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GE GLDA690 Owner's Manual page 9

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Select Options
The light above the selected pad will be ON to indicate which Option has been selected.
Turnsthe heater on for fast drying. This will extend the total cycle time by approximately 38 minutes for a
Light On
NOTE:Cannot be selected with RINSEONLYcycle.
Shuts off the drying heat option. Disheswill air dry naturally to save energy.
Light Off
When selected, the cycle will run a little longer with heating elements on to improve both wash and dry
performance. Adds approximately !5 minutes to the cycle.
NOTE:Cannot be selectedwith RINSEONLYcycle.
Foruse with heavily soiled and/or dried-on, baked-on soils.This Option ivl U STbe selected PRIOR to starting the
cycle.This option adds approximately 22 minutes to the cycle and two additional rinsesto the cycle.
NOTE:Cannot be selectedwith RINSEONLYcycle.
You can lock the controls to prevent any selections from being made. Or you can lock the controls
after you have started a cycle.
Children cannot accidentally start dishwasher by touching pads with this Option selected.
To unlock the dishwasher controls, press and hold the HEATEDDRY pad for 3 seconds. The light
above the lock pad will turn off.
To lock the dishwasher controls, press and hold the HEATED DRY pad for 3 seconds. The light above
the lock pad will turn on.
You can delay the start of a wash cycle for up to 6 hours. Press the DELAYHOURSpad to choose the
number of hours you want to delay the start of the cycle; then press START/RESET.
The machine will count down and start automatically at the correct time.
NOTE:To cancel the delay start selection before the cycle begins, repeatedly press the DELAY HOURS
pad until the display is blank.
Start Dishwasher
The door must be closed to select the desired Options. Press the START/RESETpad to begin the cycle
within 5 minutes of the door closure or begin the DELAYHOURS countdown. The illuminated lights
will also turn off if more than 30 seconds passes between pressing a pad. To activate the display, open
and close the door or press any pad.
To interrupt or pause a dish cycle, slowly open the door. Opening the door will cause the wash cycle
or Pause
to pause. The dishwasher will beep every minute to remind you to close the door. To restart or
resume the cycle, press START,and close the door.
To cancel o wash cycle, touch the START/RESET pad. The START/RESET light will flash while the water
is pumped out, if needed. This takes approximately 2 minutes.
The CLEANlight is illuminated when the selected cycle and enhancements are complete. The light will stay
ON until a pad is pressed or the door is opened and then closed.
Time Remaining During operation, the display shows 1H if the time remaining is over an hour and will show the
minutes remaining if the time remaining is below an hour. During a delay start, the display will
show hours of time remaining until the cycle starts.



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