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Formatting The Unit's Data - Sanyo ICR-B160NX Instruction Manual

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Designating the playback order
It is possible to designate the playback order of music.
Create a playlist on your PC and transfer it to the unit to
play your music in that order.
1. Create a playlist like the one shown using a text
application (like the Notepad) on your PC.
Make the name of the playlist "PLAYLIST.m3u".
2. Using Explorer, transfer the file to the MUSIC_IC
folder on the unit.
3. Disconnect the unit from your PC and start playback
on the unit.
The music in the MUSIC_IC folder will be played.
The order of the voice data cannot be changed.
This unit is compatible with m3u files.
Some file formats cannot be designated for
playback order.

Formatting the unit's data

Always format data using the unit itself (See page 15).
Using your PC to do the formatting might stop the unit
from recording normally.
If you accidentally formatted using your PC, reformat it
using the unit.

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Table of Contents

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