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Makita 217D Instruction Manual

Equipped with electric brake
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Cordless Driver Drill
Equipped with Electric Brake
For your personal safety, READ and UNDERSTAND before using.
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  Summary of Contents for Makita 217D

  • Page 1 Cordless Driver Drill Equipped with Electric Brake MODEL 6217D MODEL 6237D MODEL 6317D MODEL 6337D MODEL 6347D I N S T R U C T I O N M A N U A L WARNING: For your personal safety, READ and UNDERSTAND before using.
  • Page 2 Model Steel Wood Capacities Wood screw Machine screw High No load speed (RPM) Overall length Net weight Battery Voltage Cartridge 1222 1233 12 V 1234 1235 1422 1433 14.4 V 1434 1435 1822 1833 18 V 1834 1835 • Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without notice. •...
  • Page 3: General Safety Rules

    GENERAL SAFETY RULES (FOR All BATTERY OPERATED TOOLS) WARNING: Read and understand all instructions. Failure to follow all instructions listed below, may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Work Area 1. Keep your work area clean and well lit. Cluttered benches and dark areas invite acci- dents.
  • Page 4: Specific Safety Rules

    Tool Use and Care 12. Use clamps or other practical way to secure and support the workpiece to a stable platform. Holding the work by hand or against your body is unstable and may lead to loss of control. 13. Do not force tool. Use the correct tool for your application.
  • Page 5 (1) battery charger, (2) battery, and (3) product using battery. 8. Do not touch the drill bit or the workpiece immediately after operation; they may be extremely hot and could burn your skin. 9. Some material contains chemicals which may be toxic.
  • Page 6 5. Use of an attachment not recommended or sold by the battery charger manufac- turer may result in a risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons. 6. To reduce risk of damage to electric plug and cord, pull by plug rather than cord when disconnecting charger.
  • Page 7 3. Do not allow anything to cover or clog the charger vents. 4. Always cover the battery terminals with the battery cover when the battery car- tridge is not used. 5. Do not short the battery cartridge: (1) Do not touch the terminals with any conductive material.
  • Page 8: Functional Description

    FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION 001892 1. Battery cartridge 2. Button 001893 1. Battery cartridge 2. Charging light 3. Battery charger CAUTION: • Always be sure that the tool is switched off and the battery cartridge is removed before adjusting or checking function on the tool. Installing or removing battery cartridge •...
  • Page 9 NOTE: • The battery charger is for charging Makita battery cartridge. Never use it for other purposes or for other manufacturer’s batteries. • When you charge a new battery cartridge or a battery cartridge which has not been used for a long period of time, it may not accept a full charge.
  • Page 10: Switch Action

    This tool is equipped with an electric brake. If the tool consis- tently fails to quickly stop after switch trigger release, have tool serviced at a Makita service center. Reversing switch action This tool has a reversing switch to change the direction of rotation.
  • Page 11: Adjusting The Fastening Torque

    001897 1. Lock button 2. Action mode change lever 001898 1. Adjusting ring 2. Graduations 3. Pointer ASSEMBLY • Do not use the speed change lever while the tool is running. The tool may be damaged. Selecting action mode This tool has an action mode change lever. For drilling, depress the lock button and then slide the action mode change lever to the left ( action mode change lever to the right (...
  • Page 12: Installing Or Removing Driver Bit Or Drill Bit

    2. Bit holder OPERATION 001901 Installing or removing driver bit or drill bit Hold the ring and turn the sleeve counterclockwise to open the chuck jaws. Place the bit in the chuck as far as it will go. Hold the ring firmly and turn the sleeve clockwise to tighten the chuck.
  • Page 13: Drilling Operation

    Nominal diameter of wood screw (mm) 3.1 (1/8”) 3.5 (9/64”) 3.8 (5/32”) 4.5 (11/64”) 4.8 (3/16”) 5.1 (13/64”) 5.5 (7/32”) 5.8 (7/32”) 6.1 (15/64”) • If the tool is operated continuously until the battery cartridge has discharged, allow the tool to rest for 15 minutes before proceeding with a fresh battery.
  • Page 14: Maintenance

    1 minute. Then check the tool while running and elec- tric brake operation when releasing the switch trigger. If elec- tric brake is not working well, ask your local Makita service center for repair.
  • Page 15: Recycling The Battery

    Makita Authorized or Factory Service Centers, always using Makita replacement parts. Recycling the Battery The only way to dispose of a Makita battery is to recycle it. The law prohibits any other method of disposal. To recycle the battery: 1. Remove the battery from the cleaner.
  • Page 17 First-Class Postage Required Post Office will not deliver without proper postage. Makita U.S.A., Inc. 14930 Northam Street La Mirada, CA 90638-5753 Fold...
  • Page 18 Paste 3. How did you learn about this product: Magazine From Dealer Newspaper Store Display Catalog 4. Most favored points are: Design Features Size Price Makita Brand MODEL NO. YEAR SERIAL NO. PHONE 20-29 30-39 40-49 Paste Paste Radio Exhibition...
  • Page 19 CUSTOMER’S RECORD Date Purchased : Send complete tool (prepaid) to one Dealer’s Name & Address of the Makita Factory Service Centers listed, or to an Authorized Makita Service Center. Be sure to attach a letter to the outside of Model No.
  • Page 20: Warranty Policy

    MAKITA LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY Every Makita tool is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. It is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for the period of ONE YEAR from the date of original purchase.

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