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Panasonic GP-MH310 series Technical Manual

Hd color camera module.
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Technical Manual
(Ver 1.10)
(Ver 1.03)
Color Camera Module
HD Color Camera Module
GP-MH310 series
Model No.


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   Summary of Contents for Panasonic GP-MH310 series

  • Page 1

    Technical Manual (Ver 1.10) (Ver 1.03) Color Camera Module HD Color Camera Module GP-MH310 series Model No.

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Parts Names and Dimensions … 2 Function Descriptions ……………22 [1] Zoom Control ………………………………… 22 Connection ………………………… 3 [2] Focus Control ………………………………… 22 [1] Connection of the Interface Board and [3] White Balance Control………………………… 23 Camera Unit ……………………………………… 3 [4] IRIS Control …………………………………… 23 [2] Interface Board Specifications …………………...

  • Page 3: Parts Names And Dimensions

    Parts Names and Dimensions ■ GP-HB310 Series CN705 (thin line coaxial cable) CN703 (TRIGGER IN/STROBE OUT) CN704(FFC) Lens ■ Dimensions −2−...

  • Page 4: Connection

    Connection [1] Connection of the Interface Board and Camera Unit Connect the camera unit and the interface board using the FFC (flexible flat cable) or thin line coaxial cable. Connect the various terminals of the interface board using the necessary cables. For composite/component use.

  • Page 5: Interface Board Specifications

    Connection [2] Interface Board Specifications ■ Supply Power Connector Terminal Name Details The initial rising time should be less than 50ms. CN101 thin line coaxial Camera Unit cable Connection CN102 FFC Connector Camera Unit Connection 0.9 VDD CN103 Connector Alarm Signal CN201 HDMI HDMI Output...

  • Page 6: Input-output Terminal Descriptions

    Input-Output Terminal Descriptions [1] Input-Output Terminal Layout and Specifications Power Supply: DC 6-12V Signal Name Function I/O Signal Specifications Number Communication Line Low: Max 0.3V RX TX (Receiving) High: Min 2.3V RESERVE (VCC=3.3V) Communication Line Low: Max 0.2V D DC_IN (Transmitting) High: Min 2.8V DC_IN...

  • Page 7: Compliance Ffc

    [2] Compliant thin line coaxial cable Compliant Connector ( KEL Product Number KEL SSL00-10L3-1000 ) (Lead Free Product) Core Number 10 pin Pitch Between 0.50±0.05 mm Conductors Length of Recommended Under 108.0±0.10 mm Insulation Thickness of Terminal 0.30±0.05 mm [3] Compliant FFC Compliance Compliant Connector: JST 24FTZ-RSM1GAN1TB(LFSN) Core Number 24 pin...

  • Page 8: Communications Protocol

    Communications Protocol [1] Communications Format Checksum Format ⁃ The communication unit is a 4 (min)-24 (max) byte packet. Bit 7 Bit 6 Bit 5 Bit 4 Bit 3 Bit 2 Bit 1 Bit 0 (MSB) (LSB) Communications Speed: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 ・Bit 0-6: Take the value which makes the sum of 38400 bps lower 7 bits from header to the checksum to...

  • Page 9: Communications Flow

    Communications Protocol [2] Communications Flow 3 During Query Command (ACK) Note:Start the transmission of the next data after Transmission Transmission confirming the response command. Source Destination (Unit) The maximum transmission interval of the various byte data is 500 [msec]. If this is Header exceeded, a communication error is detected Message 1...

  • Page 10: Command List For Hb310

    Communications Protocol Model: GP-HB310 [3] Command List for HB310 Message System All Initial 0A CS FF Initialization of Unadjusted EEPROM Values (Set to Factory Defaults) All Menu Initial 0B CS FF Initialization of All Menu Settings Lens Initial 0C CS FF Detection of initial lens position Reset 0D CS FF...

  • Page 11

    Communications Protocol Model: GP-HB310 Message Iris Auto IRIS CS FF (Note 3) Manual IRIS (EI OFF) CS FF Manual IRIS (EI ON) CS FF (Note 3) Iris Level + 0B CS FF Iris level operation Iris Level - 0C CS FF Iris Level Preset 0F CS FF Returns iris levels to factory defaults [Initial value: 40]...

  • Page 12

    Communications Protocol Model: GP-HB310 Message Motion Motion Detector OFF CS FF Motion sensor ON/OFF [Initial value: OFF] (Note 3) Detector Motion Detector ON CS FF Motion Size Preset CS FF Returns detected motion size settings to factory defaults [Initial value: V-Size: 1, H-Size: 1] Motion Size Direct 0q CS FF Detected motion size settings p: V-Size (1-16) q: H-Size (1-...

  • Page 13

    Communications Protocol Model: GP-HB310 Message Privacy Area Mask OFF 0q CS FF p: aspect 0 : 16:9, 1: 4:3 q: Mask number 1-15 (All OFF when 0) (   ) Masking Area Mask ON 0q CS FF aspect(   0 : 16:9, 1: 4:3 )q: Mask number 1-15 (All ON when 0) * Up to 8 masks can be displayed on a single-screen.

  • Page 14: Command List (query) For Hb310

    [4] Command List (Query) for HB310 Message Query Command Response Command System PWR on 01 15 CS FF 01 15 0p CS FF Lens position return function at power p: 0:OFF, 1:ON lens position set VideoOut Mode 01 20 CS FF 01 20 0p 0q CS FF VideoOut Mode p: 0:LVDS 1:Component 2:Composite...

  • Page 15

    Message Query Command Response Command Shutter Shutter Speed Set Mode 80 07 0E CS FF 07 0E 0p CS FF Shutter Long Direct 07 11 CS FF 07 11 0p CS FF Shutter Short Direct 07 12 CS FF 07 12 0p CS FF Sense Up Direct 07 1D CS FF 07 1D 0p CS FF...

  • Page 16

    Message Query Command Response Command DAY/NIGHT D/N LEVEL 28 05 CS FF 28 05 0p CS FF Color/Black and White Switch Level 0: LOW, 1: MID, 2: HIGH, 3: ADJ Set Value D/N ADJ DIRECT 28 06 CS FF 28 06 0p CS FF Color Black and White Switch Level (C->B/W) Manual Set Value...

  • Page 17: Notes

    Communications Protocol Model: GP-HB310 [5] Notes Note 1 Area Settings Divide the screen into 256 areas(16 vertical,16 horizontal). Masking area is "1" and no-masking area is "0". Within the each horizontal line, assign 0 or 1. The right end will become upper bit and left end will become lower bit. One command will set up one horizontal line.

  • Page 18

    Note 2 Receiving Status Refer to the various status commands for contents of the reply when querying the status. Status Command 1 Status1-1 Status1-2 Status1-3 Status1-4 Status1-5 Status1-6 Digital Zoom Focus Privacy Mask "1" Privacy Mask "5" bit0 Reserve (0:OFF/1:ON) (0:Auto/1:Manual) (0:OFF/1:ON) (0:OFF/1:ON)

  • Page 19

    Status Command 4 Status4-1 Status4-2 Status4-3 Status4-4 Status4-5 Status4-6 Status4-7 Status4-8 Focus Motion Settings Privacy Mask "1" Privacy Mask "5" Privacy Mask "9" Privacy Mask "13" Iris mode bit0 Day/Night Mode 0: AI, 1: MI (EI OFF), (0:Auto/1:Manual) (0: OFF/1: ON) (0:OFF/1:ON) (0:OFF/1:ON) (0:OFF/1:ON)

  • Page 20

    Communications Protocol Model: GP-HB310 Note 3 Exclusive processing Setting the motion setting to ⁃ ON Unable to set when: Setting to auto iris mode, when SENSE UP is ⁃ ・ SENSE UP is set in Auto iris mode. Unable to set when: ・...

  • Page 21

    exclusive processing table. Settings to be changed.→ V-RESO UP SENSE UP Manual Iris High speed Prolonged exposure MOTION AUTOPURSUIT Auto Iris (EI ON) shutter mode shutter mode AUTO ↓Current setting. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Auto Iris V-RESO UP ○...

  • Page 22

    Communications Protocol Model: GP-HB310 Note 4 ATW Smart exclusion processing Note 7 Glossary for abbreviation Before issuing an AWC set command set the ATW ATW : Auto Trace White balance Smart to OFF. AWC : Auto White balance Control When setting the ATW Smart to ON again, change MWB : Manual White Balance setting after Onepush Trigger operation is completed...

  • Page 23: Function Descriptions

    Function Descriptions [1] Zoom Control [2] Focus Control Zoom Position Control Manual Focus The zoom can be operated using Tele/Wide or moving The manual focus can be operated using Far/Near or the zoom to a specific position. directly moving the focus to a specific position. Tele/Wide ⁃...

  • Page 24: White Balance Control

    Function Descriptions command so that subjects that are at approximately ⁃ 1m TELE edge (When the Near Limit is 1m) are in Manual White Balance. The R and B gains can each be configured to a range of 0 to 255. focus.

  • Page 25: Agc Control

    Function Descriptions If the illumination of the subject decreases, the [7] Backlight Compensation Prolonged Exposure Control is automatically Multi-Area Light Measuring executed along with the AGC Control. ⁃ The maximum Field Accumulation Time can be This automatically detects the subject area, the configured to a range of 1x to 64x.

  • Page 26: Day/night Switch Control

    Function Descriptions Brightness Level (Y-LEVEL) ⁃ Settings for minimum brightness level when determining movement (Valid for brightness above the configured level) The configuration range is 1 to 10. 1 is the most sensitive to the minimum brightness level. Brightness Difference (Y-Differ) ⁃...

  • Page 27

    Function Descriptions AUTO IRIS(SENS UP OFF) Diagram1 AUTO IRIS(SENS UP ON) Diagram2 AGC Gain AGC Gain Open Open Lens Lens Aperture Aperture Close Close Electronic Electronic Slow Slow Shutter Shutter 1 / 6 0 → 1 / 3 0 ※ 1 1 / 6 0 →...

  • Page 28: Privacy Mask Settings

    Function Descriptions [11] Privacy Mask Settings The upper left and lower right horizontal and vertical coordinates (12 bits each) are each divided into 4 bits Display Area: Aspect Ratio 16:9 (4:3) each. 0x000 0x38D 0x3F3 0x780 (0x000) (0x43C) (0x4B4) (0x8F0) Example) Setting the mask position according to the 0x000(0x000) following parameters...

  • Page 29

    Function Descriptions Usage: Sets the mask position mainly according to the optical. Note: Set using a pan angle range of 0°-360° and Note: Set the mask size to sufficiently cover the mask a tilt angle range of –180°-180°. (Refer to the object.

  • Page 30: Stabilizer

    Function Descriptions [12] Stabilizer ・When the zoom lens, focus lens are in operation, the moving subject is not pursued. By changing the image clipping position, corrects the ・ When the PAN/TILT information is changed, the blurring images due to the shake at the camera. moving subject is not pursued ・...

  • Page 31

    Function Descriptions Auto Pursuit Sample Program /***********************************************/ Auto Pursuit Function /***********************************************/ int screen_shot_exe( uchar lateral_ratio, uchar vertical_ratio, uchar lateral_dir, uchar vertical_dir) lateral_dir p : Movement direction (Lateral) (1: Right, 2: Left) vertical_dir q : Movement direction (Vertical) (1: Up , 2: Down) lateral_ratio rs : Lateral movement distance (%) vertical_ratio...

  • Page 32: Custom Preset Function

    Function Descriptions [14] Custom Preset Function Custom Preset Settings which Custom Preset Default Default Value (Factory setting) setup available will remain after Value Setup available items by commands items power off PWR on lens position set ← ○ ○ VideoOut Mode LVDS 1080i ←...

  • Page 33

    Function Descriptions <General Explanation about Custom Preset Function> The user can set their own default setting, and the settings can be maintained even after power off/on or All Initial. <Command> - C.PRESET COMMAND A0 01 14 00 → All settings memorized at C.MEMORY will be changed back to the Custom Preset Default value. It will not effect the current camera settings.

  • Page 34: Application Software

    Application Software [1] Camera Control Command Transmission Control using the Command Button The camera unit can be controlled by clicking the various command buttons. The command data transmitted and received by the PC can be confirmed using the “SENDING DATA” and “RECEIVING DATA”...

  • Page 35: Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics

    Spectral Sensitivity Characteristics HB310 1000 1100 W a ve l e ngth (nm ) HB310 1000 1100 W a ve l e ngth (nm )

  • Page 36


  • Page 37: Specifications

    Specifications Main Features ●Megapixel ●Day Night Zoom Module ●x10 Optical Zoom, x16 Digital Zoom ●4Megapixels JPEG still shot ●Compact Size Specifications ■Camera 1/2.5" Progressive Scan CMOS Image sensor Number of pixels Effective 4 Megapixels Minimum illumination (approx.) 50IRE Color 2.0lx (F1.8, Gain High), B/W 0.1lx (F1.8, Gain High) Synchronizing System Internal Sync.

  • Page 38: Change History

    Change history 2011.1.18: the issue of ver. 1.10 −36−...

  • Page 39

    Appendix - Zoom ratio and angle of view table (HB310) aspect 16:9 aspect 4:3 aspect 16:9 aspect 4:3 View angle [°] View angle [°] View angle [°] View angle [°] Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Position Ratio Position...

  • Page 40

    Appendix - Zoom ratio and angle of view table (HB310) aspect 16:9 aspect 4:3 View angle [°] View angle [°] Zoom Zoom Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Position Ratio 1250.0 4.853 11.15 6.32 10.65 8.01 1262.5 4.959 10.92 6.19 10.43 7.84 1275.0 5.068 10.69...

  • Page 41

    D i gi tal O u tput F orm a t 1920 x 1080 30P/25P SMPTE274M-1998 (Progressive) 1920 x 1080 60I/50I SMPTE274M-1998 (2:1Interlace) 1280 x 720 60P/50P SMPTE296M-2001 (Progressive) 1600 x 1200 30P/25P Original <System Format> NTSC Sampling Frequency 74.175 MHz (74.25/1.001)

  • Page 42

    Notice on product operations ◆ Please limit under recommended power supply value, and please consider power protection equipment to be installed to the product. ◆ When incorporate this product into your products, please use mounting hole that is shown in this document. Also, according to this document, please use screws that size are proper in each circumstance.

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