Honeywell Captuvo SL42 Quick Start Manual

Honeywell Captuvo SL42 Quick Start Manual

Enterprise sled for apple iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus
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Enterprise Sled for Apple
Quick Start Guide
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Rev A 07/15


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Honeywell Captuvo SL42

  • Page 1 Captuvo SL42 ™ Enterprise Sled for Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ® ® ® Quick Start Guide Aller à pour le français. Vai a per l'italiano. Gehe zu für Deutsch. Ir a para español. Перейти...
  • Page 2: Getting Started

    Note: Honeywell is not an authorized Apple repair center. Please return only your sled to us for repair. Honeywell is not liable for any non-Honeywell product shipped to our repair center. Note: Refer to your Apple iPhone documentation for important product and safety information.
  • Page 3: Front View

    Front View Volume Buttons Door Release Scan Button Audio Jack Access Phone Sleep/ Wake Button Scan Button Speaker DC Power Jack MicroUSB Port...
  • Page 4: Back View

    Back View Hand Strap Connector Battery Door Scan Button Imager iPhone Sleep/ Wake Button Main Camera Access...
  • Page 5: Inserting The Battery

    Ensure all components are dry prior to mating sleds/batteries with peripheral devices. Mating wet components may cause damage not covered by the warranty. We recommend use of Honeywell Li-Ion battery packs. Use of any non-Honeywell battery may result in damage not covered by the warranty.
  • Page 6 Battery Door MicroUSB Port (use to update firmware)
  • Page 7 Sled Security Mechanism Note: To reduce the risk of the Apple iPhone being removed or disengaging from the sled, we recommend that you lock the security mechanism(s). The iPhone 6 Plus sled has two security mechanisms. TORX (T5) Security Mechanism (iPhone 6 Plus) Security Mechanism Security Mechanism...
  • Page 8 Installing the Apple iPhone into Sled 1. Remove the security mechanism screw(s) and open the door by pulling the top toward the front of the sled. The door can be then be pulled up and rotated out. 2. Slide your phone into the sled. Note: Be careful that the connectors are not accidentally damaged.
  • Page 9 Charging Using Wall Adapter Note: If you use the wall adapter, both the sled and the iPhone charge simultaneously.
  • Page 10 Transferring Data Using USB to PC Note: You can transfer data when the iPhone is in the sled and it is connected to a PC/laptop using an over-the-counter microUSB-to-USB cable. Neither the sled nor the iPhone will charge via USB.
  • Page 11: Led Behavior

    LED Behavior Sled Connected to External Power Source Color Indication Blinking Red Battery error. Solid Amber Sled battery is charging while connected to an external power source and is between 0- 95% charged. Solid Green Sled battery is connected to an external power source and is more than 95% charged.
  • Page 12 You may optimize or cancel this mode by using the SDK. Honeywell Price Check Method 1. Download the Honeywell Price Check application from the Apple App Store 2. Scan a bar code. Note: This application is for demonstration purposes only and does...
  • Page 13: Installing Hand Strap

    Installing Hand Strap 1. Hook the hand strap onto the pin at the top of the sled. 2. Slide the opposite end of the hand strap through the slot at the other end of the sled. 3. Fold the strap and press the hook and loop pieces together to secure.
  • Page 14: Limited Warranty

    Support To search our knowledge base for a solution or to log into the Tech- nical Support portal and report a problem, go to User Documentation For localized versions of this document and to download the user guide, go to Limited Warranty For warranty information, go to
  • Page 15 Disclaimer Honeywell International Inc. (“HII”) reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice, and the reader should in all cases consult HII to determine whether any such changes have been made.

Table of Contents