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LOTOS LTP5000D User Manual

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Plasma Cutter LTP5000D



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  • Page 1 LOTOS TECHNOLOGY Plasma Cutter LTP5000D ®...
  • Page 2: Quick Setup

    Lotos Technology LTP5000D Quick Setup Instructions Power plug wiring identification: For either 110 or 220VAC, the GREEN wire with the yellow strip is ground wire. The other two wires are hot wires. 1. Wear a proper hel met (Figure 1.1) to protect your eyes from harmful plasma cutting arc radiation.
  • Page 3 5. Change your consumables (tip, electrode, and cup) when they become worn out. The correct consumable type is PCON. The metal protector on the tip is also replaceable. All accessories and consumables can be purchased at or Lotos’s authorized resellers. Thank you for your business!
  • Page 4 LOTOS Plasma Cutters User Manual Version: 2.0, May 2014 copyright @ Lotos Technology is operated by Lotos Technology ®...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Introduction Overview ................Audience .
  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction Overview Dear Valued Customer: Thank you for purchasing a Lotos Technology plasma cutter! Feel free to check out our other products at The User Manual documents policies and procedures for proper operation of the equipment. IMPORTANT: Be sure to review the contents of this manual before attempting to operate the equipment.
  • Page 7: Safety Precautions

    Safety Precautions - Read Before Using Overview Protect yourself and others from injury — read and follow these precautions. Caution Recommendations • Connect the machine to a UL-approved outlet CAUTION: Welding and arc cutting only. Do not hard wire the machine directly to the can cause bodily injury.
  • Page 8: Fire Or Explosion

    • Keep cylinders away from any welding or other falling or tipping. electrical circuits. If you encounter any difficulties during set up or operation: • Consult this manual. • Contact Lotos Customer Service by visiting
  • Page 9: Description

    • Power efficiency and low noise output • High cutting speed • Smooth cuts Specifications ®...
  • Page 10 Torch Type Torch Type Model Amperage Consumable Type LCON0120 3 prong LCON LCON0140 CL0103 cutting torch LCON0190 PCON0120 PCON0140 Extended 3 prong CL0203 PCON0190 LCON cutting torch Consumables Package Total Part Number Nozzle Electrode Shield Cup Package Type Pieces PN01 x 10, PCON0120 PN01 PE01...
  • Page 11 10 gauge Mild Steel 10 gauge Stainless Steel Aluminum *Production cut thickness are the results of Lotos’ laboratory testing. Production speeds are approximately 80% of maximum. For optimum cut quality, cutting speeds may vary based on different cutting applications. ®...
  • Page 12: Adjustor Diagram

    Cutting Problem Current Indicator Adjust Power Switch Cutting Torch & Air Switch Figure 2.1: Adjustor Diagram Ground Plug Pilot Arc Connection Connection Power Cable Inlet Figure 2.2: Power Cord Plug Connection Figure 2.3: Air Regulator Configuration ®...
  • Page 13: Connecting Cables To Machine

    Ground Air Compressor Filter Ground Clamp Work Piece Torch Figure 2.4: Connecting Cables to Machine ®...
  • Page 14: Installations

    Installation Power Cord Plug Connection (Figure 2.2) 1. Be sure to connect the power cord plug to the appropriate power voltage, and use a proper hookup to avoid damage to internal circuitry. Typically, the ground wire is GREEN with a YELLOW stripe.
  • Page 15 Operating the Plasma Cutter 5. Adjust the air pressure on your air compressor to 60 – 65 psi for the machine. 6. Bring the torch tip into direct contact with your work piece edge or, for thicker cutting, over a pre-drilled pilot hole. Press the button on the torch to start cutting. 7.
  • Page 16: Instruction Notes

    Instruction Notes Cutting Environment 1. The cutting machine can perform in an environment where conditions are particularly harsh: it can withstand outside temperatures between 14 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity level of up to 80%. 2. Please try to keep machine dry. Safety 1.
  • Page 17: Trouble Shooting Guide

    The following trouble shooting guide is for your reference only. Lotos Technology will NOT take any liability or responsibility for any injury or damage caused in such action(s). Always turn off electrical power and air supply before performing inspection and reconnection.
  • Page 18: Plug Wiring Instructions

    Plug Wiring Instruction Do not attempt to wire or handle high voltage without proper training. Contact an electrician to help you install an electrical outlet or connect an electrical plug to your machine. Regardless of which machine you have, it will require power to operate properly. Do not assume you know which wires to connect until you read this manual completely as colors may be deceiving.
  • Page 19 ®...