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Suggestions And Tips - Frigidaire FC059NBHW Instruction Manual

Horizontal freezer
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Odor inside the freezer
Interior needs to be cleaned.
Foods with strong odors are in the
Clean the interior with sponge,
warm water and baking soda.
Cover the food tightly.

Suggestions and tips

1. Avoid contact between any type of grease and the freezer plastic parts.
Under no circumstance lubricate your freezer.
2. Food or liquids must not be stored in the freezer in open containers.
Effervescent liquids must not be frozen.
3. Wrap the food properly before freeze it. Avoid storing fresh food on or
beside frozen food.
4. This appliance is designed for long-term storage of frozen food. Storage
time period is up to three months. However, the storage life of frozen foods
varies and the recommended storage time should not be exceeded.
5. In case of any problem with your freezer, transfer all the food to other
6. Instructions regarding the care of frozen foods should be followed when
defrosting the freezer.
7. Pre-packed commercially frozen food should be stored according to the
frozen food manufacturer's instructions for a three-star frozen food storage
compartment or home freezer.
8. Do not put heavy, sharp or corrosive objects on the freezer.
9. In case of power outage, open the freezer lid only if really required.
10. Do not store bottled or canned food, since their volume expands when they
are frozen. This can cause the container to break.
11. Do not overload the freezer, as this may block the air circulation and
increase power consumption.
12. Use hermetic containers and plastic bags to prevent food from loosing
humidity and odors from mixing.

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