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Installation; Pre-Installation; Product Installaton; Product Location - Frigidaire FC059NBHW Instruction Manual

Horizontal freezer
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Before starting your freezer, please
follow these important indications:
• Choose a location close to a
grounded electrical outlet. Do not use
extension cords or adapters.
• For a more efficient operation, the
freezer should be placed in a location
where room temperatures will not
exceed 110ºF (43ºC).
Product installation
• This under part and surrounding of
the freezer should be in good
circulation of air. It should be placed at
least 150mm away from the wall at
both sides and 150mm from the back
This product should be placed on a
flat and firm ground.
It is very important for your freezer to be level in order to assure proper
operation. If the freezer is not leveled during installation, the lid may be
misaligned and it may not seal properly, causing cooling, frost, or moisture
Avoid fire or electric shock hazards. Do not use extension cords or adapter
plugs. Do not remove any prong from the power cord.
15 cm
15 cm

Product location

• Place the freezer away from direct
sunlight or excessive heat (oven,
heater, radiator, etc.).
Direct sunlight may damage the acrylic
surface and heat sources can increase
power consumption.
Extremely low room temperatures can
affect the proper freezer operation.
In order to level the appliance, adjust
the freezer front and rear adjusting

Electrical installation

Before turning on the freezer, check to
see if the voltage of the outlet to be
used is the same as that indicated on
the tag located close to the plug (along
the power cord) or on the freezer's
identification label.
Check to see that the freezer's plug is
not connected on top of the power
Connect the freezer to its own outlet.
Do not use an extension cord or
adaptor plug.
For your safety, ask an electrician to
verify the condition of the electric
wiring in the area where the freezer
will be installed. The wires leading to
the outlet into which the freezer will be
plugged should be made of copper
and be at least 2.5 mm2 wide. For
greater safety, consult the legislation
on electrical installations in your

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