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Protection Of The Environment; Packaging; Old Appliances; Getting To Know Your Appliance - Siemens SN 56T595 Operating Instructions Manual

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Protection of the environment

Protection of the
o n m e n t
t h e e n v i r
i o n o f
P r o t e c t
Both the packaging of new appliances
and the old appliances themselves
contain valuable raw materials
and recyclable materials.
Please dispose of the individual parts
separated according to type.
Please ask your dealer or inquire at your
local authority about current means
of disposal.


All plastic parts of the appliance are
identified with internationally
standardised abbreviations (e.g. >PS<
polystyrene). Therefore, plastic waste
can be sorted out when the appliance is
being disposed of.
Please follow the safety instructions
under "Delivery".

Old appliances

Please follow the safety instructions
under "Disposal of your appliance".
This appliance is identified
according to the European
guideline 2002/96/EC on waste
electrical and electronic
equipment – WEEE. The
guideline specifies the
framework for an EU-wide valid
return and re-use of old
Downloaded from Manuals
Getting to know your
a p p l i a n c
k n o w y o u r
n g t o
G e t t i
Diagrams of the control panel
and the interior of the appliance can be
found in the envelope at the front.
Individual positions are referred
to in the text.

Control panel

( ON/OFF switch
0 Programme buttons **
8 Digital display
@ Display "Check water supply"
H Salt refill indicator
P Rinse aid refill indicator
X Timer programming display
` Timer programming
h Additional options **
)" START button
)* Door opener
)2 Display window
** Number depending on model