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Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating Instructions



  Summary of Contents for Pioneer CDJ-800MK2

  • Page 1 COMPACT DISC PLAYER CDJ-800MK2 Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Power Cord

    Thank you for buying this Pioneer product. WARNING This equipment is not waterproof. To prevent a fire Please read through these operating instructions so you will know how to operate your or shock hazard, do not place any container filed model properly.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents/Specifications Contents Before Operating Advanced Operations Specifications ................3 Advanced Operations ............. 18 Features ................... 4 Scratch play ..............18 Handling Precautions ............... 5 Spin play ................18 Discs Usable with This Unit ............. 6 Braking ................18 Connections ................8 Quick return ..............
  • Page 4: Features

    Features Features The CDJ-800MK2 compact disc player is designed for use by DJs providing all the functions and performance required in disco ¶ BACK CUE clubs while offering performance, sound quality and functional- After storing the cue point in memory, press the CUE button ity superior to any analog player.
  • Page 5: Handling Precautions

    If for some reason, the lens becomes soiled and malfunctions, contact your nearest PIONEER authorized service center. Lens cleaners for CD players are commercially available, but special care should be exercised in their use as some may cause dam- age to the lens.
  • Page 6: Discs Usable With This Unit

    Supports only Disc At Once or Track At Once. CDJ-800MK2 does not support Packet Write recorded discs. * CDJ-800MK2 is not equipped with a File Sort function; tracks will be played in the order in which they were recorded. * Plays MP3 files stored on CD-ROM.
  • Page 7: Handling Discs

    Discs Usable with This Unit (Handling discs) Handling discs I When holding discs, do not touch their signal surfaces. Hold by the edges, or by one edge and the center hole. I Do not affix gummed labels or tape to the disc surface. Also, do not scratch or damage the label.
  • Page 8: Connections

    Always turn off power switch and disconnect power cord when making or changing connections. 1. Connection to a Pioneer DJ mixer (audio output and control connector) Using the auxiliary audio cable, connect the white plug to the L (left) jack, and the red plug to the R (right) jack.
  • Page 9: Connecting Other Components

    4. Connections for copying one player’s recorded data to another player Using either the accessory control cord or a commercial mini-plug cord, connect the DATA IN/OUT connectors for two CDJ-800MK2* players. In this way, the data (cue points, loops) recorded in one player can be copied to the other player ( P. 20).
  • Page 10: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and Functions of Parts Names and Functions of Parts 8. CUE/LOOP DELETE button P. 20 10 11 12 Use to delete cue points and loop points from internal memory. 9. POWER OFF —/ON _ switch This switch is located on the rear panel of the unit. 10.
  • Page 11: Rear Panel

    When a commercially available miniplug cord (or the accessory con- trol cord) is used to connect this jack to the same jack on another CDJ-800MK2, recorded data such as cue points and loop points can be copied from one player to the other.
  • Page 12: Display Section

    Names and Functions of Parts Display Section 51. Track number/folder number display (TRK/FLD) Jog dial display When playing an audio CD, the [TRK] indicator lights, and the two- digit track number appears (01 to 99). When playing MP3, [TRK] lights and the track number is displayed in three digits (01 to 999).
  • Page 13: Loading And Removing Discs

    Before Operating (Names and Functions of Parts) Before Operating (Names and Functions of Parts) Loading and Removing Discs Loading and Removing Discs Forced eject function If a disc fails to be ejected when the EJECT (0) button is pressed or otherwise when you cannot remove a disc, in- Insert with label sert the provided pin into the forced eject hole at the front of surface upwards...
  • Page 14: Dj Player Operation

    CUE/LOOP CALL EJECT 1. Press the EJECT button (0). ¶ Playback will stop and the disc will be ejected. ¶ Note that the CDJ-800MK2 does not come with a stop button. TIME MODE/ AUTO CUE Resume function ¶ Even if the EJECT button is pressed by mistake, if the PLAY/PAUSE...
  • Page 15: Track Search

    Before Operating (Names and Functions of Parts) Before Operating (Names and Functions of Parts) DJ Player Operation ¶ When forward search is performed from the last folder on the disc, the lowest-numbered folder will be searched. JOG MODE ¶ Folders with no playable tracks (empty folders) will be ignored, and the next folder will be searched.
  • Page 16: To Change The Playing Speed

    DJ Player Operation Jog dial functions [Amending the cue point] 1. During playback, press the CUE button. 1. Pitch bend: Rotate jog dial during playback. ¶ The player will return to the specified cue point. When jog mode is set to [VINYL], operate the jog dial by touching 2.
  • Page 17: Mixing Different Tracks

    Pioneer PRO DJ 7 Fader start play Using the cross fader start function of a Pioneer DJ mixer, step 10 above When folder search is performed with MP3, the folder name is displayed. can be eliminated for even simpler mixing. In addition, when the CROSS...
  • Page 18: Advanced Operations

    Advanced Operations Advanced Operations ¶ When the PLAY/PAUSE button (6) is pressed once again to resume playback, the sound accelerates at the speed set with the VINYL QUICK RETURN JOG MODE VINYL SPEED ADJUST TOUCH/RELEASE dial. Quick return AUTO BEAT LOOP 1,2,4,8 When the jog mode is set to [VINYL], pressing the surface of the jog dial returns playback instantly to the cue point.
  • Page 19: Reverse Play

    When the accessory control cord is used to connect this unit’s CONTROL ¶ When AUTO BEAT LOOP 8 (1/1) button is pressed, 1/1 loop. jack to the corresponding CONTROL jack on a Pioneer DJ mixer, moving ¶ When the RELOOP/EXIT button is pressed, loop play is canceled the mixer’s channel fader causes the CUE standby on the CD player to be...
  • Page 20: Relay Play Using Two Players

    P. 15 ¶ The supplied control cord can be used. “Cue point settings”. * Data can be copied from a CDJ-800 player to a CDJ-800MK2, but not in the reverse direction. Note: 2.
  • Page 21: Troubleshooting

    (damage or malfunctions may occur). ¶ BPM values measured with this unit may differ from published values found on CD labels, or those measured on Pioneer DJ mixers. This is a result of differences in BPM measuring methods, and is not a malfunction.
  • Page 22: Error Message Display

    If an error code other than any of the error codes listed in the table below is displayed or if the same error code is displayed even after corrective action has been taken, contact your nearest Pioneer Service Station or contact the store from which you purchased your player for assistance.
  • Page 24: Limited Warranty

    800 – 782 – 7210 Pioneer Electronics of Canada, Inc. Please do not ship your product to Pioneer without first calling 300 Allstate Parkway the Customer Support Division at the above listed number for Markham, ON L3R OP2 assistance.