Majestic Fireplaces 360DVS2 Homeowner's Installation And Operating Manual

Multisided top/rear vent convertible direct vent.
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IMPORTANT: Read all instructions
and warnings carefully before
starting installation. Failure to follow
these instructions may result in a
possible fire hazard, and will void the
WARNING: If the information in this
manual is not followed exactly, a fire or
explosion may result, causing property
damage, personal injury, or loss of life.
• Installation and service must be per-
formed by a qualified installer, service
agency, or
the gas supplier.
• Do not store or use gasoline or other
flammable vapors and liquids in the
vicinity of this or any other appliance.
If you smell gas:
1. Open windows
2. Do not touch electrical switches.
3. Do not try to light any appliance.
4. Extinguish any open flame.
5. Do not use any telephone in your
6. Immediately call your gas supplier
from a neighbor's phone.
7. Follow your gas supplier's
8. If you cannot reach your gas supplier,
call the fire department.
Multisided Top/Rear Vent
Convertible Direct Vent
Homeowner's Installation
INSTALLER: Leave this manual with the appliance.
CONSUMER: Retain this manual for future reference.
and Operating Manual
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10006326 4/08 Rev. 5

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  • Page 1

    Multisided Top/Rear Vent Convertible Direct Vent Fireplaces: Homeowner’s Installation and Operating Manual INSTALLER: Leave this manual with the appliance. CONSUMER: Retain this manual for future reference. 360DVS2 360DVS3 360DVSL 360DVSR � � �� � � � � � 10006326 4/08 Rev. 5...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Thank you, and Congratulations on your purchase of a CFM Corporation Fireplace. PLEASE READ THE INSTALLATION & OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING APPLIANCE. IMPORTANT: Read all instructions and warnings carefully before starting installation. Failure to follow these instructions fully may result in a possible fire hazard and will void the warranty. Installation and Operating Instructions ...3 Important Curing/Burning Instructions ...3 Fireplace Dimensions ...5...

  • Page 3: Installation And Operating Instructions, Operating Instructions

    WARNING: Check with your electronics manufacturer before installing a television or other electronic de- vice above this fireplace. 360DVS2/ 360DVS3/ 360DVSL/ 360DVSR This appliance may be installed in an aftermarket, per- manently located, manufactured home, or mobile home where not prohibited by local codes.

  • Page 4

    Requirements for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts All gas fitting and installation of this heater shall only be done by a licensed gas fitter or licensed plumber. For all side wall horizontally vented gas fueled equipment installed in every dwelling, building or structure used in whole or in part for residential purposes, including those owned or operated by the Commonwealth and where the side wall exhaust...

  • Page 5: Fireplace Dimensions

    Rear Vent Configuration Electrical Access Gas Line Access Top Vent Configuration Electrical Access Gas Line Access Fig. 1a Fireplace specifications—360DVS2 Ref. 10006326 Fireplace Dimensions - 360DVS2 6326 360DVS2 rear vent specs 6326 360DVS2 Appliance Dimensions top vent specs Rear Vent Configuration 38¹⁄₈”...

  • Page 6: Appliance Dimensions

    Fireplace Dimensions - 360DVS3 / 306DVSL / 360DVSR Rear Vent Configuration Top Vent Configuration Fig. 1b Fireplace specifications—360DVS3/ 360DDVSL/ 360DVSR Ref. Electrical Access Gas Line Access 6326 360DVS3 rear vent specs Electrical Access Gas Line Access 6326 360DVS3 top vent Appliance Dimensions specs Rear Vent Configuration...

  • Page 7: Framing Dimensions

    Rear Vent Configuration Top Vent Configuration Fig. 2a Fireplace framing dimensions—360DVS2 Ref. Rear Vent Configuration 24” (610 mm) minus two times finishing material thickness to be even with face of unit. 38⁵⁄₈” (981 mm) Not to be framed until unit is set in place due to 3¹⁄₈”...

  • Page 8

    Framing Dimensions - 360DVS3 / 360DVSL / 360DVSR Rear Vent Confiration 360DVSL Top Vent Configuration 360DVSL Fig. 2b Fireplace framing dimensions—360DVS3/ 360DVSL/ 360DVSR Ref. Rear Vent Configuration Model 360DVS3 (See Note 1) 38⁵⁄₈” (981 mm) 40⁵⁄₈” (1032 mm) minus one time (1x) finishing material thickness to be even with face of unit. NOTE 1: 24”...

  • Page 9: Locating Your Fireplace, Clearance To Combustibles, Mantels

    Locating Your Fireplace LU584-2 Fig. 3 Locating your gas fireplace 360DVS A Wall Location (Fig. 3) Y (Minimum distance between a glass panel and a locate fireplace parallel wall) = 3’ (914mm) Z (Minimum distance between edge of a glass panel and an adjacent wall) = 3”...

  • Page 10: Hearth, Framing & Finishing, Final Finishing, Gas Specifications, Gas Inlet And Manifold Pressures

    Hearth A hearth is not mandatory; however, for aesthetic purposes, we recommend installing a noncombustible hearth that projects out 12” (305mm) or more from the front of the fireplace. Cold climate installation recommendation: When installing this unit against a noninsu- lated exterior wall or chase, it is mandatory the outer walls be insulated to conform to applicable insulation codes.

  • Page 11: Eb-1 Electrical Junction Box Connection, Remote On/off Switch Installation, Alternate Switch Location

    1/2” Gas Supply 1/2” NPT X 1/2” Flare Shut-Off Valve 3/8” Flex Line (From Valve) Fig. 5 Gas shutoff valve and flex connector. When using copper or flex connector, use only ap- proved fittings. Always provide a union when using FP297A black iron pipe so that the gas line can be easily discon- INSTA VENT FREE...

  • Page 12: Optional Top Vent Application

    Fig. 8 Alternate switch location. Optional Top Vent Application This appliance is shipped as a rear vent unit. If the installation layout requires the unit to be a top vent con- figuration, the appliance can be converted by following the steps below. When removing and refitting the plates and adapter, be sure the associated gasket is undamaged and refitted as required.

  • Page 13: Electronic Gas Control Valve, General Venting

    Electronic Gas Control Valve This appliance may be fitted with a Honeywell ignition module. Installation of the remote ON/OFF starter switch on electronic ignition units (Fig. 12): 1. Thread the wiring through the holes on the side panels of the appliance. Take care not to cut the wire or insulation on metal edges.

  • Page 14: General Venting Information–termination Location

    General Venting Information - Termination Location CFM145a VENT TERMINATION A = Clearance above grade, veranda, porch, deck, or balcony B = Clearance to window or door that may be opened C = Clearance to permanently closed window D = Vertical clearance to ventilated soffit located above the terminal within a horizontal distance of 2’...

  • Page 15: Termination Clearances, Twist Lock Pipes

    Termination Clearances Termination clearances for buildings with combustible and noncombustible exteriors. Inside Corner Combustible 6" (152 mm) Noncombustible 2" (51 mm) Balcony - with no side wall Combustible & Noncombustible 12" (305 mm) *NOTE: Termination in an alcove space (spaces open only on one side and with an overhang) is permitted with the dimensions specified for vinyl or non-vinyl siding and soffits.

  • Page 16: How To Use The Vent Graph

    How to Use the Vent Graph The vent chart should be read in conjunction with the following vent installation instructions to determine the relationship of the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the vent system. 1. Determine the height of the center of the horizontal vent pipe exiting through the outer wall.

  • Page 17

    Vent Opening for Combustible Wall 9³⁄₈” (240mm) 10³⁄₈” (265mm) Vent Opening for Noncombustible Wall 7¹⁄₂” (190mm) Fig. 18 Locate vent opening on rear wall. VO584-100 Vent Opening #8 Screws (2) 2/99 djt Zero Clearance Sleeve Zero Clearance Sleeve CFM135a Fig. 19 Adjustable zero clearance sleeve. STEP 3 Measure the horizontal length requirement for the vent- ing including a 2”...

  • Page 18

    Horizontal plane means no vertical rise exists on this portion of the vent assembly. • The maximum number of 90˚ elbows per side wall installation is three (3). • If a 90˚ elbow is fitted directly on top of the fireplace flange, the maximum horizontal vent run before the termination or a vertical rise is 36”...

  • Page 19

    Vent Opening for Combustible Wall 9³⁄₈” (240mm) 9³⁄₈” (240mm) Vent Opening for Noncombustible Wall 7¹⁄₂” (190mm) Fig. 24 Locate vent opening on rear wall. VO584-100 Vent Opening #8 Screws (2) 2/99 djt Zero Clearance Sleeve Zero Clearance Sleeve CFM135a Fig. 25 Adjustable zero clearance sleeve. STEP 3 Place fireplace into position.

  • Page 20: Below Grade Installation

    2” (51 mm). Secure termination to the wall with screws provided, and caulk around the wall plate to weather- proof. One alternative to screwing the termination directly to the wallis the use of expanding plugs or an approved exterior construction adhesive. Or, you may attach the termination with screws through the inner body into the 4”...

  • Page 21

    Vertical Through-the-Roof Application This Gas Fireplace has been approved for: • Vertical installations up to 40’ (12 m) in height. Up to a 10’ (3 m) horizontal vent run can be installed within the vent system using a maximum of two 90° elbows.

  • Page 22

    Vertical Through-the-Roof Installation 1. Locate your fireplace. 2. Plumb to center of the (4”) flue collar from ceiling above and mark position. 3. Cut an opening equal to 9³⁄₈” x 9³⁄₈” (240 x 240mm). 4. Proceed to plumb for additional openings through the roof.

  • Page 23: Twist Lock Venting Components

    584A venting components rear vent term 4/6/99 djt 584B Vent components 584C Starter Kit Vent components 2/25/99 djt 584D 45 degree elbow Vent Components 2/25/99 djt 90 degree elbow 10/20/99 twistlock 2/25/99 djt 584E 10/20/99 twist lock Venting Components Telescope vent 2/25/99 djt 10/20/99 twist lock 584F...

  • Page 24: Glass Information, Louvre Removal, Window Frame Assembly Removal, Operating Instructions

    Glass Information Only glass approved by CFM Corporation should be used on this fireplace. • The use of any non-approved replacement glass will void all product warranties. • Care must be taken to avoid breakage of the glass. • Do not operate appliance with glass front removed, cracked or broken.

  • Page 25: Glass Cleaning, Ceramic Refractory Installation, Log Installation

    fireplace. 3. Place both side panels along the side of the base. NOTE: 360DVS2 is the only 360DV unit that is fitted with two (2) end vertical panels, as shown in Figure 39. 360DVSL and 360DVSR units are each fitted with one end vertical panel and two side vertical panel.

  • Page 26: Lava Rock & Ember Material Placement, Flame & Temperature Adjustment

    B123 Fig. 40 360DVS log placement. B121 B122 Fig. 41 360DVS log placement. Lava Rock and Ember Material Placement Your log set contains Ember Material and two types of Lava Rocks. Set these materials in place after the logs have been installed. Ember Material (Pt.

  • Page 27: Flame Characteristics

    Turn counterclockwise to increase flame height Fig. 43 Flame adjustment knob for SIT valve. Flame Characteristics FP390 It is important to periodically perform a visual check FLAME ADJUSTMENT KNOB of the pilot and burner flames. Compare them to the 11/21/96 pictorials illustrated below.

  • Page 28: Lighting & Operating Instructions, Operating Instructions

    FOR YOUR SAFETY, READ BEFORE LIGHTING. WARNING: If you do not follow these instructions exactly, a fire or explosion may result, causing property damage, personal injury or loss of life. A. This heater has a pilot light, which must be lit manually.

  • Page 29

    For Fireplaces equipped with SIT822 Gas Valve (EN or EP) Warning: If you do not follow these instructions exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury and loss of life. For your safety, read the following warnings A.

  • Page 30: Troubleshooting The Gas Control System

    Troubleshooting the Gas Control System NOTE: Before troubleshooting the gas control system, be sure external gas shut off is in the “On” position. WARNING: REMOVE GLASS FRONT BEFORE DOING ANY GAS CONTROL SERVICE WORK. SYMPTOM 1. Spark ignitor will not light A.

  • Page 31


  • Page 32

    Troubleshooting – Honeywell VS8421 START Gas Supply On Pilot Lights With Piezo Ignitor PILOT STAYS LIT PILOT LIGHTS MAIN BURNER SYSTEM OK CHECK • Supply Line Hooked Up • Shutoff Valve Open • Lockout Has Engaged. Wait 60 Seconds And Try Again. •...

  • Page 33: Fuel Conversion Instructions

    Fuel Conversion Instructions To convert this appliance from gas type to another, fol- low these instructions. Before proceeding, turn control knob to “OFF” and turn gas supply OFF. Turn OFF any electricity that may be going to the appliance. CAUTION: Logs may be HOT! Allow to cool before proceeding.

  • Page 34

    Fig. 49 Replace regulator. FC108 Honeywell Gas Control Valve (Fig. 50) The Honeywell valve fitted to this unit is suitable for use regulator with LP or Natural Gas. It is converted to the required gas application by installing a color-coded conversion conversion screw.

  • Page 35: Maintenance

    Burner and Burner Compartment It is important to keep the burner and the burner com- partment clean. At least once per year remove the logs and lava rock/ember material. Vacuum and wipe out the burner compartment. Remove and refit the logs per the instructions in this manual.

  • Page 36

    15a/b 34a/b CFM Corporation reserves the right to make changes in design, materials, specifications, prices and discontinue colors and products at any time, without notice. 360DVS Series Units: H63H00, H63I00, H63A00, GFSM2L0, H63B00, H93H00, H93A00, H93B00, H83A00, H83B00, H73A00, H73B00 16a/b 4a/b 6326...

  • Page 37

    Fan Speed Control (optional) Fan Speed Control Knob (optional) Electric Cord Remote ON/OFF switch (RN/RP models) Wiring Harness (remote switch) Remote ON/OFF Switch Kit (incls. bracket) Louvre Assembly, side top. 10006326 360DVS2 360DVS3 360DVSL 10006350 10006350 10006350 10006315 10006315 10006315...

  • Page 38

    34b. SIT822 Gas Control Valve EP Sensing Electrode (w/ Cable) EN/EP Transformer 24V EN/EP Ignition Module Honeywell EP Wire Harness Honeywell EN/EP (Items marked ‘*’ are not shown in the parts illustration) 360DVS2 360DVS3 10000040 10000040 10002411 10002412 52356 52356...

  • Page 39: Fan Kits

    Fan Kits FK24 Fan Assembly This auxiliary fan system increases the efficiency of the circulation of the heated air. The FK24 fan kit allows variable speed control of the circulation fan and also incorporates a heat sensor in the circuit. Specifications 115 Volt / 60Hz / 56 Watts Maintenance...

  • Page 40: Remote Controls, Decorative Trim Frame Kit, Replacement Parts

    Wall-mounted thermostat control Decorative Trim Frame Kit The DV360TKMP Medium Trim Kit in polished brass is available for the 360DVS2 model only. Each kit contains 4 polished brass trim pieces and the necessary attaching screws to frame one side window of the unit.

  • Page 41

    360DVS Series Direct Vent Fireplaces 10006326...

  • Page 42

    360 DVS Series Direct Vent Fireplaces 10006326...

  • Page 43: Warranty

    PRODUCT COVERED BY THIS WARRANTY All Vermont Castings gas stoves, gas inserts, and gas fireplaces, and all Majestic brand gas fireplaces equipped with an Insta-Flame Ceramic Burner, or standard steel tube burner. BASIC WARRANTY CFM Corporation (hereinafter referred to collectively as the Company) warrants that your new Vermont Castings or Majestic Gas Fireplace/ Stove is free from manufacturing and material defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase, subject to the following conditions...

  • Page 44: Energuide

    Efficiency Ratings Model EnerGuide Ratings Fireplace Efficiency (%) 360DVS2RN 62.4 360DVS2RP 62.4 360DVS2EN 62.4 360DVS2EP 62.4 360DVS3RN 62.4 360DVS3RP 62.4 360DVS3EN 62.4 360DVS3EP 62.4 360DVSLRN 62.4 306DVSLRP 62.4 360DVSLEN 62.4 360DVSLEP 62.4 360DVSRRN 62.4 360DVSRRP 62.4 360DVSREN 62.4 360DVSREP 62.4 2695 Meadowvale Blvd.

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