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Panasonic KX-PRL260B Service Manual

Link-to-cell docking station for iphone and smartphone
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Table of Contents
(Charger Unit)
Configuration for each model
Model No
Base Unit
KX-PRL260 1 (PRL260) 1 (PRLA20)
KX-PRL262 1 (PRL260) 1 (PRLA20)
KX-PRD260 1 (PRD260) 1 (PRLA20)
KX-PRD262 1 (PRD260) 1 (PRLA20)
1 (PRLA20)
*KX-PRLA20 is also an optional accessory, which contains a
handset and a charger.
(Base Unit)
(Base Unit)
Charger Unit Expandable
Up to 6
Up to 6
Up to 6
Up to 6
Up to 6
Telephone Equipment
Model No.
PRL series : Link-to-Cell Docking Station
for iPhone
PRD series : Link-to-Cell Docking Station
for Smartphone
W: White Version
(for U.S.A.)
© Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. 2014
Unauthorized copying and distribution is a violation
of law.
ORDER NO. KM41403803CE


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 KX-PRD262 1 (PRD260) 1 (PRLA20) Up to 6 KX-PRLA20* 1 (PRLA20) Up to 6 *KX-PRLA20 is also an optional accessory, which contains a handset and a charger. © Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd. 2014 Unauthorized copying and distribution is a violation of law.
  • Page 2 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 WARNING This service information is designed for experienced repair technicians only and is not designed for use by the general public. It does not contain warnings or cautions to advise non-technical individuals of potential dangers in attempting to service a product. Products powered by electricity should be serviced or repaired only by experienced professional technicians.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE PAGE 1 Safety Precautions----------------------------------------------- 5 10.1.11. Check Caller ID ------------------------------------- 43 1.1. For Service Technicians --------------------------------- 5 10.1.12. Check BT Communication ------------------------ 44 11 Disassembly and Assembly Instructions--------------- 46 2 Warning -------------------------------------------------------------- 5 11.1. Disassembly Instructions------------------------------- 46 2.1.
  • Page 4 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 15.5. Circuit Board (Handset_Main) ------------------------ 78 15.5.1. Component View ------------------------------------ 78 15.5.2. Bottom View ------------------------------------------ 79 16 Exploded View and Replacement Parts List ----------- 80 16.1. Cabinet and Electrical Parts (Base Unit) ----------- 80 16.2. Cabinet and Electrical Parts (Handset) ------------- 81 16.3.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 1 Safety Precautions 1.1. For Service Technicians • Repair service shall be provided in accordance with repair technology information such as service manual so as to prevent fires, injury or electric shock, which can be caused by improper repair work. 1.
  • Page 6: Suggested Pbf Solder

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 2.2.1. Suggested PbF Solder There are several types of PbF solder available commercially. While this product is manufactured using Tin, Silver, and Copper (Sn+Ag+Cu), you can also use Tin and Copper (Sn+Cu), or Tin, Zinc, and Bismuth (Sn+Zn+Bi). Please check the manufacturer's specific instructions for the melting points of their products and any precautions for using their product with other materials.
  • Page 7: Specifications

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 3 Specifications █ Standard: █ Bit rate: DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless 1.152 Mbit/s (DECT) Telecommunications 6.0) 1.0 Mbit/s (Bluetooth) Bluetooth wireless technology 2.1+EDR █ Modulation: █ Number of channels: GFSK (Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying) 60 Duplex Channels (DECT) █...
  • Page 8: Technical Descriptions

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4 Technical Descriptions 4.1. US-DECT Description The frequency range of 1.92 GHz-1.93 GHz is used. Transmitting and receiving carrier between base unit and handset is same frequency. Refer to Frequency Table (P.62). 4.1.1. TDD Frame Format 5 ms 5 ms Up Link ( Handset - >...
  • Page 9: Signal Flowchart In The Radio Parts

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.1.3. Signal Flowchart in the Radio Parts Reception Base unit: A voice signal from TEL line is encoded to digital data and converted into a 1.9 GHz modulated radio signal by BBIC(IC501). The RF signal, after which is amplified in BBIC, is fed to selected antenna. Handset: As for a handset RF, RF signal is received in one antenna.
  • Page 10: Block Diagram (Base Unit_Main)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.2. Block Diagram (Base Unit_Main)
  • Page 11: Tel Interface Circuit

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.3. Tel Interface Circuit...
  • Page 12: Block Diagram (Base Unit_Rf Part)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.4. Block Diagram (Base Unit_RF Part)
  • Page 13: Circuit Operation (Base Unit)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.5. Circuit Operation (Base Unit) General Description: (BBIC, Flash Memory, EERROM) is a digital speech/signal processing system that implements all the functions of speech compression, record and playback, and memory management required in a digital telephone answering machine. The BBIC system is fully controlled by a host processor. The host processor provides activation and control of all that functions as follows.
  • Page 14: Power Supply Circuit/Reset Circuit

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.5.6. Power Supply Circuit/Reset Circuit The power supply voltage from AC adaptor is converted to VBAT (3.0V) in IC302. And +3.0V for peripherals and analog part is insulated from VBAT by Doubler of BBIC. Circuit Operation: +5.5V +3.0V VDD2 VDD4 IC501 IC302...
  • Page 15 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Charge Circuit The voltage from the AC adaptor is supplied to the charge circuits. +5.5V F301 R373 CHARGE+ C351 CHARGE-...
  • Page 16: Telephone Line Interface

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.5.7. Telephone Line Interface Telephone Line Interface Circuit: Function • Bell signal detection • ON/OFF hook and pulse dial circuit • Side tone circuit Bell (RINGING) signal detection and OFF HOOK circuit: In the idle mode, Q141 is open to cut the DC loop current and decrease the ring load. When ring voltage appears at the Tip (T) and Ring (R) leads (When the telephone rings), the AC ring voltage is transferred as follows: L1T ...
  • Page 17: Parallel Connection Detect Circuit/Auto Disconnect Circuit

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.5.8. Parallel Connection Detect Circuit/Auto Disconnect Circuit Function: In order to disable call waiting and stutter tone functions when using telephones connected in parallel, it is necessary to have a circuit that judges whether a telephone connected in parallel is in use or not. This circuit determines whether the telephone connected in parallel is on hook or off hook by detecting changes in the T/R voltage.
  • Page 18: Calling Line Identification (Caller Id)/Call Waiting Caller

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.5.9. Calling Line Identification (Caller ID)/Call Waiting Caller ID Function: Caller ID The caller ID is a chargeable ID which the user of a telephone circuit obtains by entering a contract with the telephone company to utilize a caller ID service. For this reason, the operation of this circuit assumes that a caller ID service contract has been entered for the circuit being used.
  • Page 19 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Call Waiting Caller ID Calling Identity Delivery on Call Waiting (CIDCW) is a CLASS service that allows a customer, while off-hook on an existing call, to receive information about a calling party on a waited call. The transmission of the calling information takes place almost immediately after the customer is alerted to the new call so he/she can use this information to decide whether to take the new call.
  • Page 20: Block Diagram (Handset)

  • Page 21: Block Diagram (Handset_Rf Part)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.7. Block Diagram (Handset_RF Part) KX-PRLA20 BLOCK DIAGRAM (Handset_RF Part)
  • Page 22: Circuit Operation (Handset)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.8. Circuit Operation (Handset) 4.8.1. Outline Handset consists of the following ICs as shown in Block Diagram (Handset) (P.20). • DECT BBIC (Base Band IC): IC1 - All data signals (forming/analyzing ACK or CMD signal) - All interfaces (ex: Key, Detector Circuit, Charge, EEPROM, LCD) •...
  • Page 23: Charge Circuit

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4.8.3. Charge Circuit Circuit Operation: When charging the handset on the Base Unit, the charge current is as follows; DCP(5.5 V)  F301  R371  R372  D362  CHARGE+(Base)  CHARGE+(Handset)  R8  Q3  F1  BATTERY+...
  • Page 24: Location Of Controls And Components

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 5 Location of Controls and Components Refer to the Operating Instructions. Note: You can download and refer to the Operating Instructions (Instruction book) on TSN Server. 6 Installation Instructions Refer to the Operating Instructions. Note: You can download and refer to the Operating Instructions (Instruction book) on TSN Server. 7 Operating Instructions Refer to the Operating Instructions.
  • Page 25: Test Mode

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 8 Test Mode 8.1. Engineering Mode 8.1.1. Base Unit Important: Make sure the address on LCD is correct when entering new data. Otherwise, you may ruin the unit. 【OFF】 Dial keypad This pictured model is KX-PRL260 【FLASH】 【CALL WAIT】 H/S LCD H/S key operation 1).
  • Page 26 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Set Addr.: 7). Press OK , a long confirmation beep New Data will be heard. CLEAR 8). Press to return to standby mode. Set Addr.: After that, turn the base unit power off and then power on. _ _ _ _ _ _ Note: * To enter "Set dial mode", press SELECT SELECT at "...
  • Page 27: Handset

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 8.1.2. Handset Important: Make sure the address on LCD is correct when entering new data. Otherwise, you may ruin the unit. 【OFF】 Dial keypad 【FLASH】 【CALL WAIT】 H/S key operation H/S LCD 1). Press MENU . 2). Select "Settings" using then press SELECT .
  • Page 28 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Frequently Used Items (Handset) ex.) Items Address Default Data New Data Possible Adjusted Possible Adjusted Remarks Value MAX (hex) Value MIN (hex) Frequency 00 07 / 00 08 00 / 01 (*2) 00 02 ~ 00 06 Given value Note: (*1) When you enter the address or New Data, please refer to the table below.
  • Page 29: Service Mode

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 9 Service Mode 9.1. How to Clear User Setting (Handset Only) Handset Press simultaneously until a beep sound is heard. Then single handset is initialized. (The contents of user setting are reset to factory default) *Usage time is not cleared.
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting Guide

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 10 Troubleshooting Guide 10.1. Troubleshooting Flowchart FLOW CHART Not working Power ON Base Unit Check Power Not recording (*1) Record Check Record No playback Playback Pre-Message Check Playback Link No link Not charged Battery Charge Check Battery Charge Check Link Range Check the RF part No voice...
  • Page 31: Check Power

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 10.1.1. Check Power Base Unit Is the AC Adaptor inserted into AC outlet? (*1) AC Adaptor. Is output voltage of AC adaptor 5.5 V? Check Check Power Supply Circuit. Check VDD1(1.8 V) :Test point (VDD1) RSTN: Reset = "High"? Check Reset Circuit.
  • Page 32: Check Record

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 10.1.2. Check Record Base Unit Not record Incoming Message Check Telephone Line Interface Check Bell signal. [Bell]. Check Telephone Line Interface Does the unit catch line? [OFF HOOK]. Check Line In: Pin 25 of BBIC. Check ICM Recording in Signal Route. Check Auto Disconnect Circuit.
  • Page 33 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 <How to change the Auto Disconnect activation time and VOX level> A) Auto Disconnect activation time: Some Telephone Company lines (fiber or cable) ON Hook and OFF Hook voltages are lower than conventional lines, which may cause a malfunction of Auto Disconnect detection. To solve this problem, try changing the Auto Disconnect activation through the procedures below.
  • Page 34 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 B) Vox level: It makes easier to detect a small voice (caller) by raising the sensitivity of VOX level. Therefore, the recording of TAM is not turned off during detection. 1) ~ 2) are same as (A). 3) Press "5","1","1". Service ready :5 1 1 CLEAR...
  • Page 35: Check Playback

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 10.1.3. Check Playback Base Unit Check VDD1(1.8 V) :Test point (VDD1) Check Power Supply Circuit. Check output of BBIC (Pin 73,74). Check BBIC and Flash Memory. Check VDD3(5.0 V):Test Point (VDD3). Check IC411 Check Speaker and its surroundings. Cross Reference: Note: Power Supply Circuit/Reset Circuit (P.14)
  • Page 36: Check Link

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Charger Unit Plug in the AC Power source. Charge Handset on Charger Unit. Check Charge Circuit of Charger Unit. Is the voltage of two charge contacts about 5.5 V or more? Check Handset. Check Charge Contacts at Charger Unit from mechanical point of view.
  • Page 37 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Handset Does Handset link with Base Unit? Handset is OK. Check Base Unit. (Properly working unit) Is the voltage of TP VBAT about 2.2~2.8 V? Check the batteries. Check around Power Supply Circuit/Reset Circuit. Is the voltage of +1.8 V about 1.8 V? Does the RF clock (CLK) oscillate: 10.368 MHz Check around X1 and RF module and adjust in Handset Test Mode?
  • Page 38: Check The Rf Part

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 10.1.6. Check the RF part Finding out the Defective part 1. Prepare Regular HS(*1) and Regular BU(*2). 2. a. Re-register regular HS (Normal mode) to base unit (to be checked). If this operation fails in some ways, the base unit is defective. b.
  • Page 39 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 RF Check Flowchart Each item (1 ~ 5) of RF Check Flowchart corresponds to Check Table for RF part (P.40). Please refer to the each item. Start Link Control Check BBIC interface parts. confirmation signal (RF Block <->BBIC on BU/HS P.C.B) Normal confirmation X'tal...
  • Page 40 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Check Table for RF part Item BU (Base Unit) Check HS (Handset) Check Link Confirmation Normal 1. Register Regular HS to BU (to be 1. Register HS (to be checked) to Regular checked). HS, BU Mode [Normal Mode] 2.
  • Page 41 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 TEST RANGE Check Circuit block which range is defective can be found by the following check. Item BU (Base Unit) Check HS (Handset) Check Range Confirmation TX TEST 1. Register Regular HS to BU (to be checked). 1. Register HS (to be checked) to Regular BU. (TX Power check) 2.
  • Page 42: Registering A Handset To The Base Unit

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 10.1.7. Registering a Handset to the Base Unit The supplied handset and base unit are pre-registered. If for some reason the handset is not registered to the base unit, re-register the handset. 1 Handset: {MENU} i # 1 3 0 2 Base unit: Press and hold {LOCATOR} for about 5 seconds until the registration tone sounds.
  • Page 43: Check Handset Transmission

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 10.1.9. Check Handset Transmission Check MIC of handset. Check handset Tx in Signal Route. 10.1.10. Check Handset Reception Check speaker of handset. Check handset Rx in Signal Route. Note: When checking the RF part, Refer to Check the RF part (P.38).
  • Page 44: Check Bt Communication

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 10.1.12. Check BT Communication Plug in the AC power source and wait 10 seconds. Use a handset to enter the "Bluetooth" menu: Press [MENU] Bluetooth [SELECT] Is it possible to enter the "Bluetooth" menu? Check the circuit of around RF parts of BT Is it possible to register BT_Headset? Module Check Voice Transmission of the BT_Headset...
  • Page 45 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Case1: OK AC power on PIO01 0.05s 1.95s 1.5s Case2: NG1(fail to reset BT_IC) AC power on If BT_IC does not work, 1st and 2nd signals does not appear. Check the circuit of around PIO01 POWER and RESET parts of BT Module.
  • Page 46: Disassembly And Assembly Instructions

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 11 Disassembly and Assembly Instructions 11.1. Disassembly Instructions 11.1.1. Base Unit Remove the 2 screws and the stand to remove the cabinet cover. Cabinet cover Stand (*2) 2 screws Note: (*2) (*1) KX-PRL260/262 only (*2) KX-PRD260/262 only...
  • Page 47 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Remove the 1 screw to remove the USB holder. (*2) Remove the Cushion. (*2) Remove the solders. (*2) Remove the 8 screws to remove the Lower Cabinet. Remove the Soundproof Rubber. Solders (*2) Soundproof Rubber Disconnect the connectors CN651, CN1001(*1). Connectors Solders Remove the solders to remove...
  • Page 48: Handset

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 11.1.2. Handset 4 screws Remove the 4 screws. Insert a plastic card. Cabinet body (Ex. Used SIM card etc.) between the cabinet body and the cabinet cover, then pull it along the gap to open the cabinet. Likewise, open the other side of the cabinet.
  • Page 49: Charger Unit

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 11.1.3. Charger Unit 2 charge terminals...
  • Page 50: How To Replace The Handset Lcd

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 11.2. How to Replace the Handset LCD Note: The illustrations are simplified in this page. They may differ from the actual product. Peel off DOUBLE SIDE TAPE at the back side LCD 2 points as a figure shown. FRONT SIDE OF LCD BACK SIDE OF LCD DOUBLE SIDE TAPE Bend FFC and fix to the positioning points (2 points)
  • Page 51: Measurements And Adjustments

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12 Measurements and Adjustments This chapter explains the measuring equipment, the JIG connection, and the PC setting method necessary for the measurement in Troubleshooting Guide (P.30) 12.1. Equipment Required • Digital multi-meter (DMM): it must be able to measure voltage and current. •...
  • Page 52: Connections (Handset)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12.2.2. Connections (Handset) Connect the DC Power or Battery to BATT+ and BATT-. Connect the JIG cable GND (black) to GND. Connect the JIG cable UTX (yellow) to UTX and URX (red) to URX. URX (red) To Serial Port UTX (yellow) (com port 1*) GND (black)
  • Page 53: How To Install Batch File Into P.c

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12.2.3. How to install Batch file into P.C. Insert the Batch file CD-ROM into CD-ROM drive and copy PNZZTG**** folder to your PC (example: D drive). <Example for Windows> On your computer, click [Start], select Programs Open an MS-DOS mode window. (All Programs for Windows XP/Windows Server 2003), then click MS-DOS Prompt.
  • Page 54: Commands

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12.2.4. Commands See the table below for frequently used commands. Command name Function Example rdeeprom Read the data of EEPROM Type “rdeeprom 00 00 FF”, and the data from address “00 00” to “FF” is read out. readid Read ID (RFPI) Type “readid”, and the registered ID is read out.
  • Page 55: Adjustment Standard (Base Unit)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12.3. Adjustment Standard (Base Unit) When connecting the simulator equipment for checking, please refer to below. 12.3.1. Bottom View ANT_BT Spectrum Analyzer Frequency Counter (*1) Send command "SFR", then the frequency output on this TP. Oscilloscope (*2) C403 URX1 UART UTX1 GND1...
  • Page 56: Adjustment Standard (Handset)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12.4. Adjustment Standard (Handset) When connecting the simulator equipment for checking, please refer to below. 12.4.1. Component View ANT1_TP C860 A B C D E F G H I MIC+ PRLA TGHA 20 21 MIC- RU FX TW COUNTRY VBAT Note: (*1) refers to No.2 of Check Check Table for RF part (P.40)
  • Page 57: Things To Do After Replacing Ic Or X'tal

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12.5. Things to Do after Replacing IC or X'tal If repairing or replacing EEPROM and X'tal, it is necessary to download the required data such as Programming data or adjustment data, etc. in memory. The set doesn't operate if it is not executed. 12.5.1.
  • Page 58 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 How to update the BBIC. • Execute COM communicator.exe 1. Initialize COM port.(Only once at first.) Select “Setting”  “Serial Port”  “Initial Setting  “OK”. Setting Serial Port Initial Setting Cancel 2.Select serial port COM number. Select “Setting”  “Serial Port”  “Initial Setting  “OK”. Fill up the “COM Option”...
  • Page 59 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 • Execute COM communicator.exe again <<Write program>> 1. Select “ProgramLoader”. 2. Select "Setting"/"Config". Fill up the “Config Settings”. Note: (2) Select Baud Rate as 57600. If write error happens, select slower Baud Rate (example: 19200). 3. Select download file.
  • Page 60 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 4. Start download. (1). Connect Unit and 3wire jig. (2). Confirm "Turn on power to target and press download." display. (3). Power off the unit, then power on. (4). Press "Download" button again. 5. Finish download. Completed dialog means "Download finished successfully!." It takes more than 20 minutes to download ( It depends on baud rate).
  • Page 61 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Handset First, operate the PC setting according to The Setting Method of JIG (P.51). Then download the appropriate data according to the following procedures. Items How to download/Required adjustment EEPROM (IC3) Adjusted parameter data is stored in memory. 1) Default batch file: Execute the command “default.bat”.
  • Page 62: Frequency Table

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12.6. Frequency Table Ch. (hex) TX/RX Frequency (MHz) Channel 0 1928.448 Channel 1 1926.720 Channel 2 1924.992 Channel 3 1923.264 Channel 4 1921.536...
  • Page 63: Bluetooth Frequency Table

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 12.7. Bluetooth Frequency Table Frequency (MHz) Frequency (MHz) Frequency (MHz) 2402 2435 2468 2403 2436 2469 2404 2437 2470 2405 2438 2471 2406 2439 2472 2407 2440 2473 2408 2441 2474 2409 2442 2475 2410 2443 2476 2411 2444 2477 2412 2445...
  • Page 64: Miscellaneous

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 13 Miscellaneous 13.1. How to Replace the LLP (Leadless Leadframe Package) IC Note: This description only applies to the model with Shield case. 13.1.1. Preparation • PbF (: Pb free) Solder • Soldering Iron Tip Temperature of 700 F ± 20 F (370 C ± 10 C) Note: We recommend a 30 to 40 Watt soldering iron.
  • Page 65: How To Install The Ic

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 13.1.4. How to Install the IC 1. Place the solder a little on the land where the radiation GND pad on IC bottom is to be attached. Soldering Iron Land Solder P.C.Board 2. Place the solder a little on the land where IC pins are to be attached, then place the IC. Note: •...
  • Page 66: How To Replace The Flat Package Ic

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 13.2. How to Replace the Flat Package IC Even if you do not have the special tools (for example, a spot heater) to remove the Flat IC, with some solder (large amount), a soldering iron and a cutter knife, you can easily remove the ICs that have more than 100 pins. 13.2.1.
  • Page 67: How To Install The Ic

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 13.2.3. How to Install the IC 1. Temporarily fix the FLAT PACKAGE IC, soldering the two marked pins. *Check the accuracy of the IC setting with the corresponding soldering foil. 2. Apply flux to all pins of the FLAT PACKAGE IC. 3.
  • Page 68: Terminal Guide Of The Ics, Transistors And Diodes

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 13.3. Terminal Guide of the ICs, Transistors and Diodes 13.3.1. Base Unit C0DBEYY00102 C1AB00004194 C0DBGYY00915 B1ACGP000008 DSC7003S0L Cathode Anode Cathode Anode B1ABDM000001,B1ADGE000012,2SC6054JSL, DY2J25000L, B1GBCFYY0020,2SA1576S,B1GBCFYY0020, DZ2J068M0L UNR9216J0L,2SC6054JSL,2SC6054JSL B0EDER000009 B0ECKM000008 Cathode Cathode Anode C0JBAZ001466, Anode PNWI1PR***, B3AAB0000347, C0DBGYY01907, PNWI2PR***, B0DDCL000001 C1CB00003663 B3ABB0000331 C0DBAHF00015 PNWI3PR***...
  • Page 69: Schematic Diagram

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 14 Schematic Diagram 14.1. For Schematic Diagram 14.1.1. Base Unit (Schematic Diagram (Base Unit_Main)) Notes: 1. DC voltage measurements are taken with voltmeter from the negative voltage line. Important Safety Notice: Components identified by mark have special characteristics important for safety.
  • Page 70: Schematic Diagram (Base Unit_Main)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 14.2. Schematic Diagram (Base Unit_Main) 14.2.1. KX-PRL260/PRD260 W 0.15mm L 22+/-4mm 1st or 4th layer RXON ANT2_TP ANT1_TP RX-balun SLx2 W1=0.2mm W=0.175mm L1=3.3mm DL801 L=3.6mm W2=0.7mm C851 C853 ANT1-Short C861 S=0.125mm L2=5.0mm RF_RXn W=0.25mm ANT1-S-GND L=2mm RF_Rx open-stub RF_RXp W1=0.2mm L1=3.0mm 50 ohm line...
  • Page 72: Schematic Diagram (Handset_Main)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 14.3. Schematic Diagram (Handset_Main) Charge Current VBAT To Battery BATT+ P1 1.1A K0.1u 6.3V SOCp 220u SHORT J56p BATT- SOCn GND GND *R10 DdEE2sO) *Q10 When on Charge *Q11 *R13 *Q12 *R12 *R11 +1.8V K1000p VJ1 16M 1 *CS CHG+ CP3V 2 DO/IO1...
  • Page 73 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 RF BLOCK RX-balun W=0.170mm 50 ohm line W=0.25mm L=3.6mm L=2mm L=2mm S=0.125mm RF_RXn open-stub ANT1_TP W1=0.2mm C862 RX_RF C801 L1=3.0mm B1.5p D10p W2=0.7mm W=0.25mm L2=4.3mm L=2mm 50 ohm line RF_RXp SHORT Total L=4mm W=0.25mm W=0.3mm W=0.3mm C859 L=6.95mm L=6.5mm L=5mm RF_TXn D10p...
  • Page 74: Printed Circuit Board

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 15 Printed Circuit Board 15.1. Circuit Board (Base Unit_Main) 15.1.1. Component View D I P KX-PRL260/262, PRD260/262 CIRCUIT BOARD (Base Unit_Main (Component View))
  • Page 75: Bottom View

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 15.1.2. Bottom View ANT_BT STM/CKM/P15 (CLK:10.368MHz) RA611 UTX1 URX1 GND1 For JIG KX-PRL260/262, PRD260/262 CIRCUIT BOARD (Base Unit_Main (Bottom View))
  • Page 76: Circuit Board (Key)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 15.2. Circuit Board (KEY) 15.2.1. Component View / Bottom View KX-PRL260/262, PRD260/262 CIRCUIT BOARD (KEY (Component View / Bottom View))
  • Page 77: Circuit Board (Mic)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 15.3. Circuit Board (MIC) 15.3.1. Component View / Bottom View (Component View) (Bottom View) KX-PRL26x/PRD26x PNLB2284Z -GW-C C 9 0 1 KX-PRL260/262, PRD260/262 CIRCUIT BOARD (MIC (Component View / Bottom View)) 15.4. Circuit Board (USB) 15.4.1. Component View / Bottom View CN1101 P N L B 2 2 8 5 Z - A U P N L B 2 2 8 5 Z - A U...
  • Page 78: Circuit Board (Handset_Main)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 15.5. Circuit Board (Handset_Main) 15.5.1. Component View C860 CHG (+) A B C D E F G H I MIC+ RCV- PRLA TGHA RCV+ 20 21 MIC- RU FX TW COUNTRY for signal communication jig VBAT CHG (-) KX-PRLA20 CIRCUIT BOARD (Handset_Main (Component View))
  • Page 79: Bottom View

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 15.5.2. Bottom View KX-PRLA20 CIRCUIT BOARD (Handset_Main (Bottom View))
  • Page 80: Exploded View And Replacement Parts List

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 16 Exploded View and Replacement Parts List 16.1. Cabinet and Electrical Parts (Base Unit) 2(*2) 1(*1) (*2) PCB5 (*2) 9(*1) PCB4 (*1) PCB1 6(*1) 6(*1) PCB2 27(*1) MIC1 (*2) PCB3 6 x 40 mm 6 x 100 mm (*1) 6 x 100 mm 6 x 40 mm Ref.No .
  • Page 81: Cabinet And Electrical Parts (Handset)

    (*1) This cable is fixed by heat-sealing. Refer to How to Replace the Handset LCD (P.50). (*2) The rechargeable Ni-MH battery HHR-4DPA is available through sales route of Panasonic. (*3) Attach the SPACER (No. 122) to the exact location described above.
  • Page 82: Cabinet And Electrical Parts (Charger Unit)

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 16.3. Cabinet and Electrical Parts (Charger Unit) 200-1 200-5 200-2 200-3 200-4...
  • Page 83: Accessories And Packing Materials

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 16.4. Accessories and Packing Materials 16.4.1. Tools KX-PRL260/262, KX-PRD260/262 A3,A4 (For Base unit) (For Charger) (For KX-PRL262/ KX-PRD262) PAD 5(*1) PAD 6(*1) PAD 4(*1) PAD 1(*1) PAD 2(*1) PAD 3(*1) Note: (*1)PAD1,PAD2,PAD3,PAD4,PAD5 and PAD6 are a piece of P2. (For KX-PRL260/ KX-PRD260) PAD 4(*2) PAD 3(*2)
  • Page 84: Tools Kx-Prla20

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 16.4.2. Tools KX-PRLA20 (For Charger) PAD 1(*1) PAD 2(*1) Note: (*1)PAD1,PAD2 are a piece of P2.
  • Page 85: Replacement Parts List

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 16.5. Replacement Parts List Safety Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks 1. RTL (Retention Time Limited) PQHA10023Z RUBBER PARTS, FOOT Note: PNKE1325Z1 USB JACK COVER (for KX-PRD260) The “RTL” marking indicates that its Retention Time is (for KX-PRD262) (BLACK) Limited.
  • Page 86 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Safety Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks Safety Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks PNKE1323Z1 RUBBER, BOTTOM Q710 2SC6054JSL TRANSISTOR(SI) (for KX-PRL260) Q711 UNR9216J0L TRANSISTOR(SI) (for KX-PRL262) (BLACK) Q141 2SA1776P TRANSISTOR(SI) PNKE1323Z2 RUBBER, BOTTOM (DIODES) (for KX-PRL260) D101 B0EDER000009 DIODE(SI)
  • Page 87 KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 Safety Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks Safety Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks C518 ECUE1A104KBQ 0.1 R701 ERJ2GEJ332 3.3k C519 ECUE1A104KBQ 0.1 R702 ERJ2GEJ103 C601 ECUE1A104KBQ 0.1 R710 ERJ2GEJ103 C611 ECUE1A104KBQ 0.1 R711 ERJ2GEJ104 100k C710 ECUE1C103KBQ 0.01...
  • Page 88: Handset

    KX-PRL260/KX-PRL262/KX-PRD260/KX-PRD262/KX-PRLA20 USB Board Parts Safety Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks DSA900100L TRANSISTOR(SI) 2SC6054JSL TRANSISTOR(SI) Safety Ref. Part No. Part Name & Description Remarks DRC9143T0L TRANSISTOR(SI) (LEDS) PCB5 PNWP5PRD260H USB P.C.BOARD ASS'Y (RTL) LED1 B3AFB0000570 LED (BLACK) CN1101 K1FY104B0038 CONNECTOR LED1 B3AEB0000146 LED (WHITE)
  • Page 89: Charger Unit