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Installation Guide - English
Fujitsu Converged Network Adapter (CNA)
Fujitsu PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb
Hardware and Software Installation Guide
Edition June 2014


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   Summary of Contents for Fujitsu PCNA EP OCe14102

  • Page 1

    Installation Guide - English Fujitsu Converged Network Adapter (CNA) Fujitsu PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Hardware and Software Installation Guide Edition June 2014...

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    Gesellschaft für Technik-Dokumentation mbH Copyright and Trademarks Copyright © 2014 Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH. All rights reserved. Delivery subject to availability; right of technical modifications reserved.. All hardware and software names used are trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    2. Hardware Installation....................8 Preparing the Adapter for Installation ................8 Installing the Adapter......................10 Attaching Devices ......................10 Fujitsu PCNA EP OCe14102 Accessories ..............13 Applying Power ......................... 13 Viewing the LEDs ......................13 3. Software Installation ....................15 First installation ......................

  • Page 4: Introduction

    1. Introduction Major Features 1. Introduction This manual describes the Fujitsu PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb PCI-Express adapters for 10 Gigabits Enhanced Ethernet Fabric of multi-protocol PCI-Express adapters for 10 and 40 Gigabit/sec (Gb/s) Enhanced Ethernet (EE) fabric. This adapter provides...

  • Page 5

    T10 PI support for end-to-end data integrity (for target mode drivers) FCoE capabilities include: Hardware offloads of Ethernet TCP/IP and concurrent iSCSI and FCoE ANSI T11 FC-BB-5 support Programmable World Wide Name (WWN) PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 5...

  • Page 6: Prerequisites

    Open exchanges (XRI): up to 4K per ASIC (FCoE CNA only mode) FCoE initiator and target modes Supports up to 255 NPIV interfaces Prerequisites PCI Express 3.0/2.0/1.1 compliant systems: x8 lane at up to 8 Gb/s per lane.  PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 6...

  • Page 7: Adapter Identification

    1. Introduction Adapter Identification Adapter Identification Each adapter ships with several numbers clearly marked on the board. Fujitsu recommends recording these numbers before installation. IEEE address – a unique 64-bit identifier used for system configuration  World Wide Name (WWN) – derived from the IEEE address; the FC industry ...

  • Page 8: Hardware Installation

    Note: The adapter comes with a low-profile PCIe bracket installed. A hull height bracket is included in the box with the adapter. 3. For the PCNA EP OCe14102 adapter, if you want to change the bracket to a low profile version, follow steps 4–12; otherwise, proceed to “Installing the Adapter” on page 10.

  • Page 9

    9. Align the new mounting bracket tabs with the holes in the adapter. Note: Be careful not to push the bracket past the transceiver or RJ-45 housing's grounding tabs. Ensure the light emitting diodes (LEDs) are properly aligned with the holes in the bracket. PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 9...

  • Page 10: Installing The Adapter

    Note: Use Short Range (SR), Direct-connecting Receptacle (DCR) multimode fiber, or SFP+ 10GbE copper cable for interface connections to a network that adheres to the specifications listed in Table 2-1, Cable and Connector Specifications. PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 10...

  • Page 11

    Maximum Length Minimum Cable Type (meters) Length (meters) Connector Fiber Optic Cable for the PCNA EP OCe14102 Short Range, LC-LC Multimode OM3 – Multimode 50/125 micron fiber (2000 *km bandwidth cable) with LC connectors: 1 Gbps (Not specified by IEEE 802.3)

  • Page 12

    Top of Rack (TOR) EE switch. After the device is connected to the adapter, you are ready to apply power to the computer. See “Applying Power” on page 13. PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 12...

  • Page 13: Fujitsu Pcna Ep Oce14102 Accessories

    2. Hardware Installation Applying Power Fujitsu PCNA EP OCe14102 Accessories Table 2-2 provides model number, name, interface and required quantities if you want to order additional or replacement transceivers, or cables. Table 2-2 Emulex OneConnect Accessories Model Number Model Name...

  • Page 14

    2. Hardware Installation Viewing the LEDs Figure 2-7 Optical and DAC Adapter LED Indicators PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 14...

  • Page 15: Software Installation

    ServerView Installation Manager manual available on the web via: Update and manual installation Fujitsu provides necessary driver and utilities on the web via: Emulex Management Utility OneCommand Manager (OCM) For Windows operating systems the Emulex Management Utility OneCommand Manager (OCM) will be installed by SVIM automatically.

  • Page 16: References

    4. References Specifications 4. References Specifications Table 4-1 PCNA EP OCe14102 Adapter Specifications Parameter Range Physical Dimensions Low-profile form factor, 6.600 inches by 2.713 inches, and accommodates both the full-height and low-profile bracket. Power Requirements PCNA EP OCe14102 adapter: 3.3V DC: 0.018 Watts (typical optical,10GbE and typical with passive 10GbE direct-attach cable) 12V DC: 9.143 Watts (typical optical, 10GbE)

  • Page 17: Fcc And Regulatory Notices

    Translation: This is a Class A product. If this equipment is used in a domestic environment, radio interference may occur, in which case, the user may be required to take corrective action. VCCI—A. PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 17...

  • Page 18

    Notice for South Korea and Translations (KCC) Translation: Sellers and users of this equipment take note that this equipment is EMC approved for Class A industrial use, and as such is not intended for residential use. PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 18...

  • Page 19: Declarations Of Conformity

    Note: Changes or modifications not expressly approved by Emulex Corporation, including the use of non-Emulex approved optical transceivers, could void the user's authority to operate this equipment. PCNA EP OCe14102 2x 10Gb Page 19...

  • Page 20: Laser Safety Notice

    EN/IEC 60825-1. Class 1 laser devices are not considered to be hazardous. The use of non-Fujitsu approved optical transceivers, or transceivers which do not comply with the Class 1 radiation performance requirements defined in DHHS/CDRH 21CFR Sub-chapter J and IEC 60825-1, may expose the user to hazardous laser radiation, and such devices should not be used with Emulex products.

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