In Daily Use; If A Fault Occurs; Children In The Household - Siemens SE 66T372 Instructions For Use Manual

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In daily use

Knives and other utensils with sharp points
must be placed in the baskets either flat or
with the points downwards.
Use the dishwasher only in the
household and only for its designed
purpose, i.e. for washing domestic
Do not lean or sit on the open door.
The appliance could tip.
Please note that free-standing
appliances may tip over if the baskets
are overloaded.
The water in the appliance is not
drinking water.
Do not add any solvents to the washing
chamber. Danger of explosion!
Open the door carefully when the
programme is still running. Water could
spray out of the appliance.
To prevent injuries, e.g. caused by
stumbling, open the dishwasher only
briefly in order to load and unload the
Read and observe the safety
information and instructions for use on
the packaging for cleaning and rinsing

Children in the household

Do not let infants play or operate the
Keep cleaning and rinsing agents out of
the reach of infants. These may cause
chemical burns in the mouth, throat and
eyes or asphyxiation.
Keep infants away from the open
dishwasher. It could contain residue of
the cleaning agent.
If the appliance is installed at eye-level,
ensure when opening and closing the
door that children are not caught or
crushed between the appliance door
and the cupboard door situated below.
Downloaded from Manuals
Child-proof lock*
* some models
Comply with the drawings in the back
of the envelope.
Switch on the child-proof lock
Open the door with child-proof lock
switched on
Switch off the child-proof lock
When the door is open, the child-proof
lock offers no protection.

If a fault occurs

Repairs or other work on the
dishwasher should only be carried out
by a qualified specialist.
The dishwasher must be disconnected
from the electricity supply before any
repairs or other work are started. Pull
the mains plug out of the wall socket or
switch off at the fuse box. Grasp the
plug to remove it from the socket; do
not tug on the cable. Turn the water off
at the tap.
When disposing of old
Appliances that have reached the end
of their service life should be rendered
inoperable in order to exclude the
possibility of subsequent accidents. Pull
the mains plug out of the wall socket,
cut through the connecting cable and
disable the door lock.
Take the appliance to a designated
waste disposal centre.
Children could get locked in the appliance
(risk of suffocation) or get stuck in other
Therefore: Remove the mains plug, cut the
mains wire and set aside. Damage the
door lock so that the door can no longer
be closed.


Table of Contents