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Sanyo ICR-B160NX Instruction Manual page 38

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Table of Contents
Possible cause
Corrective action
Files in the MUSIC (M) folder cannot be played (correctly
or at all).
The file is not in a playable format.
Use MP3/WMA-format files.
Files on the PC were not transferred to the MUSIC_IC
Transfer them to the MUSIC_IC folder on the
Removable Disk.
This is data which cannot be played on the unit.
Create a file using different encoder (MP3/WMA
conversion) software.
The Removable Disk is not displayed when the unit is
connected to the PC.
The PC and the unit are not connected correctly.
Make sure the connect is corrected.
Sufficient power is not being supplied from the PC.
If a USB hub is being used, reconnect the unit
directly to the USB port on the PC. If the PC is
equipped with several different USB ports, try
another port.
The USB driver is not installed properly.
Check the installation (only for Windows98/98SE
operating systems, see page 21).
A network drive has been assigned.
If a network drive has been assigned, the drive
letter (the letters used as drive names) is already
taken, so the Removable Disk cannot be created.
Change the network drive assignments and
reconnect. Talk to your network administrator
about reassigning network drives.

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Table of Contents

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