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Indicator Lights; Using The "Quick Freezing; Use As "Refrigerator; Use As "Freezer - Frigidaire FC059NBHW Instruction Manual

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Indicator lights

FAST FREEZE : When this
feature is on, the light will turn
on yellow.
POWER : When the appliance
is connected, the light will
illuminate green.
COMP. : This is a working
indicator light, that you´ll turn
green when the compressor is

Using the "Quick freezing"

Please turn on the switch of quick
freezing when you want to quickfreeze
food. The light will turn yellow and the
compressor will work incessantly to
reduce temperature quickly. Please
turn it off when the food has been
freezed. At the same time, please
adjust the thermostat knob to normal
freezing station. So, the chest freezer
will be controlled by thermostat to
control the compressor automatically
to keep inner temperature.

Use as "refrigerator"

When it is used as refrigerator, the
thermostat knob should be at least in
the position "1". Do not turn on the
quick freezing switch at this time. At
this moment, the average inner
temperature will be controlled between
10ºC to -3ºC.

Use as "freezer"

When it is used as a freezer, the
thermostat should be in the position
"4". When too much food is stored at
one time, turn the knob to the position
"5" or "6".
If the food to be stored is already
frozen, you can place it into the
freezer at one time. However, in case
of fresh food, the freezing capacity of
the product must be observed.
In order to keep the food nutritional
qualities, it is important to follow the
recommended values.
Freeze only fresh and good quality
Place the food into proper, non-toxic
Store the food in small portions. In
addition to making the freezing
process easier, this will allow the
integral use of each portion (defrosted
food can not be frozen again).
Label and date the packages of food
to be stored.
Do not store warm food.
The freezer lid should remain open
only for the time required.
Place the food to be frozen in direct
contact with the internal walls of the

Care and cleaning

Between defrosts
In order to avoid defrosting your
freezer often, use a plastic scraper to
remove the ice build-up. Scrap the ice
upward. Never use any metal
instrument to remove the frost as it
may damage the cooling coils and will
void the warranty.


Defrost and clean your freezer when
the ice layer inside of it is between 5
and 10 mm-thick. The frost can
accumulate faster at the top of the
freezer due to the warm and damp air
that enters the freezer when the lid is
open. Remove the food and let the lid
open while defrosting the freezer.
The defrost water will drain out. Check
the pan occasionally so the water
does not overflow. Replace the outer
drain plug and the interior freezer
cover when the defrost is completed.
1. Remove the frozen food from the
freezer and place it in a cooler to
protect it.
2. Unplug the freezer. The power
supply light should be off.
3. During the defrost process, the ice
melts into the cabinet.
4. Remove the drain plug on the
inside floor of the freezer by pulling
it straight out.
5. Place a shallow pan outside the
drain outlet.
6. Make sure that the pan does not
7. Replace the plug on the inside
8. Allow the appliance to cool down
for at least 2 hours.
9. Return the food to the freezer.
Do not use boiling water because it
may damage the plastic parts.
However, warm water can help to melt
the ice faster.

Cleaning the inside

After defrosting the freezer, wash the
freezer inner surfaces with a solution
of two tablespoons of baking soda in
one quart (1.136 liters) of warm water.
Rinse and dry. Wring excess water out
of the sponge or cloth when cleaning
in the area of controls, or any
electrical parts.
Wash the removable parts using the
baking soda solution mentioned
above, or mild detergent and warm
Rinse and dry. Wash the door seal
using mild detergent, rinse with clean
water and dry it. Never use metallic
scouring pads, brushes, abrasive
cleaners, or alkaline solutions on any
surface. Do not wash removable parts
in a dishwasher.

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Table of Contents