Magnavox ZV427MG9 A Owner's Manual: Vcr Functions; Information On Vcr Functions; Playback; Recording

Digital video disc recorder & video cassette recorder.
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Information on VCR Functions
Caution on using S-video, component, or HDMI connection for VCR:
• Only the playback audio / video are available with these connections.
• Under the condition listed below, the playback image cannot be viewed. Use the standard video connection, in such case;
- during DVD recording.
• HDMI video resolution cannot be changed when the unit is in VCR mode.
Press [VCR] first.
1) Insert a prerecorded tape (refer to page 24 on how
to insert a cassette tape).
2) Press [PLAY B] to start playback.
3) Press [STOP C] to stop playback.
To pause playback:
Press [PAUSE F].
Playback will pause and sound will be muted.
To resume playback:
Press [PLAY B].
• When a cassette tape without erase-protection tab is
inserted, the unit will start playback automatically.
• Tracking will be automatically adjusted upon
playback. To adjust the tracking manually, press
] on the remote control.
• S-VHS cassette tape is not available on this unit.
• Playback will stop when you change the output mode.


Press [VCR] first.
1) Insert a recordable tape with an erase-protection
tab intact.
Accidental erasure prevention
To prevent accidental recording on a
recorded cassette tape, remove its erase-
protection tab. To record on it later, cover
the hole with cellophane tape.
2) Select the recording mode using [REC MODE].
• The desired recording mode is selected in SP
(standard play) or SLP (super long play) mode by
pressing [REC MODE].
Recording mode:
Tape speed
Recording / playback time
Type of tape
SP mode
SLP mode
3) Press [SOURCE] to select the appropriate external
input position (L1/L2) to which your external tuner
is connected.
4) Press [REC] to start recording.
Press [STOP C] to stop the recording.
To pause recording:
Press [PAUSE F].
To resume recording:
Press [PAUSE F] or [REC].
After the unit has been in pause mode for 5 minutes, it
will stop automatically to protect the tape and the
video head from damage.
• Refer to pages 31-34 for instructions on timer recording.
• This function is available only when the unit is
connected by the VIDEO OUT jack.
erase-protection tab


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  • Patricia Millette Sep 04, 2016 05:45:
    I have had this unit for many years, and have only used the VHS function a couple of times a few years ago. I am trying to record my Childrens VHS tapes for my grandchild​ren and when I put the VHS in, it stops and grabs a piece of the tape when I try to remove it. I have lost the manual, so I have no "trou​ble shooting&q​uot; info. Can you please tell me what to do. Area fix-it shops ar3e telling me to toss it and toss the VHS tapes too. I am fairly good at tech proceedure​s, and really would love to try to get this running.
  • Alice Clark Aug 08, 2015 11:17:
    Can you record a dvd from computer music files using this recorder