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WINDY NATION WN-100W-KIT User Manual page 8

Complete off-grid solar kits
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Complete Off-Grid Solar Kit Manual
Revision 1.0
Figure 5: Connecting a male MC4 Connector to Solar Panel Cable
Figure 5 outlines how to attach a male MC4 Connector to the solar panel cable (The female MC4 Connector
can be attached in the same manner). Step 1: Strip the solar panel cable to expose approximately 3/8" of the
stranded copper cable. Step 2: Slide the nut onto the solar panel cable. Next, slide the strain relief and
grommet onto the solar panel cable. Lastly, firmly crimp the male pin onto the solar panel cable Step 3: Slide
the male pin into the MC4 Connector until it snaps into place. Step 4: Slide the strain relief/grommet and nut
back onto the MC4 Connector. Firmly hand-tighten the nut.
MC4 Branch Connectors do NOT require any preparation. The metal female and male pins are pre-installed
at the factory inside the MC4 Branch Connectors. This means that the MC4 Branch Connectors arrive
"ready-to-use" and can simply be snapped into place.
Figure 6: MC4 Branch Connectors. The metal male and female are pre-installed at the factory.
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