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Children In The Household; Before Using For The First Time - Siemens SE 65E332 Instructions For Use Manual

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Children in the household

If fitted, use the childproof lock. An
exact description can be found in the
back of the envelope.
Do not allow children to play with
or operate the appliance.
Keep children away from detergents
and rinse aid. These may cause
chemical burns in the mouth, throat and
eyes or asphyxiation.
Keep children away from an open
dishwasher. There could still be
detergent residue inside.
If the appliance is installed at eye-level,
ensure when opening and closing the
door that children are not caught
or crushed between the appliance door
and the cupboard door situated below.
The appliance may be repaired and
opened up by a technician only. First
disconnect the appliance from the
power supply. Pull out the mains plug
(do not tug the power cord!) or switch
off the fuse. Turn off the tap.
Downloaded from Manuals
Make redundant appliances unusable
to prevent subsequent accidents.
Dispose of the appliance in an
environmentally friendly manner.
Children could get locked in the appliance
(risk of suffocation) or get stuck in other
Therefore: Remove the mains plug, cut the
mains wire and set aside. Damage the
door lock so that the door can no longer
be closed.

Before using for the first time

The appliance was checked before it left
the works. In order to remove possible
water test remains, use the appliance for
the first time without any dishes, using
the highest temperature. Also fill salt, rinse
aid and detergent in the filling


Table of Contents