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GE GLDA690 Owner's Manual page 17

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Possible Causes
What To Do
Control panel lights
Time too long between
• Eachpad must be touched within 30 secondsof the others.
go offwhen you're
touching of selected pads
To relight,touch any pad again,or unlock and relatch the door.
setting controls
Water standing in
Air gap is clogged
• Cleanthe air gap. Seethe Careand cleaning section.
the bottom of the tub
High drain loop or air
• Referto the installation instructions for proper drain line installation.
gap not installed
Water won't pump
Drain is clogged
• if you havean air gap,cleanit. Seethe Careand cleaningsection.
out of the tub
• If the dishwasher d rainsintoa disposer, r undisposer clear.
• Checkto seeif yourkitchensink isdrainingwell. If not,you
may needa plumber.
Thisis normal
• Warm,moistair comesthroughthe vent duringdryingand when
water isbeing pumpedout.Thisis necessary for drying.
Sanitizedlight does
Thedoor was openedand the
• Donot interruptthe cycleby openingthe door duringthe washcycle.
not illuminate at the
cyclewas interrupted during
endof the cycle
or after the main wash
Theincoming water
• Raise the water heatertemperatureto between120°Fand 150°F.
temperature was too low
Normal operating sounds:
• Theseare all normal.Noactionis required.
Detergentcup opening
Water enteringdishwasher
Themotor stopsand starts at
various times during the cycle
Sprayarms start and stop at
various times
A white film on
and the interior
Drain pump soundsduring
pump out
Rattling dishes when the spray
arm rotates
This problem is likely caused
by a low quality phosphate-free
Hake sure dishesare properly loaded.Seethe Loading the
dishwasher section.
To removethewhite film,run yourdishesthrougha dishwasher c yclewith
citricacid.Usea WD35X151 citricacidkit found online.Otherwise, u seLemi
Shine(WXlOXlO019) foundat your localgrocerystore.
Pourthe citric acidin the detergent cup and closethe cover.Placethe filmed
but otherwiseclean glasswareand dishwarein the dishwasher. L eave
silverwareand other metal items out of the dishwasher. T urnthe dishwasher
on and let it run through a completecyclewithout detergent.Theglassware,
dishware,and dishwashershouldcome out film free. Alternatively,
a vinegar rinsemay be used.Pour 1 cup of vinegarinto dishwasherjust after
the detergent cup opensand let the dishwashercomplete its cycle.
This may be repeatedseveraltimes a year as needed
The useof a rinseagent such as Cascade ®CompleteRinseAid may help
minimizea repeatbuild up of film. Also,the useof a highlyrated detergent
such asCascade ®Platinum Pacswill help preventfilm build-up.



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