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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Motorola DCT3400 ALL-DIGITAL SET-TOP - TV GUIDE IGUIDE

  • Page 2 ™ User’s Reference Manual The Power of i. ™...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TV Listings Navigating Listings Listings By Channel A-Z Title Search Adult Programming Program Information Action Icons Reminders Setting Reminders Reminder Options Smart Channel Surfing (Flip & Mini Guide) Flip Mini Guide and “Control the Scroll” Digital Music Local Weather Messages...
  • Page 4 Parental Locks and Purchase PINS PINS Setup Parental Locks Setup View Locked Programs Bypass or Clear Locks Restore Locks Favorites Setup Guide Setup Cable Box Setup Audio Setup Screen Position Setup Text Language Setup Digital Pay-Per-View (PPV) (Optional Feature) Ordering Pay-Per-View...
  • Page 5 HDTV (Optional Feature) Digital Video Recording (DVR) (Optional Feature) Control Live TV Playback Controls - Using the Video Control Buttons Playback Controls – Using the Remote Control Arrow Buttons Pause Rewind Fast Forward Slow Motion Instant Replay Get Back to Live TV...
  • Page 7: Welcome

    90 minutes of program listings. Best of all, it’s so easy to use, you won’t need a degree in computer science to find out what’s on.
  • Page 8: Motorola Dct6412 (Set-Top Box)

    Your DVR service features the Motorola DCT6412 with built in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which gives you total control over what you watch and when you watch it. Your DVR allows you to store and access TV programs — functioning like a VCR, but without videotape. With your DVR you can also pause live TV and record shows through i-Guide, across multiple channels and time slots.
  • Page 9: The Dct6412 Front Panel

    The DCT6412 Front Panel The DCT6412 front panel has 12 keys and an LED display. Use the keys to perform basic functions such as access the interactive program guide, navigate menus, and purchase On Demand (OND) and Pay-Per-View events. Description Displays the channel number or time of day.
  • Page 10 These connectors are used to connect a set-top between a peripheral audio AUDIO IN L device such as a CD player and a stereo tuner or A/V receiver. In the current DCT6208 release, the audio from the peripheral device will pass through the DCT6208 when it is turned off.
  • Page 11: Important Safety Instructions

    Slots and openings in the unit cabinet are provided for ventilation. These openings should never be blocked. As such, do not place the product on a bed, sofa, rug, or similar surface.
  • Page 13: Basic I-Guide Navigation Tips

    Basic i-Guide Navigation Tips * Yellow is always the highlight color. As you navigate listings using your remote, the highlight appears on screen to indicate your current selection. * Press the buttons on your remote to move the highlight. * Press OK to make your selection.
  • Page 14: Your Access To Digital Cable

    On-Screen Program Guide The on-screen guide is your source for finding out what’s on your digital cable service. The program guide for i-Guide provides 90 minutes of listings on each screen. As you...
  • Page 15 Guide Symbols to Know – Quick Menu Icons These icons may appear in Quick Menu*, depending on the services your cable provider offers. Highlight and select the icon with your remote and you will immediately access the area indicated. Guide Main Menu...
  • Page 16: Search Categories And Listings

    Search Categories and Listings Finding something to watch is easy with i-Guide. View program listings the way you want, including Listings By Time and By Channel or, by category such as Movies, Sports, Children and more. Select a Search category from the Main...
  • Page 17: Navigating Listings

    • Press INFO on your remote to see detailed program information. • Highlight a program title and press OK. If the program is on now, you will tune to it. If the program is on later, you will see an information screen that provides program details and other features.
  • Page 18: Program Information

    Favorites If you want to access more information on a program while viewing listings or watching TV, press the INFO button on your remote. Here you can read a longer description about the program as well as additional details such as...
  • Page 19: Action Icons

    Action Icons From the Program Information screen, you can perform a number of actions by using the Action Icons at the bottom of the screen, such as set a Reminder or see upcoming air times for a program. Use the arrow buttons to highlight each icon, and a description appears below.
  • Page 20: Reminders

    With i-Guide, you can set Reminders so you don’t miss shows you want to watch. Setting Reminders From a Program Information screen, highlight the __ Icon from Quick Menu and press OK. Follow the on-screen prompts to confirm the Reminder or set Reminder Options.
  • Page 21: Smart Channel Surfing (Flip & Mini Guide)

    Flip The Flip Bar allows you to see program information as you change channels to help you know more about what’s on. Information on the Flip Bar includes program name, start and end time, channel, current time and a brief program description.
  • Page 22: Digital Music

    Then select a music format and enjoy the music. As you’re listening, press INFO for more information on title, track and artist. * Digital Music channels may also be set as Favorites so you can quickly navigate through Guide Tip Guide Tip your favorite music channels.
  • Page 23: Local Weather

    Messages may be sent occasionally by your cable company to announce new services, special promotions or other information. If you have a Message, an envelope indicator will appear in the upper left corner on the screen and a red light will appear on your set-top box.
  • Page 24: Parental Locks And Purchase Pins

    TV programming based on your viewing preferences. Set a personalized 4-digit PIN and you can place Locks on selected ratings, channels and titles. You can also hide adult titles from being displayed on screen.
  • Page 25: View Locked Programs

    View Locked Programs To view programs and channels you have locked, tune to the program or select it from the listings. Enter your PIN when prompted. Bypass or Clear Locks Temporarily open or clear all Locks for easier viewing. Select...
  • Page 26: Favorites

    Favorite channels. While you are in TV Listings, press the FAV button on your remote to move the highlight to your next favorite channel. While watching TV, press FAV to quickly tune to your favorites. You can also use the...
  • Page 27: Setup

    Setup You can activate and customize certain i-Guide features such as the Flip Bar Posistion, Lock options, Cable Box settings, Audio settings and Languages from the Setup Menu. Guide Setup Use your remote to select Setup from the Main Menu, then select Guide Setup.
  • Page 28: Audio Setup

    • Select English, Canadian English, Canadian French or Spanish to change the language of the on-screen commands, selection bars and help screens within i-Guide. • To confirm, select Yes. Note: Changing the language of i-Guide can take several minutes. During this time, i-Guide is not accessible.
  • Page 29: Digital Pay-Per-View (Ppv) (Optional Feature)

    Icon and follow the on-screen prompts to complete and confirm your order. If the program is scheduled to air at a future time, a Reminder is automatically set to notify you of your order before the program begins. Guide Symbols to Know - PPV Information Screens...
  • Page 30: Ordering Pay-Per-View By Phone

    Note: In some cable systems, your order will automatically be cancelled if you do not tune to the program. In systems that use phone ordering, you will need to call in your cancellation. Please check with your cable provider for the...
  • Page 31: Pay-Per-View Notices

    Pay-Per-View Notices Pay-Per-View Program Started A Program Started screen will appear if you try to order a PPV program that is in progress but is within the purchase window. You may still order this program, but you may miss a portion of the program.
  • Page 32: On Demand (Ond) (Optional Feature)

    Watch movies and other programs whenever you want with On Demand.* When you rent an On Demand program or package, it is reserved for a specific period of time. You can access and watch the program at your convenience as many times as you want within the rental period.
  • Page 33: Watching On Demand Programs

    Use your remote to pause, fast forward, rewind and stop the program. • Play •Pause • Fast Forward • Rewind • Stop You may also be able to use the VCR control buttons available on some digital cable Guide Tip Guide Tip remotes. Remote control features vary.
  • Page 34: On Demand Packages

    Instant Information to identify it as a rented program. On Demand Packages Some programs may be available as part of a package. If a program is available in a package, or available with a subscription service, a notice will appear on your screen. You can select...
  • Page 35: Hdtv (Optional Feature)

    HD, all without an antenna. To find a listing of the HD programming available in your area, press MENU to go to the Main Menu and select HD. You can also search for HD programs from the Search Menu.
  • Page 36: Digital Video Recording (Dvr) (Optional Feature)

    So you can PAUSE if the phone rings, REWIND the scene you missed and FAST FORWARD to skip what you don’t want to watch. Your DVR will record up to one hour of live TV + .
  • Page 37: Pause

    Using the Remote Control Arrow Buttons buttons on your remote control will control playback when you are watching a recording in progress or while watching a recorded program. • Play •Pause • Rewind • Fast Forward • Slow Forward from Pause •...
  • Page 38: Slow Motion

    PLAY. Instant Replay With Instant Replay*, you can go back to see the last play of the game or replay the last scene of your movie. Just press PAGE on your remote to replay the last 15 seconds. Press PAGE repeatedly to continue skipping back in 15-second increments.
  • Page 39: Building Your Library - Recording Programs

    The Dual Tuner DVR allows you to set recordings for two different programs that air at the same time. While recording two programs, you can watch and control either program up to the point of live TV by using the SWAP button on your remote.
  • Page 40: Record A Series

    Low and the screen will refresh and give you revised results. • Select the Record Icon to confirm your new settings. You may also modify the priority assigned to a series using the Series Priority List. (See next section)
  • Page 41: View Your List Of Scheduled Recordings

    Note: If you want to record two series recordings instead of an individual recording that airs at the same time, you must delete the individual recording from the Scheduled Recordings List (See Cancel a Scheduled Recording section).
  • Page 42 • Specify how many recordings to save. • Set a Save Until parameter, either until you delete or automatically when space is needed. • Change the start and end times in order to catch every minute of a program, even if it runs over. From Listings Select your Scheduled Recording in the listings indicated by the red dot in the instant info.
  • Page 43: View Programs Stored In Your Personal Video Library

    - Place a Lock on the program to restrict viewing Step 3: To control playback while watching a recorded program, use either the video control buttons or the arrow buttons on your remote. See the “Playback Control” section for more information.
  • Page 44: Managing Your Personal Video Library

    1. Connect the Cable Out or OUT 1 (TV) connection on the back of the DVR to the Cable IN of your VCR. 2. Put a tape in your VCR.
  • Page 45: Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. I can’t see the entire program title in the listings grid. A. Some program titles are too long to fit in the space provided in the grid. You might see “…” to indicate there is more to the title. (For example:“Third Rock From the Sun” might look like “Third Rock…”). Highlight the program and check the Instant Information area at the top of the grid for program title and other valuable information, including rating, actors, start/end times, etc.
  • Page 46: On Demand (Optional Feature)

    Q. If I get to the end of a On Demand program and want to watch it again, can I restart at the beginning? A. Yes, as long as your viewing period has not expired, you may watch it again.
  • Page 47 (for a superior result to tape-based recording) and allowing greater viewing flexibility. With the DVR DCT6412 you can PAUSE a broadcast while you're watching it, and restart it up to 2 hours later. And you can say goodbye to those annoying "what just happened?"...
  • Page 48: Recording And Playback Of Recorded Programs (Optional Feature)

    Your Personal Video Library” in the DVR Section of this manual. Tip: Use Title Search to find all air times for a particular title. You can then set up individual recordings for any or all episodes, no matter what time they’re on.
  • Page 49: Controlling Live Tv (Optional Feature)

    Q. Does the DVR automatically delete programs when the record space is full? A. Only if you set it up that way. The DVR will automatically delete programs if you tell it to do so by setting the programs to be deleted when space is needed. When the record space is full, the oldest recordings that you have set to be deleted, will be deleted first.
  • Page 50 Q. I have a message on my screen that says ‘This feature is currently being restored.’ What does this mean? A. This screen appears if you try to access a feature that is not available because the set-top box has not received all the necessary data.

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