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  • Page 2: Required Tools

    Required Tools All disassembly procedures can be performed using the following tools: Philips screwdriver Flatbed screwdriver Disassembly Instructions This document contains step-by-step disassembly instructions for the desktop chassis. The instructions are clarified by images of the part that is being removed or disassembled. Furthermore, the screws that are removed are shown next to the image of the parts themselves.
  • Page 3: Opening The Chassis

    1. Opening the Chassis To open the chassis do as follows: 1. Remove the (thumb)screws at the rear of the chassis. Fig. 1: Removing the cover screws 2. Slide the cover towards the back of the chassis and lift it off. Fig.
  • Page 4: Floppy Disk Drive

    Fig. 3: Unscrewing the drive bay 3. Slide the bay towards the back of the system in order to free the hooks that anchor the bay to the chassis. 4. Carefully lift rear of the bay and pull the whole assembly out of the chassis.
  • Page 5: Hard Disk Drive

    Fig. 5: Removing the bottom screws Hard Disk Drive 5. Remove the two screws at the side of the hard disk drive as shown. Fig. 6: Unscrewing the hard disk drive 7. Slide the hard disk drive out of the bay. CD-ROM Drive 9.
  • Page 6: Removing The Front Bezel

    11. Slide the CD-ROM drive towards the front to disengage the lock at the opposite side of the drive. 12. When the screws appear in the opening as shown in Fig. 8: tilt the CD-ROM drive and pull it out of the bay. Fig.
  • Page 7: Removing The Power Supply Unit

    Fig. 10: Front bezel latches 5. Removing the Power Supply Unit To remove the Power Supply Unit (PSU), first open the chassis (see section Opening the Chassis), then do as follows: 1. Disconnect the power supply connectors from all peripherals and the motherboard. 2.
  • Page 8 Fig. 12: Removing the front USB port 7. Removing the Switch/LED Assy To remove the switch/LED assy, first open the chassis (see section Opening the Chassis), remove the drive bay(see section Removing the Drives Bay) and remove the front bezel (see Removing the Front Bezel), then do as follows: 1.
  • Page 9: Removing The Motherboard

    Fig. 14: Unlocking the switch/LED assy 3. Carefully pull the assy and the cables away. Note When reassembling the switch/LED assy take care that it is put back into its original position, i.e. with the switch at the left side of the LEDs.
  • Page 10: Reassembly Instructions

    Reassembly Instructions Reassembly is the reverse of the disassembly process. Use care to ensure that all cables and screws are returned to their proper positions. Disassembly and Reassembly - 10...

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