing 26 Game Sync 25 Handling discs 38 Hooking up the system 11 iPod Playing 20 Using 13...

  • Page 44

    Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia...

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