Magnavox ZV427MG9 A Owner's Manual

Magnavox dvd vcr combo user manual.
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Owner's Manual
ZV427MG9 A
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  • Page 2: Connecting To An External Tuner

    Refer to page 44 in the Owner's Manual on how to finalize a disc. For more info, please contact 1-800-605-8610 or visit : Manual Please read the supplied Owner's Manual for the detailed instructions. Align the disc to the disc tray guide.

  • Page 3

    Owner’s Manual for the connection using an S-video cable. Cables used in this connection are as follows: • Audio cable (L/R) x1 (Included) • Video cable x1(Included) For more info, please contact 1-800-605-8610 or visit : HDMI Cable Your TV HDMI IN High...

  • Page 4: Safety Information

    SAFETY INFORMATION The model and serial numbers of this unit may be found on the cabinet. You should record and retain those numbers for future reference. WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT EXPOSE THIS APPARATUS TO RAIN OR MOISTURE.

  • Page 5

    SAFETY INFORMATION CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type. WARNING: Batteries (Battery pack or battery installed) shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire, or the like. LASER SAFETY This apparatus employs a laser.

  • Page 6

    Supplied Accessories remote control (NB887UD) with batteries (AAx2) RCA audio/video cables (WPZ0102TM018/WPZ0102LTE01) owner's manual (1VMN27077) quick guide (1VMN27078) Maintenance Servicing • Please refer to relevant topics on “TROUBLESHOOTING” on pages 86-89 before returning the product. • If this unit becomes inoperative, do not try to correct the problem by yourself.

  • Page 7

    SAFETY INFORMATION Trademark Information is trademark of Eastman Kodak Company. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Digital Recording “Dolby® Digital Recording enables consumers to record high-quality video with stereo sound on recordable DVD discs.

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    Introduction SAFETY INFORMATION ......2 FEATURES ........8 Symbols Used in this Owner’s Manual .

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    Playback INFORMATION ON PLAYBACK ....46 BASIC PLAYBACK ....... 48 Direct Playback .

  • Page 10: Features

    This unit not only plays back DVD, CD and VCR but also offers features for you to record on DVD and edit them after that. The following features are offered with this unit. Recording This unit is compatible with DVD+RW/DVD-RW, which are rewritable repeatedly and DVD+R/DVD-R, which are available for recording once.

  • Page 11: Symbols Used In This Owner's Manual

    Symbols Used in this Owner’s Manual To specify for what disc type each function is, we put the following symbols at the beginning of each item to operate. * DVD-RW/-R recorded in VR mode or non compatible recording format are not playable. * DVD-RW recorded in the mode other than +VR is not recordable on this unit unless you erase all contents in the disc (refer to page 70).

  • Page 12: Functional Overview, Front Panel

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Front Panel 2019 18 17 ( * ) The unit can also be turned on by pressing these buttons or inserting a cassette tape. 1. Cassette compartment (VCR) Insert a cassette tape here. 2. A OPEN/CLOSE button (DVD)* Press to open or close the disc tray.

  • Page 13: Rear Panel

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Rear Panel 1. AC Power Cord • Connect to a standard AC outlet to supply power to this unit. • Unplug this cord from the AC outlet to completely shut down the unit. 2. HDMI OUT jack Use an HDMI cable to connect to a display with an HDMI compatible port.

  • Page 14: Remote Control

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Remote Control Installing the Batteries in the Remote Control Install the batteries (AAx2) matching the polarity indicated inside battery compartment of the remote control. Open the cover. Insert batteries. Make sure to match + and - on the batteries to the marks indicated in the battery compartment.

  • Page 15

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW 1. STANDBY-ON y y button (DVD/VCR) • Press to turn on the unit, or to turn the unit to the standby mode. (To completely shut down the unit, you must unplug the AC power cord.) 2. Number/Character buttons (DVD/VCR) •...

  • Page 16: Front Panel Display

    FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW Front Panel Display : Appears in the afternoon with the clock display. 2. Title / track / file and chapter mark : Appears when indicating a title / track / file number. : Appears when indicating a chapter number. 3.

  • Page 17: Connection, Connecting To An External Tuner, Tv Connection Overview

    Read this first: 1) Disconnect the AC power cords of the devices from the AC outlet. 2) Make the connection as illustrated below. 3) After making all the connections, connect the AC power cords of the devices. • Connect this unit directly to the TV. If the RCA audio/video cables are connected to a VCR, pictures may be distorted due to the copy protection system.

  • Page 18: Compatible Port, Connecting To A Tv With

    Connecting to a TV with an HDMI™ Compatible Port • HDMI outputs the video / audio signals without converting to analog signals. • No audio connection is required. HDMI OUT Do not tilt the connector when inserting it into the HDMI jack, and make sure the shapes of the jack and the connector are matched.

  • Page 19: Component Video Input Jacks, Connecting To A Tv With An S-video Input Jack

    Connecting to a TV with Component Video Input jacks RCA audio cable RCA component video cable AUDIO (Green) (Blue) (Red) rear of this unit Supplied cables used in this connection are as follows: • RCA audio cable (L/R) x 1 Please purchase the rest of the necessary cables at your local store.

  • Page 20: Connecting To A Tv With Audio / Video Input Jacks, Audio / Video Input Jacks

    Connecting to a TV with Audio / Video Input Jacks IN --- AUDIO --- OUT IN --- VIDEO --- OUT rear of this unit Supplied cables used in this connection are as follows: • RCA audio cable (L/R) x 1 •...

  • Page 21: Digital Audio Connection

    Digital Audio Connection Coaxial Cable Connection Dolby Digital decoder COAXIAL digital audio coaxial input jack HDMI Audio Connection AV receiver / amplifier with an HDMI input jack HDMI HDMI IN cable To set up “HDMI Audio” refer to pages 73 and 81. To set up “Dolby Digital”...

  • Page 22: Before You Start, Finding The Viewing Channel On Your Tv

    Refer to your TV’s user manual for details. • If more than 10 minutes have passed since you have turned on the unit, you may see the MAGNAVOX screen saver instead of “Initial Setup” menu. MAGNAVOX screen saver: INPUT, TV/VCR,...

  • Page 23: Guide To On-screen Display / Menu

    This unit uses the following on-screen displays and menus to guide you to the easy operations. The on-screen displays give you the information on the loaded disc or the disc/file in playback, or the HDMI status, etc. The menus allow you to change the various kinds of settings for playing back, recording, or editing to suit your preference. Guide to On-Screen Display / Menu The on-screen display changes in the following order as you press [DISPLAY].

  • Page 24

    VCR Information VCR mode 0:00:00 * This is an example screen only for explanation. Displayed items vary depending on the cassette tape you inserted. * During stop mode or pause, VCR information is not available with HDMI connection. 1. Indicates current video status. 2.

  • Page 25: Main Menu

    Main Menu Press [SETUP] to display the main menu. Then use [K / L] to select a menu and press [OK] to display the menu. These menus provide entries to all main functions of the unit. Setup General Setting Timer Programming Title List Disc Edit DISC Playback Mode...

  • Page 26: Switching Dvd / Vcr Mode, How To Insert A Disc / Cassette Tape

    Switching DVD / VCR Mode Because this product is a combination of a VCR and a DVD recorder, you must select first which component you wish to operate. DVD mode Press [SOURCE] on the front panel, or press [DVD] on the remote control.

  • Page 27: Initial Setting

    INITIAL SETTING You need to follow these steps when you turn on this unit for the first time. Follow the procedure in “Finding the Viewing Channel on Your TV” on page 20 to display “Initial Setup” menu. Use [K / L] to select your desired language, then press [OK].

  • Page 28: Setting The Clock

    SETTING THE CLOCK Set the clock before you try the timer programming. Follow these steps below. Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [OK]. “General Setting” menu will appear. Use [K / L] to select “Clock”, then press [OK].

  • Page 29: Information On Dvd Recording

    INFORMATION ON DVD RECORDING Before you make a recording, read the following information. Recordable Discs This unit can record to DVD+RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD-R. DVD+R/DVD-R can only be recorded to once. DVD+RW/ DVD-RW can be recorded to and erased many times. DVD-RW/-R will be recorded in the DVD+VR mode automatically in this unit.

  • Page 30: Before Recording, Make Recording Compatible, Setting For Auto Chapter

    BEFORE RECORDING Make Recording Compatible Use this feature to make the unfinalized +VR mode discs recorded on other unit recordable on this unit. When you make an additional recording on this unit with “Make Recording Compatible” set to “ON”, the title menu is automatically converted to our style.

  • Page 31: One-touch Timer Recording

    BASIC RECORDING & ONE-TOUCH TIMER RECORDING Follow the steps to record TV programs from an external tuner. This unit has no tuner system so cannot receive TV broadcasts without external tuner or such devices. Press [DVD] first. Insert a recordable disc (refer to page 24 on how to insert a disc).

  • Page 32

    BASIC RECORDING & ONE-TOUCH TIMER RECORDING Press [REC] to start recording. “I” will be displayed for 4 seconds. SP(2Hr) Press [PAUSE F] to pause recording. Press [PAUSE F] ] or [REC] again to restart recording. To set one-touch timer recording (OTR)... This is a simple way to set the recording time in blocks of 30 minutes.

  • Page 33: Timer Recording

    TIMER RECORDING You can program the unit to record up to 12 programs within a month in advance. Daily or weekly program recordings are also available. Before recording, make sure • Set the clock before setting a timer programming. • Insert a recordable disc with enough recordable space. Note •...

  • Page 34

    Use [K / L / s / B] or [the Number buttons] to enter the start and end time, then press [B]. Date Start JAN/02 - - : - - 12 : 00AM L1/L2 REC To Mode 2h00m • You cannot make a program which recording time exceeds 12 hours.

  • Page 35

    To stop the timer recording in progress 1) Press [STOP C ] on the remote control. 2) Confirmation message will appear. Select “Yes”, then press [OK]. • To stop the timer recording immediately, press [ C STOP] on the unit. Checking, canceling, or correcting the timer programming information 1) Press [TIMER SET].

  • Page 36: Hints For Timer Recording

    Hints for Timer Recording • If there is a power failure or this unit has been unplugged for more than 30 seconds, the clock setting and all timer programming will be lost. • If a disc is not inserted, "DVD" on the front panel display flashes and timer recording cannot be performed.

  • Page 37: Satellite Link

    SATELLITE LINK You can set the unit to start recording whenever it detects the video signal from the external tuner. Preparing for the satellite link timer recording: Preparation on the tuner • Satellite link accepts only the connection from L1 (rear) with the external tuner.

  • Page 38

    Press [OK]. “To Standby Mode” is highlighted. Press [OK] again. Satellite Link Start Mode 5:00PM SP (2Hr) To Standby Mode In a second, the unit will be turned off automatically as it goes into the satellite link standby mode. To cancel the satellite link function while in the satellite link standby mode: Press [TIMER SET] to turn on the unit.

  • Page 39: Overwriting Unnecessary Title, Overwriting From The Beginning Of The Title

    OVERWRITING UNNECESSARY TITLE Overwriting from the Beginning of the Title You can overwrite the existing title from the beginning. 1) Press [STANDBY-ON y y ]. Make sure that the TV input is set on the unit. 2) Load the disc that includes a title to be overwritten. It takes a while to display the title list.

  • Page 40: Hints For Overwriting

    OVERWRITING UNNECESSARY TITLE Hints for Overwriting When you overwrite on the unnecessary title, there were various circumstances such as follows. Please note that following cases only describe the overwriting without any recording mode discrepancy. To avoid accidental deletion please check if there is no important title after the overwriting point. When overwriting title is shorter than the existing title: (overwriting from the beginning of the title) overwrite...

  • Page 41: Settings For An External Device, Connection To An External Device, Setting For The Video Input

    SETTINGS FOR AN EXTERNAL DEVICE Connection to an External Device Connect the external device properly to the unit by using input jacks either L2 (Front) or L1 (Rear). When connecting an external device of monaural output to this unit, use AUDIO L jack of L2 (Front) or L1 (Rear). Use S-video or the RCA audio/video cables for this connection.

  • Page 42: Recording From An External Device

    SETTINGS FOR AN EXTERNAL DEVICE Recording from an External Device Before recording from an external device, refer to the instructions for the connection on page 39. Recording to a DVD Press [DVD]. Insert a recordable disc (refer to page 24 on how to insert a disc). It takes a while to load the disc.

  • Page 43: Bi-directional Dubbing

    BI-DIRECTIONAL DUBBING You can copy contents in a DVD to a cassette tape, or do vice versa. This function is available only when the contents are not copy-protected. (Before you start, refer to page 27 for the list of compatible discs.) Note for dubbing •...

  • Page 44

    BI-DIRECTIONAL DUBBING VCR to DVD Use [K / L] to select “VCR DVD”, then press [OK]. Dubbing Mode Press [SETUP] to exit. Press [VCR], then press [PLAY B] to find the point where you wish to start dubbing. Press [PAUSE F] when you come to the desired start point.

  • Page 45: Setting A Disc To Protect

    SETTING A DISC TO PROTECT To prevent accidental recording, editing or erasing the titles, you can protect them from “Disc Edit” menu. Note To cancel the disc protect: • When you insert a disc protected with this unit, “Disc Protect ON OFF”...

  • Page 46: Playing The Discs On Other Dvd Players, Finalizing A Disc

    PLAYING THE DISCS ON OTHER DVD PLAYERS Finalizing a Disc You will need to finalize DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD-R to play them back on other DVD players. Finalizing may take several minutes up to an hour. A shorter recording period on the disc will require a longer time period for finalization.

  • Page 47: Auto Finalizing

    PLAYING THE DISCS ON OTHER DVD PLAYERS Auto Finalizing You can finalize discs automatically using this function. You can use this function to finalize discs after finishing timer recordings and at the end of the disc space. Note • This function is not available after finishing daily or weekly program recording.

  • Page 48: Information On Playback

    INFORMATION ON PLAYBACK Before you play back DVD, read the following information. Playable Discs and Files This unit is compatible to play back the following discs. To play back a DVD, make sure that it meets the requirements for region codes and color systems as described below.

  • Page 49

    INFORMATION ON PLAYBACK PBC (playback control) for Video CD You can select images or information on the menu screen by activating the PBC (playback control) function of the video CD. This unit conforms to ver.1.1 and ver. 2.0 of video CD standard with PBC function.

  • Page 50: Basic Playback, Direct Playback

    BASIC PLAYBACK Direct Playback Note • Some discs may start playback automatically. • You can select images or information on the menu screen by activating PBC (playback control) function (page 47). • Playback will stop when you change the output mode. Press [DVD] first.

  • Page 51: Playback From The Title List

    Playback from the Title List Press [DVD] first. Insert a playable disc (refer to page 24 on how to insert a disc). * Make sure the disc is compatible with this unit. (Refer to page 46 for the list of compatible discs.) It may take a while to load the disc.

  • Page 52: With Mp3 / Jpeg Files

    Playing Back an Audio CD and a CD-RW / -R with MP3 / JPEG Files Note • The audio source of MP3 files cannot be recorded as digital sound by an MD or DAT deck. • Files whose extension is other than “.mp3(MP3)” or “.

  • Page 53: Using The Title / Disc Menu, Pause

    Playing Back an Audio CD and a CD-RW / -R with MP3 / JPEG Files (cont’d) Kodak Picture CD The Picture CD is a service to convert photographs taken by a conventional film camera into digital data and write the data on a CD. You can enjoy picture images on the TV set by playing back the Picture CDs.

  • Page 54: Special Playback, Resume Playback, Fast Forward / Fast Reverse Playback, Skipping Tv Commercials During Playback

    SPECIAL PLAYBACK Resume Playback You can play back from where you stopped playing back the disc last. 1) During playback, press [STOP C]. The resume message will appear. Resume ON 2) Press [PLAY B]. In a few seconds, playback will resume from the point at which it stopped last.

  • Page 55: Step By Step Playback, Slow Forward / Slow Reverse Playback, Zoom

    Step by Step Playback 1) During playback, press [PAUSE F]. Playback will be paused and sound will be muted. 2) Press [G] repeatedly. Playback will advance one frame (or step) at a time when you press [G] with the sound muted. To play back step by step backward: Press [H] repeatedly.

  • Page 56: Marker Setting, Repeat Playback

    Marker Setting This feature allows you to assign a specific point on a disc to be called back later. 1) During playback, press [DISPLAY] to bring up the display menu. If the display menu is already shown, skip to step 2. 2) Use [{ / B] to select to display the marker list.

  • Page 57: Random Playback, Slide Show, Program Playback

    Random Playback You can play back a disc randomly instead of playing back in the original order. 1) Press [SETUP]. 2) Use [K / L] to select “DISC Playback Mode”, then press [OK]. “DISC Playback Mode” menu will appear. For MP3, use [K / L] to select “Music”, then press [OK]. For JPEG, use [K / L] to select “Photo”, then press [OK].

  • Page 58: Search, Title / Chapter Search, Track Search

    Title / Chapter Search Using [H] / [G] 1) During playback, press [G] to skip the current title or chapter and move to the next. The title or chapter will move forward by one at a time. • If there is no chapter in one title, the current title will be skipped.

  • Page 59: Time Search

    Time Search 1) During playback, press [DISPLAY] to bring up the display menu. If the display menu is already shown, skip to step 2. 2) Use [{ / B] to select , then press [OK]. e.g.) DVD-video 1/ 5 1/ 5 0:01:00 / 1:23:45 DVD Video e.g.) audio CD...

  • Page 60: Selecting The Format Of Audio And Video, Switching Subtitles, Switching Audio Soundtrack

    SELECTING THE FORMAT OF AUDIO AND VIDEO You can select the format of audio and video as you prefer depending on the contents of the disc you are playing back. Switching Subtitles DVD-video may have subtitles in 1 or more languages. Available subtitle languages can be found on the disc case.

  • Page 61: Switching Virtual Surround System, Switching Camera Angles, Reducing Block Noise

    SELECTING THE FORMAT OF AUDIO AND VIDEO Switching Virtual Surround System You can enjoy stereophonic virtual space through your existing 2 channel stereo system. 1) During playback, press [DISPLAY] to bring up the display menu. If the display menu is already shown, skip to step 2. 2) Use [{ / B] to select to display the selection menu.

  • Page 62: Information On Disc Editing, Guide To A Title List, Editing Discs

    INFORMATION ON DISC EDITING Guide to a Title List Title list allows you to check the titles recorded on the disc easily. You can choose a title to play back from this list and easily edit the titles as you prefer. Press [DVD], then press [TITLE].

  • Page 63: Editing Discs, Deleting A Title

    Deleting a Title You can delete a title which you do not need anymore. Please be advised that the titles once deleted cannot be brought back to the disc. For DVD+RW/DVD-RW, when the last recorded title in the title list is deleted, the available disc space to record on will be increased.

  • Page 64: Putting Names On Titles

    Putting Names on Titles You can put title names on the titles and change the names from this menu. Follow steps 1 to 3 in “Deleting a Title” on page 61 to display “Edit” menu. Use [K / L] to select “Edit Title Name”, then press [OK].

  • Page 65: Setting Chapter Marks

    Setting Chapter Marks You can put chapter marks in each title. Once a chapter is marked, you can use it for the chapter search feature. Note • When the number of chapter marks in a title is 99 and the number of chapter marks in a disc is 254, chapter marks cannot be added.

  • Page 66: Clearing Chapter Marks

    Clearing Chapter Marks Note • Remaining time of the disc may decrease when adding chapter marks or increase when clearing chapter marks depending on the recording time or edited contents. • You cannot delete the chapter mark 1. EDITING DISCS Follow steps 1 to 3 in “Deleting a Title”...

  • Page 67

    Clearing Chapter Marks (cont’d) Note • Remaining time of the disc may decrease when adding chapter marks or increase when clearing chapter marks depending on the recording time or edited contents. EDITING DISCS To delete all chapter marks: Follow steps 1 to 3 in “Deleting a Title”...

  • Page 68: Hiding Chapters

    Hiding Chapters You can hide chapters from the title list. Hidden chapters are skipped during playback. Note • ”Hidden” will be displayed in the preview window while previewing the hidden chapter. • When you make all chapters in the title “Hidden”, “Hidden”...

  • Page 69: Setting Pictures For Thumbnails

    Setting Pictures for Thumbnails You can set your desired scene as a thumbnail for each title. Note • If the selected picture for a thumbnail is overwritten, the thumbnail is reset to the first scene of the title. EDITING DISCS Follow steps 1 to 3 in “Deleting a Title”...

  • Page 70: Dividing A Title

    Dividing a Title You can divide one title into 2 new titles. Note • You cannot divide a title of the disc when the number of recording titles reaches the maximum of 49, and the number of recording chapters reaches the maximum of 254.

  • Page 71: Putting Name On Disc

    Putting Name on Disc You can put a name on the disc and change it from this menu. Note • You cannot select “Disc Edit” when finalized DVD+R or DVD-R is inserted. EDITING DISCS Press [STOP C] if you are playing back a disc. Press [SETUP].

  • Page 72: Erasing Disc

    Erasing Disc You can erase all titles on a disc. Note • When you select “Yes” at step 3, all contents of the disc will be erased. EDITING DISCS Press [STOP C] if you are playing back a disc. Follow steps 1 to 2 in “Putting Name on Disc”...

  • Page 73: Making Edits Compatible

    Making Edits Compatible If you have added or deleted chapters, or made chapters hidden, you must perform “Make Edits Compatible” to see those effects on other unit. EDITING DISCS Press [STOP C] if you are playing back a disc. Follow steps 1 to 2 in “Putting Name on Disc”...

  • Page 74: List Of Settings

    LIST OF SETTINGS The following table is the contents which you can set and the default setting. Refer to the following table for useful operation. Setup Items (highlight is the default) Playback Parental Lock Pages 74-76 Disc Audio Disc Menu Language Audio Language Subtitle Language Angle Icon...

  • Page 75

    Setup Items (highlight is the default) Display V-Chip Change Pages 77-79 Password Video Progressive Scan Page 80 TV Aspect Video Input L1(Rear) Page 39 L2(Front) Recording Auto Chapter Page 28 Auto Finalize Disc Full Page 45 End of Timer Rec ON Dubbing Mode Make Recording Compatible Page 28...

  • Page 76: Setups, Playback

    Playback SETUPS Press [STOP C] if you are playing back a disc. Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [OK]. “General Setting” menu will appear. Use [K / L] to select “Playback”, then press [OK]. General Setting Playback Display...

  • Page 77

    Playback (cont’d) Parental Lock (Default: OFF) Some DVD-video feature a parental lock level. Playback will stop if the ratings exceed the levels you set, it will require you to enter a password before the disc will playback. This feature prevents your children from viewing inappropriate material.

  • Page 78

    Playback (cont’d) Dolby Digital (Default : Stream) Use [K / L] to select a setting, then press [OK]. Dolby Digital Stream Your setting will be activated. : Converts the Dolby Digital into PCM (2 channel). When your amplifier/decoder is NOT compatible with Dolby Digital, set to “PCM”.

  • Page 79: Display

    Display SETUPS Press [STOP C] if you are playing back a disc. Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [OK]. Use [K / L] to select “Display”, then press [OK]. Use [K / L] to select a desired item, then press [OK].

  • Page 80

    Display (cont’d) FL Dimmer (Default: Bright) Set the front panel display brightness. Use [K / L] to select a setting, then press [OK]. FL Dimmer Auto Bright Dark You can choose one from “Auto”, “Bright” and “Dark”. If “Auto” is selected, the display gets dark when the power is in the standby mode.

  • Page 81

    Display (cont’d) [Canadian French Rating] Rating Category 18 ans+ Adult audience only 16 ans+ Unsuitable for ages under 16 13 ans+ Unsuitable for ages under 13 8 ans+ Unsuitable for ages under 8 General audience Exempt program As for TV Rating’s TV-MA, TV-14, TV-PG, or TV-Y7, you can further set the sub ratings to block specific elements of programming.

  • Page 82: Video

    Video Press [STOP C] if you are playing back a disc. Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [OK]. Use [K / L] to select “Video”, then press [OK]. Use [K / L] to select a desired item, then press [OK].

  • Page 83: Hdmi

    HDMI Press [SETUP] in stop mode and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press [OK]. Use [K / L] to select “HDMI”, then press [OK]. General Setting Playback Display Video Recording Clock HDMI Reset All • You cannot select HDMI when an HDMI cable is not connected and the items are shown in grey color.

  • Page 84: Reset All

    Reset All Reset the setting to default. Note • The settings listed below will remain unchanged even after resetting to the factory default. – OSD language setting – Clock setting – Parental lock setting – V-chip setting – Timer programming information SETUPS Press [SETUP] and use [K / L] to select “General Setting”, then press...

  • Page 85: Vcr Functions, Information On Vcr Functions, Playback, Recording

    VCR FUNCTIONS Information on VCR Functions Caution on using S-video, component, or HDMI connection for VCR: • Only the playback audio / video are available with these connections. • Under the condition listed below, the playback image cannot be viewed. Use the standard video connection, in such case; - during DVD recording.

  • Page 86: One-touch Timer Recording (otr), Index Search

    One-touch Timer Recording (OTR) This feature allows you to set the recording length simply by pressing [REC] on the remote control. Press [VCR] first. 1) Insert a recordable tape with an erase-protection tab intact. 2) Select the recording mode using [REC MODE]. (Refer to “Note for DVD to VCR duplication”...

  • Page 87: Other Operations, Time Search

    Time Search This feature allows you to go to a specific point on a cassette tape by entering the exact amount of time you wish to skip in order to reach the point. Press [VCR] first. 1) Press [SEARCH] repeatedly so that “TIME SEARCH” menu appears.

  • Page 88: Troubleshooting

    TROUBLESHOOTING Before requesting service for this unit, check the table below for a possible cause of the problem you are experiencing. Some simple checks or a minor adjustment on your part may eliminate the problem and restore proper operation. The power does not turn on. There is no picture.

  • Page 89

    TROUBLESHOOTING Symptom There is no sound or the sound is distorted. Setup menu cannot be called up. There is no picture. Picture noise appears. There is no sound. Sound is noisy. No DTS sound is output. The disc does not play back. Discs recorded on this unit cannot be played back on other DVD players.

  • Page 90

    Symptom The disc tray does not open when you press [OPEN/CLOSE A]. “Repairing” appears on the TV screen. Repairing In a case you intend to cancel the repairing process. Do you want to cancel a repairing process? When selecting “Yes”, the disc may not be usable.

  • Page 91

    Disc Error message Disc Error — Please eject the disc. — Playback feature may not be available on this Disc. Region Error — Please eject the disc. — Playback is not authorized in your region. Parental Lock On The current selected parental level prohibits playback.

  • Page 92: Language Code

    LANGUAGE CODE Language Code Abkhazian 4748 Afar 4747 Afrikaans 4752 Albanian 6563 Amharic 4759 Arabic 4764 Armenian 5471 Assamese 4765 Aymara 4771 Azerbaijani 4772 Bashkir 4847 Basque 5167 Bengali;Bangla 4860 Bhutani 5072 Bihari 4854 Bislama 4855 Breton 4864 Bulgarian 4853 Burmese 5971 Byelorussian...

  • Page 93: Glossary

    Analog Audio An electrical signal that directly represents sound. Compare this to digital audio which can be an electrical signal, but is an indirect representation of sound. See also “Digital Audio”. Aspect Ratio The width of a TV screen relative to its height. Conventional TVs are 4:3 (in other words, the TV screen is almost square);...

  • Page 94: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS General VCR video heads Power requirements Power consumption Dimensions (width x height x depth) Weight Operating temperature Operating humidity Recording Recording format Recording discs Video recording format Sampling frequency Compression format Audio recording format Sampling frequency Compression format Terminals Audio input RCA jack x 2 Video input...

  • Page 95: EspaÑol

    Discos Reproducibles Este aparato es compatible con la reproducción de los siguientes discos y archivos. Discos reproducibles DVD-video DVD+RW DVD+R DVD-RW (Sólo discos en modo de video finalizados) DVD-R (Sólo discos en modo de video finalizados) CD-DA (CD de audio) CD de video CD-RW CD-R...

  • Page 96

    Conexión Básica IN --- AUDIO --- OUT cable RCA de audio IN --- VIDEO --- OUT cable RCA de video parte trasera de este aparato Conexión a un Televisor con un Puerto Compatible con HDMI™ • HDMI emite las señales de video / audio sin convertirlas en señales analógicas. •...

  • Page 97

    Configuración Inicial Cuando usted encienda este aparato por primera vez necesita seguir estos pasos. Presione [STANDBY-ON y y ]. Encienda el televisor. Seleccione la entrada a la cual está conectado el aparato. Utilice [K / L] para seleccionar su idioma deseado, y luego presione [OK] para establecerlo.

  • Page 98

    Grabación con Temporizador Usted puede programar el equipo para que grabe hasta 12 programas, con un mes de anticipación. También hay disponibles grabaciones de programas diarias o semanales. Antes de grabar, asegúrese de que • Antes de establecer una programación del temporizador configure el reloj.

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  • Page 100: Limited Warranty

    CORP. will not reimburse you for any service done by unauthorized service providers without prior written approval. To locate your nearest AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER or for general service inquiries, please contact us at: Printed in China LIMITED WARRANTY FUNAI SERVICE CORPORATION Customer Service Tel: 1-800-605-8610 2200 Spiegel Drive, Groveport, OH 43125 E9P8BUD 1VMN27077 ★★★★★...

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  • Patricia Millette Sep 04, 2016 05:45:
    I have had this unit for many years, and have only used the VHS function a couple of times a few years ago. I am trying to record my Childrens VHS tapes for my grandchild​ren and when I put the VHS in, it stops and grabs a piece of the tape when I try to remove it. I have lost the manual, so I have no "trou​ble shooting&q​uot; info. Can you please tell me what to do. Area fix-it shops ar3e telling me to toss it and toss the VHS tapes too. I am fairly good at tech proceedure​s, and really would love to try to get this running.
  • Alice Clark Aug 08, 2015 11:17:
    Can you record a dvd from computer music files using this recorder